To Feature or Not Feature a Music Video

I’m so conflicted on the subject of a music video, which is designed for the express purposes of promoting a song.  As I had previously mentioned, I take my music videos seriously, having grown up watching the most creative video concepts from the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bjork, Missy Elliot, and all those British artists from the ’80s and ’90s.

When “Crush” debuted, it was a simple and cute, non-offensive little gem that rightly focused on David and creating a scenario that he would have been comfortable with: hanging out with his buddies at a camp and shyly tossing glances at his beloved.  It was sweet.

“A Little Too Not Over You” came out of nowhere, and was released quickly and disappeared equally as quickly when the song failed to make a dent on charts.  It was a far more stylized video than “Crush” but it didn’t have the same innocence nor the same effective storytelling, seeing as the main goal was product placement for the latest glossy camera.

After these two debuts, I have not been as impressed with the music video fare, allegedly promoting his songs. “Wait” had potential, but it was much too slow and looked as if David was literally frozen backward and going nowhere (is that what “waiting” for #DA2014 really means).  “I’ll Never Go” was simple enough but not enough drama (seriously, packing a suitcase and literally leaving us as he goes away on a mission? Thanks for being so literal!).

And “Everybody Hurts” never quite got on the deeper level of pain that the song, especially as sung by David, conveys.

My favorite videos are usually so out there and so loopy (I would’ve enjoyed an “Elevator” music video because you can do some crazy looney-tunes stuff with that ditty), and so I’ve been itching for something truly unique to launch David’s music.

So, listening to “Don’t Run Away” on repeat (hee), I’ve been getting a strong visual of David reaching out (POV shot since he would never be in the video, seeing as how he has “run away” from us) and pleading to that certain someone: “I can see you hurting (turn around) / I will be right there / Don’t run away.”

When you think about it, it’s the perfect song for us Archies who were “hurting” with his absence, and there is David’s Voice, still there to make music and pleading with us to not move on to someone else, to “not run away.”

So, in my mind, the music video alludes to David’s disembodied presence/absence, while the “fan” is at once isolated and lonely, yet hopeful and longing because that “presence,” that Voice is still there.

How do you make that concept into a unique music video?

David’s “Team” should offer to do a music video contest open to fans, just to get some creative output.  Still, I’m conflicted between wanting a really well-thought out music video and a video that exists just to promote a really good song.

Any ideas for a really cool music video concept for “Don’t Run Away”? 🙂

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  1. One of my favorite videos is “Something Bout Love” because he is so dang gorgeous in it. (My ever-inappropriate son’s comment upon watching, “I could be gay for him”, lol). But I do also like watching for all the symbolism of moving on, rising above, forgetting the past….

  2. Has anyone actually written a review post of “Don’t Run Away”? I don’t really have a feel for how the song has been received. Maybe I have missed something.


  3. OK so I checked back on this site and I found the results of the poll for DRA with …it could be a hit…I have a feeling just by glancing at the cover and well my gut feeling, that there may be others that I will prefer. Never for a moment do I take away how much his voice means to me but there are some songs that are my personal preferences.


  4. Not explicitly David-related but given the AI connection and the insight to areas of the industry, I thought it would be worthwhile to share Kelly Clarkson’s post from today. She responding to things Clive Davis said about her in an upcoming autobiography:

    My thoughts? Go Kelly!

  5. This is why I am a big Kelly fan. She is so refreshingly honest. Go Kelly!!

    • Yeah, go girl…the problem with these kinda clearing of what really went on is that some people will believe the worse and not pay attention to the truth. Remember when David did the vlog to clear the fact that he was offered a contract but didn’t feel it was right, so they parted way…I remember reading that he just was trying to clean things up. Now I think that won’t happy to Kelly because she has her success to say…in your face, Clive, lol. David: soar grapes..Kelly..spunky because of her success.

      • I don’t know how David’s vlog could be seen as sour grapes. Some may choose not to believe him that it was his choice to leave and that’s their prerogative but David was nothing but complementary toward everyone at Jive. Although I bet in private he probably had a few other choice thoughts for some people there lol.

      • Ali, I meant the way non fans perceived the vlog. Yeah, David was all class, it’s just that’s the way things go is my point

      • Ohhhhh, gotcha!

    • Kelly is headline news, if she wasn’t the success she is, no way would the media pickup on her side of the story. I;m very happy for Kelly, but it just shows that success, not only money talks and gets noticed.

      • I agree. Kelly is very fortunate to have the kind of success now that is able to speak her mind without worrying about career backlash. Not many can do that. She is in good place personally and career wise but she was not always. I do think that Kelly was always herself and was genuine as a person. Unlike so many in the music business that are so phony.

  6. HG – sorry but I’m about the least creative person on the planet. I’d be zero good at video concepts. I think Wait is probably my favorite video of David’s but I do think there’s definite room for improvement. I wonder what the odds are of a video for DRA?

    • I actually wouldn’t be surprised if there is a mv for DRA since there was one for Everybody Hurts. I really want one for Broken. I’m surprised a video for Broken hasn’t been made for Invisible Children. I’m not ceative as far as thinking of a concept for a video for DRA, but David has lots of creative fans so I’m sure someone could come up with a good idea. I like the idea of a fan music video contest. They really received a lot of great picture from fans when they had that previous contest for begin.

  7. I also always thought Elevator would be a good song to give a music video — seemed like there’d be so many creative things to do — and the song and video could be fun. Not sure I can offer much for Don’t Run Away. It might make a nice cartoon video if the song weren’t serious in tone. So … I guess I’m saying I have nothing to offer.

    • Would be nice to see this one finished:

      • Yeah me too…such a fun video…

      • I’d forgotten about that one, CC! But yes, whoever did that did such a great job and the idea could’ve been developed and finished. That poor, much maligned Elevator song is one that I still listen to whenever it comes up on my shuffle. Showed David’s creativity, if you ask me.

    • I did not like the Elevator song when if was first released and I still don’t like it. I thought it was a big mistake to push that song and it did not work doing that anyway.

  8. Hg, nothing here in way of creativety, but there are so many Archies at are so talented in that department… would love to see the creativety flow. Who knows maybe there is one in the works from Team Archuleta.

  9. I just saw this Broken video the other day. I’s so well done. Beautiful, David would love it.

  10. Unless an artist has mass appeal (eg, lady gaga, biebs, beyonce), I don’t see the need for the artist to put a lot of her/his money into a label-produced music video. I would leave it up to fans to create videos and place them on youtube. I really like the “Elevator” and “Broken” fan-made videos listed above.

    Re. Kelly’s comments, I think it’s great she spoke up for herself. Unfortunately, I bet her comments are helping to sell more of Clive’s books.

  11. I agree with you desertrat about the music video.

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