Don’t Run Away: Potential as a Single

Update (here’s the soundcloud of “Don’t Run Away”):

So what say you, peeps? Now that we know “Don’t Run Away” is going to be an official single (and a first single at that), what do you think of its potential? Yes, there’s a poll for this! 😛


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  1. For me, a video with this song (including the person who might run away), could make a greater impact on the meaning of the song. A video with a little action or communication with the other person would help my imagination. In due time I realize. I look forward to videos when he returns. Even videos of him recording and working with his people, are good!


  2. Without David here to promote, do a video, it will be hard. When I first heard DRA leak, I thought, nice song, nothing special, but I was happy because I always want new songs from David, lol, so when I heard that it was the new single, I had very low expectation that it would go anyway…but after I heard the cleaned up version on soundcloud…I really love it and I’m optimist it will do well…a big hit, maybe not, but it might do well.

    • Same here. Like the SoundCloud version a lot.

    • Every new song by David is a joy to hear. After the single “Broken”, it would be nice to smile. I also love “Somebody Out There” and his covers such as “Everybody Hurts” but hey, we are all different. If I can’t see his famous smiling face then right about now I would really like to imagine it!!


  3. Official Soundclod Version better than Leaked You tube. Sent it to you on twitter HG

  4. DRA is going to be on Itunes February 19th, yipeee!!!

    • Looking forward to it! I miss the good old days of waiting until midnight to download D’s music.

      • Who would have thought we’d have a new single on iTunes and a whole new album while David is out of the country. I’m under no illusion that its going to be a number one hit but its nice to have some new music from David. We certainly can’t complain that David doesn’t release any music.

  5. First, the song. It’s catchy for sure. I really like what David did with his vocals, especially around :30, and what the producers did with the chorus at 3:00. In fact, I think they should’ve changed up the chorus in some way at 2:00 and 3:00. Not sure if folks will be singing the chorus because, other than “don’t run away,” the words slip out of my head. And I’m not sure if ppl will relate to the don’t run away message. For example, if the lyrics were “wish we could run away, run away, run away” it might make more of a connection.

    NGL, I was really confuzzled by this release. It was planned, obviously, because of the photo shoot, etc. But then why did LadyV seem so darn excited about her meetings and such and say something was in the air as if it was a new development? Why did she tweet about the press release instead of someone else on David’s team? And didn’t Kari just post a message that we should move on to other commitments at the beginning of January????

    I wonder if they planned to release this through the Deseret Book channels and then were disappointed that BEGIN. didn’t make it into any stores except B&N. Maybe then they shopped it around and got this offer from E1. Would love to have answers to these ?s.

    • I really don’t think this album was ever going to e released by Deseret Book. Out of curiosity I looked at the albums that could be purchased from them and they were all religious songs or inspirational. I don’t think they would release a pop album of David songs under their label that weren’t all inspirational.

      I think Lady V was just having fun tweeting with David’s fans. Kari’s tweets can be interpreted in different ways. This album was planned before David left because of the photo shoot. I knew something was up when David had two photo shoots. I for one thought maybe David would release two albums but I thought the second one would be more covers.

      • Maybe so. But missionary man himself seemed very excited. Did he tweet (via Kari) twice in one week when BEGIN. was announced?

    • I’ve been thinking about how the number of songs David sings with the theme of saving people (Don’t Give Up, Save the Day, Somebody Out There, others?), makes me think he has a bit of a savior complex, lol. I really like Anon’s idea for DRA lyrics for more relatability, because though I do like the song, the theme is so familiar by now. Along the same lines, I had a niggling complaint that when he sang “Beautiful”‘ he left out the lyric about “I am beautiful” and changed it to “you are beautiful”. I thought, “Come on, don’t just preach to us!”

      • He is a missionary so, of course he wants to save people.

      • Hmm! I’ll reserve my comment until next month.

      • I guess I prefer his “I’m so dorky and spacey” songs. I can relate to him better than when he’s trying to save people (though I do really like “Somebody Out There”).

      • P.S. Of course I forgot to mention “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, an I-will-save-you song.

      • Savior Complex? Really? Maybe? Yes, probably. So many people have told him how he changed their lives, so it’s not surprising. Hmmmm

        As long as he puts it on the shelf when he returns and gets busy rebuilding his fan base. I think there are many fans who “disappeared” when he left and are just waiting in the wings to see what David does when he comes back.

        jus’ sayin’

      • When I said that as a missionary David wants to save people I should have added that he wants to lead people to God, and God will save them (not David). David would never want people to worship him (David) even though I think some fans do. David wants people to worship God.

  6. I actually like David singing romantic songs the best.,his voice is made for romance ..but I truly like DRA and I also love Begin. . I’m just so glad we have music from David to discuss, spazz about or even rip apart…in the end..everyone that is here commenting and lurking are fans and when it’s all said and done, he needs every single one of us. Ok, he needs us plus a lot more to make a success out of a music career, lol.

  7. I’m looking forward to our esteemed HG’s review.

    What say you, HG? What do YOU think about DRA?

  8. I am happy about the album, and enjoy David’s voice on anything. However, DRA does not grab me. I personally think Wait is a much stronger song- that keeps you returning to the melody and remembering the lyrics. However, maybe that was not used as the lead single because it was already released overseas and the goal is to release something new “worldwide”.

    Will be interested to see is anything like Not a Very Good Liar, or some of the other leaked songs such as Senseless are on the album.

    • Another mini-theme he may have is the “lying” theme (Your Eyes Don’t Lie, You’re Not a Very Good Liar). I’m glad he embraced the romantic theme with Forevermore, but for me, one “you-know-you-want-me-but-you’re-lying-about-it song is enough.

  9. Really think that diehard fans don’t all like the songs that have been released as singles, but agaiin I also read that a lot of them think the todays music is not very good, except for a few artists, such a Adele. It really doesn’t surprise me that some of the fans don’t care for DRA. Actually the important thing is that the radio listiner like it enough to have a lot of spins and help with the sales of NMHF. i personally love it.
    I liked Crush, but was waiting for the first album to have better songs that would even be bigger hits. We all know that didn’t happen, but I do have a favorite that I like better than Crush, Barriers.
    I just hope that this NMHF will have at least a song that will please the diehards.
    Again as I said before, I’m just happen that we have music to discuss, like/not like.

    • I do understand about the message songs that David wrote/helped wirite are up lifting songs that might be taken as preachy, I still like them all, but want David to step out of that box when he returns. I do believe that he has had this mission on his mind for a long time and it, imo, might of affect his writing and wanting to only present those type of songs, I of course, haven’t a clue, but it’s still fun to discuss.

  10. I don’t LOVE DRA, for the reasons you described, CC Halo. It’s a repeat of a theme and doesn’t grab me. I don’t dislike it, however, and I’m not at all concerned because I often don’t prefer what seem to be the top picks on an album and love the later tracks. Didn’t love SBL. Liked TOSOD more but LOVED Good Place, Who I Am, Stomping, Look Around. So I’m not worried that I won’t be completely satisfied with this album, or any others.

    I don’t mind the “Save The Day” songs — in fact I love that one in particular, but I hope he always finds a way to include other themes including those that won’t make listeners feel preached at. I do think that could become problematic if he focuses too much on those songs.

    BTW, this is of course only my opinion and I respect that others have different taste. I hope the song does well on radio and I find an opportunity to support it beyond buying the album and iTunes song, I will.

    • Oopsie, that last comment was meant to be a reply to your great comment KathyH, not to my own, lol.

    • I guess I would agree with KathyH re: including other themes–especially, until his song-writing skills mature.

      JMO, David’s age and inexperience in song-writing becomes apparent in writing his own ‘message’ songs. His song-writing uses little in the way of metaphors, symbolism or nuance, so his messages seem to come off more ‘in your face,’ forced, preachy. But, the most compelling ‘message’ songs I’ve heard are subtle and compelling.

      I hope, until his skills in song-writing mature, that he collaborates with more experienced writers when writing the more inspirational songs.

  11. Oh! LOL. Yes, it is fun to discuss, but I don’t want to offend anyone who does love the song. It may be a grower for me, and as I said, I don’t DISlike it. I’m just not loving it as much as some others are. What I do love on this song is David’s voice. 🙂

  12. Yes HG, please tell us what you think of DRA. People want to know!

    But before I go I just want to mention how much I always have enjoyed “Barriers” and “Zero Gravity”.. If he chooses to add them to a concert, I know that fans will go crazy. Also include songs like “Crazy”! More like those please!! The concerts were so much fun then!



  13. potluck8 here, Throwing in my two cents worth of opinion. I was never crazy about Crazy but I really like DRA.I guess we all do have different listening pleasures which is great. Have to agree on his voice, JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    • The whole trouble with picking a single is that music is so subjective. Each of us think we know the song that David should sing that would be a hit. The problem is that they are usually different songs! Even Crush that was a hit had fans that liked other David songs more. I read over and oner that “Senseless” would have been a big hit. I doubt it. Actually, as it turned out David’s only chance for another hit was his second single after “Crush”. I’m not sure why Jive dropped the ball on ALTNOY. They played the song for 2 weeks on Z100 and then dropped it. David did all those Jingle Balls to get the radio play and he didn’t get it. It still frustrates me but that’s the way it goes. I truly doubt David signs with a major label again. Why would he? He busted his tail going to numerous radio functions all over the US and the radio would not play his songs. The major label could not get him radio play.
      His best bet is to be a touring artist because he has the voice that people will pay to hear in concert. And he will have to go to Asia to make money to pay for his US projects IMHO.

      • I agree with you grammyj but I still have to admit I hope that David signs with a major label again someday. I just think he would have more opportunities with a major label until he gains more mainstream success.

      • I agree with you Marie, I do hope that someday he does sign with a major label because of the opportunities. Imo Jive was a sinking ship that didn’t have enough money to invest in David’s career. Maybe someday we’ll get the whole story in David’s next book, lol.

  14. I still remember the jingle ball that I went to. David was just about the least known and they all loved him and yet no radio play. I was so annoyed.

    • I too hope he signs with a major label, but even if he does mainstream success it is still no sure thing. One thing I have learned from my David ODD is that getting a hit song is HARD!! It is also very unpredictable. Who ever would guess that one of the biggest song from 2012 would be a song from south Korea – Gangnum Style?

      On another note Lazero just sang Angels and went through on Idol. Is he going to copy David? He is a David fan.

      • That would be a mistake to try and copy David. Nobody sings Angels or many of his songs like he does.
        I worry about Lazaro and he is so emotional. Poor guy!! He’s been bullied etc.etc.

      • LOL, Gangnum Style is off the hook…so, so much fun….
        I have faith that David will have the big music career he so deserves…2014 babe!!!
        Loving DRA more and more each time I listen.and I love it the first time I heard on soundcloud, fantastic job Nexus..Just pure vocals….love it!!!

  15. Radio schmadio. The only time I listen is if I’m in the car alone and don’t have a CD handy or am particularly interested in hearing the news. My daughters, 17 and 19, listen even less than that. I’m not sure if we’re a representative sample but is radio not losing its power?

    Still, until the thing actually dies completely, I’m going to want David to get airplay. 🙂

    • Yes, radio is losing its power, and music is not selling so labels are losing power and artists are no longer able to make as much money from music sales. Being a musician Is no longer a way to get rich except for a very select few. David is not picking an easy way to make a living.

  16. goodkarmaseeker

    Boy I just can’t be really objective regarding any of David’s songs!! Some truly stick out to me as catchy and maybe that’s because of performances of them like My Hands. But gosh, this song, the voice, the humming, the ummm, how can I not love it? Sorry that I cannot be more able to contribute a coherent opinion. I”m just in love with that VOICE!!

  17. The more I listen to DRA, the more I like it. And I liked it to begin with.

    • Watching AI and just saw Lazaro sing” Angels”. Lazaro is the cute guy who stutters except when he sings. He has quite the story during auditions. Wrong song choice for him as all I could think of is how much better David sings that song. David kills when he sings “Angels”.

      • I came home late so missed this! Is there video of it, and did Lazaro get through?

      • Here’s video of Lazaro in the first round tonight:

        There was also a group round but I haven’t seen video up of that online yet. He made it through.

      • Thanks! He’s a sweetie and was competent, but no, he IS NOT DAVID ARCHULETA!

      • That was quick to get the video Ali. Thanks for posting it. I like Lazaro but I just don’t think his vocals are that great but I am comparing him to David. I guess that is not fair. lol. I do think that Lazaro might have a very good chance to make the top 10. He does have a great story and I need to hear him sing more as he might get better. I was not that impressed with any of the other guys tonight.

  18. I like DRA too. I agree Peter that the more I listen to it the more I like it.

  19. Angels is one of the untouchables.

    I’m loving DRA more & more!!!

  20. hg I am sure that already has it up

    • Tomorrow will be solos of the top guys. They will pick 20 guys to go through. They seem to be pimping Lazaro so I assume he will go through, but we shall see. He, of course, did not sing Angels as well as David can.

  21. Just read a really interesting article on the music industry and how it could/should evolve like the gaming and casino industries to stay alive. Some of the ideas are already being implemented on a small scale (hello, VIP packages) but not to the degree that other industries have taken on. Link for article:

    There is much truth in the fact that the old system is broken beyond repair. Or, rather than broken, out-dated. Obsolete. People still want music though. And artists still need to get paid. Some intriguing ideas here.

    FYI the reason I saw this is that it was tweeted by Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper), Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions for eOne Music, aka the independent label that is putting out David’s new album.

    • That is a fascinating article. Thanks for posting it. Certainly makes alot of sense.

    • I guess I’m a Dolphin, lol, with one Whale event thrown in.

      • Thanks for the link, Ali. Things have to change in the music industry. It will be interesting to see how it evolves. David is fortunate that he actually has some whales so I don’t fear for his career. He will have one we will just have to see what happens when he returns. I think he has enough die hard fans that he could make a lot of money on kick starter if he had too. I have wondered if T.V. 5 in the Philippines put up the money for Forevermore and possibly some wealthy people fronted the money for BEGIN. We have no way of knowing. I have no idea how much money an independent label hands out to the artist. The whole reason an artist wants to get a major to sign them is for the money and marketing.

    • Interesting article.

  22. goodkarmaseeker

    I agree with the fact that the more I listen to DRA, the more I love it. It’s just stuck in my head now.
    I’m like totally singing along with it!!

  23. something about DRA reminds me of josh groban for some reason. i think david’s alot like josh, a serious singer but also a goofy guy who can act! i can picture him being just like josh in the future!

  24. I just love all of DRA, but the last minute or so………………,SO, SO GOOD…can’t wait for him to get up on that stage (where he belongs, lol) and belts out DRA…..I get chills just thinking about it….sigh.

  25. I may be turning around, too. Had Don’t Run Away in my head last night and can hear it now, in my mind, as I think of it. LOL. Definitely catchy. Cannot wait to get the track list/ get my hands on the album. Think I may head to Target today. I read on FOD that iTunes cards are on sale there.

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