Fascinating Ironic Moments at the Super Bowl

While nothing will ever transcend the way David sings “America the Beautiful,” I did like this early moment during yesterday’s Super Bowl:

And did anyone else catch the irony that both Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook kids have both dealt with the tragedies relating to gun violence? “America the Beautiful.” Indeed!

All in all, the game was a good one, even though I had wanted the 49ers to make a comeback (which they did in a way, because by the time I returned to the game after Downton Abbey was finished, I was surprised to see how much they caught up with the Ravens).

Enjoyed the Beyonce Show during half time, and she’s probably the reason there was a power outage after the performance was over! Okay, it was kinda shady to bring Destiny’s Child for just two songs – “Bootilycious” and “Independent Woman” (both that have shaped Beyonce as the lead singer from DC) – and then have them do “backup vocals” on her solo breakout song “Single Ladies,” an ode to being solo! Is she wrong, or is she wrong?

But, where she throws her former group members under the bus, she more than makes up for with her full on girl-power – from the all-girl band to the all-girl dancers to the all-girl fans in the mosh pit.  What’s with this full on female energy?

And right smack in the middle of a full on male sports game!

Loving the ironies at the Super Bowl! 🙂

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  1. Yes I thought that having all females was a little strange for a sports event, but again a lot of eye candy for all the males watching, but as a female fan, I would like some eye candy too, Hahahahaha. Yeah, I was hoping that the 9ers would of pulled a win, but still very proud of how well they did this season…next year David returns to his music career and the 9ers win Superbowl, sounds good to me, lol.

  2. glad the ravens won, and beyonce was disgusting as usual,just my op

  3. The Irony of Jennifer and the Children’s connection, suddenly dawned on me when I tweeted Masterclasslady’s article about the Performance. Jennifer was on Today this morning and mentioned the Connection. She said she did hug each one of them before the Performance which made me feel good. I had been wishing that she had hugged a few after she sang to add Warmth to the whole Scenario, rather than just standing there. I now have more understanding of the Emotion of the Whole thing.

    Enjoyed all of the performances, but somehow feel Beyonce is SHOWING us rather than experiencing the
    feelings of what she is singing. Great Performer.

    Good thing Power didn’t go off while Beyonce , Destiny and Back up dancers were on.
    Love Alicia. Some are criticizing her for going to slow.

    Spoiled by David’s Patriotic songs.
    So glad that Niners made somewhat of a Comeback. In the end, Happy for John, the older brother , The Blind Side “///real Family” Hoping Ray Lewis goes off in the Sunset-/tired of listening to him, but he’ll probably go on to be on ESPN-

  4. Off topic: I was reading some of the comments from last thread about the NMHF album not doing as well as the BEGIN, so it got me thinking,,,,wouldn’t the label want to have the album do well so that they will make money on their investment? So even if David is not able to promote, shouldn’t the label and Kari/Archuleta team have some sort of promotions planned? With the right promotion, imo it will do just fine.

  5. I noticed all of that female energy, too, HG, and enjoyed that aspect of the performance. It did seem much, much more a visual spectacle rather than an auditory one, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised about that. Beyonce can sing and I guess I missed that piece of it. Kept thinking she’d do at least one song for sound rather than sight.

    I didn’t pay that much attention to the game. Others in my house were rooting for the 49ers. I was just waiting for my opportunity to watch Downton Abbey. (Had to watch it this a.m., as it turned out.)

  6. I have to agree with you about all the female energy hg. I thought that the other two from Destiny’s Child should have been included as more than just back up singers but it was the Bey show. I wanted more Destiny’s Child songs. I actually enjoyed Alicia and JHud’s performances more than Bey’s and I am not always a big JHud fan.

    • Marie I also liked all three, but JHud was my least favorite. Loved the kids and she did a good job, but I just don’t like the (seems like) screeming out notes. Real good game, eventhough my team lost..still very proud of how far they went this season…next year…9ers Superbowl and David back to his music career….loving the sound of that!!!

  7. From the OS:

    Check out the new single “Don’t Run Away” from David’s new album “No Matter How Far”, coming out March 26:

    “No Matter How Far” features a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks. “Don’t Run Away”, the first single off of the album, was co-written by David and produced by British music producers David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein (The Nexus).

  8. Oh I really like this song. To me it has a current sound to it. I am for sure getting this album. I like the cover songs that David sang on Begin but it is amazing to hear new music. Nice that it was co-written by David. Thanks for posting it Ali. That was a nice treat tonight that I was not expecting.

  9. I was pulling for my home team Ravens but I like the 49ers too. I’d be quite pleased not to have to hear from Ray Lewis for a while. I’ve followed Bey’s career ever since the Destiny’s Child & Mathew Knowles dramas.

    Not sure if this is irony or merely sad; I just watched the Katie Beers interview on AC360. You may remember that 20 yrs ago she was kidnapped and held for 17 days in an underground bunker. Prior to the kidnapping, she had been abused at home from her toddler years to age 10. She discussed what it was like not having any control over her life the 1st 10 years. Then there’s Bey, approximately the same age Katie is today, performing before millions, flaunting the control she has of her sexuality.

  10. David is being discussed on MJ’s. One person makes a good point that by releasing older material, it make’s D’s music seem as if it hasn’t evolved. “It’s a well produced song but lyrically and musically it might as well be from his first Jive released cd. His voice has matured but his artistic viewpoint hasn’t.”


  11. Desertrat, I just came from there, where I read a fine mixture of fan support and nonfan “concern.” But if I’ve learned anything about Idol, it makes some people have to perpetually defend their favorite(s) by bashing any and all potential competitors. Glad I stepped off that train as it just circles round and round without ever getting anywhere.

    I still think David and team released the music for fans’ enjoyment first. Anything beyond that is bonus.

  12. I do think that it is a smart move for David to release some new music while he is on his mission to keep his name out there. I really like the new song but again my expectations are very low in regards to sales. Of course I will buy it. There is no way I see these songs being able to get radio play. It just is what it is. To me only a few music artists are played on many of the radio stations anyway . I really hope that David takes his time when he returns to release a new album. I would like David to go in the soul, R&B, pop route but who knows what music direction he is going in. I just want him to have a current and relevant sound to his music. But no matter what direction he goes in he needs to take his time to find the right sound.

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