No Matter How Far (David Has to Please Us)


Not sure this counts as a “more coherent blog” than what I posted last time.  I’ve been trying to squeeze in time to learn more about Entertainment One (the independent label releasing David’s new album, No Matter How Far, come March) and what, if anything, makes this new album “new.”

It’s interesting to see that E One has its fingers in a wide variety of media, like TV (The Walking Dead!) and different types of music artists.  Still, the website doesn’t feature David Archuleta as one of its artists (will this album be a one-time deal?), and I’m wondering what new material we’ll be getting.

Is No Matter How Far simply a recycle album – featuring songs that didn’t make the cut from the previous two albums – or will there be genuinely new songs that David put out just before going on a mission? And since David had agreed to renounce the world – if only for two years while serving on his LDS mission – does releasing a new album while he’s away count or not count? Is this a conflict of interest?

Either way, I was totally floored because I was expecting a new song or two or maybe an EP, but an entire album? That was not even what I had anticipated!

And, when you get right down to it, David was really being generous with his time to try and keep his fan base satiated while he’s away. I do appreciate the gesture and the willingness to work so hard to have enough output to cover a two-year absence.

But, I must confess: I worry about the quality of this upcoming album: both in terms of whether or not this album represents a “rush job” or a “leftover” music deal. Will we get the best the Voice has to offer?

And do we represent the kind of fanbase that wouldn’t let our idol take time off (and I mean genuine time off – as in, not expecting any new music projects in the time he’s away) so he felt pressured (or did others pressure him?) to put out another album? I was fine with BEGIN. as his generous offer to us Archies while he’s away. Who knew he would have yet another album for 2013?

So, I’m a bit conflicted, peeps. On the one hand, this is why we love David. He cares about us, his fans, and not wanting to leave a big void while he’s doing what he feels he must (his mission).  On the other hand, I feel kinda guilty that we may have put this kind of pressure on him to give us not one but two whole albums before leaving for Chile (and I’m not even counting the Forever album, mind you).

Perhaps this makes good business sense, but does it short change his artistry?

Only time will tell.

But I’ll say it once more (with feeling): This is why we love us some David Archuleta! He tries so hard to please us. I just wish we, his fan community, would try harder to give him breathing space to make the best art he can possibly make.

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  1. Great thought provoking post, thank you Hg.
    I am so very excited about this new album because I know I will love it no matter what songs are included…but I’m realistic…I’m already preparing myself to have bad reviews, but still with a glimmer of optimism that it will be received well.
    As far as giving David breathing room, I feel he’s a grown man and pressure is part of the business, however, imo we as fans have given him plenty of breathing room. I really haven’t heard of fans hopping on a plane to Chile to follow him around…can you imagine if it was JB that had gone off to Chile and had no body guards, that he wouldn’t be hounds by his fans, just saying?!?!
    I know what you mean about having the quality of music and production that is equal to David ‘s amazing voice…I have faith that will happen when he returns to his music career, meanwhile, I just plan to enjoy anything that he puts out this year.

  2. i get what you’re saying HG but i think anything david sings his fans will enjoy and yes some of these songs could be called “leftovers” but i’m willing to bet they are just as good or better than what was on his first album and TOSOD. at this point i’m happy to get anything he wants to put out there! lol i hope he never becomes an obsessive perfectionist like some artists who wait 5-10 years to put out an album because they want everything to be exactly just right. music does not need to be perfect.

  3. We got a “ha ha” tweet via Kari 🙂 Going with the Flow!!

  4. i was also going to say- whatever david sings is perfect in case anyone thought i meant his music is not perfect because it is! lol 🙂

  5. David is a unique artist in that the songs that didn’t make the album sound good too IMHO. I have liked all the leaked songs I’ve heard that didn’t make the album. David sounds good on everything that he sings. I know that I for one will not be disappointed. If its David doing the singing I will love it. There’s just something about his voice.

  6. Yeah, I guess I’m easy, because I’ve never not been pleased by David’s music. I mean, I prefer some songs to others but every album and era has had songs that I adore. I’m so excited!

    • Great post hg. I agree with you. I do wonder if David stays with this indie label when he returns or if it is a one time deal too.

  7. Anything that makes Ms. Halperin unhappy makes me happy.

  8. lol peter, me too! 🙂 is she already talking about it?

    • She can’t be too happy because Cook has put out two albums and has no date for his third one while David has his sixth one coming out in March.

      • Not even though he “parted ways” with his label, “amicably,” of course, and his former label continued to sing his praises even after he had decided to leave them (because not having a label is the best choice in terms of his “evolution as an artist” at this stage…)

  9. I like “Don’t Run Away”, but I don’t love it like I love “Broken”.

    It’s great to have a new album almost exactly at the halfway point of his hiatus. I think it gets his name out there better than endless polls, which no matter the topic, are really only about one thing: “most fanatic fans”, (plus making websites rich). “Best video” or “best actor” or whatever, aren’t exactly authentic, if fans have to vote hundreds of times a day.

    • Oh, yes. The polls…

      I wish that, instead of voting in polls, people would purchase his album from an outlet less suspicious than WOW HD.

  10. i’m sick of the polls too.

    • Make that me three. That is about all that is discussed on FOD lately. If fans want to waste their time voting that’s fine but I don’t believe it does anything for David’s career. Buying his music, book, t-shirts and stuff from his OS, and tickets to his shows are the things that help David.

    • I’m definitely sick of them, but on one hand, it gives obsessed fans something to do that may feel like it’s helping him–the only thing they can do at this point. On the other hand, I wonder if it’s really all that good for David, in terms of respect and authenticity. Being known primarily for having fanatical fans is more Beiber territory. I don’t know….

      • P.S. I mean, “Everybody Hurts” for “Best Video”? Really?

      • cc halo, I’m not to much into voting on a lot of polls, but I do understand that these fans are just trying to keep his name out there in the way they feel is best. Imo, I think anything is good. As far as being fanatical fans, I think we kinda have that reputation already, lol.

  11. Oh, great… HIs album is #1 on WOW HD. I don’t think their sales are reported to Billboard.

    IMO, it would be more useful to help him chart on Billboard than to help the fanbase win meaningless polls.

    • Agreed Peter. Think Fans became acquainted with WOWHD when CD’s from Asia and Phillipines were available from there.
      I prefer buying this Album and any released here from Amazon and any US stores so sales are counted on Billboard. I’ve been tweeting that and letting people know .

    • I agree peter that it would really help him to chart on Billboard…but meanwhile I’ll take what comes our way. Super cool if he charts on Billboard this year…now that would be a HUGE boost for a comeback.

    • Great Point Peter. The polls are just useless at this point. Nice if he could chart on Billboard but that will not be easy when he is not here to promote it.

  12. i think only way to chart on billboard would be if all of david’s fans bought multiple copies of his new album because apparently in the music world we are a minority, sadly. 😦

    • BEGIN charted on Billboard last year with essentially the same fanbase that he has now. It debuted at #28 on the BB 200 chart, #5 on the Independent Albums chart and #3 on the Internet Albums chart.

      Not sure what to expect from this one. I have no idea if they have some promo in mind but I expect it should be able to chart on Independent Albums fairly easily — not many independent artists have a fanbase like David’s.

  13. Well, I hope the WOW CD charting is because non-US fans are buying there, and not because US fans are. I’ve seen the messages about buying from US-based vendors, so hopefully others are seeing those messages, too. I can’t imagine though that David and team are expecting the album to do much more than satisfy his fans at a time when we appreciate the gesture.

  14. hope you’re right ali!

  15. I, too, was very surprised to find out that David was releasing a full album. Shocked might be a better word lol.

    I do understand your concerns about whether David felt he HAD to do this, HG. I hope that he did not and don’t think he had pressure from fans to put another album out this year. I think most fans were just as shocked by it as I was. If there was pressure, it either came from himself or his “team”.
    After spending time thinking about it, I really think this is coming from David wanting to give the fans more. He is very much a pleaser — I’m one of those to a degree. It’s not a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just who someone is. Some are, some aren’t. You do have to watch that it’s not taken advantage of though.

    As we don’t have a tracklist, it’s really hard to say what percentage of this album will be songs we have never heard and what will be leaked and/or international tracks. At this point I’m really not too concerned about the quality of the songs. I mean, until I hear them idk but historically tracks that have not made the albums have been some of my favorites. Works For Me, Zero Gravity, Love Don’t Hate, Everything & More. These are all songs that are among my most played of all David songs. For that reason, I am excited to hear the unreleased tracks.

    I don’t feel like releasing the album is a conflict for David though. They’re all songs that he worked on before he left on his mission. David is still in Chile, focusing on his daily duties and apparently doing quite well at it. What happens back home is about what he did before he left and what his team is doing now. That’s just perspective on it.

    Since we’re big on speculating, my guess about how this album came to be is that he had a few songs done before the mission. They included one on BEGIN but maybe the others didn’t fit the BEGIN theme. They knew that two years was a long time so held those back for later release. At the same time, there have been several songs released overseas that fans had clamored to be released in the US. I specifically remember an interview just before TOSOD:ATE came out where a David was asked if he would ever release those songs in the US and he replied that they were trying to find a way to do that for the fans. So here is the chance. Instead of just releasing the one or two (or how every many) songs that he got done before he left, why not try to get some of those international tracks and some other tracks he liked but hadn’t been released and combine them with the others into an album rather than just letting out one or two “new” songs? This is my theory as to why/how the album happened. Good for the fans and good to keep his name out there.

    I could be way off base but it’s a scenario that makes sense in my head.

  16. Whew, lots of things here to respond to!

    Is it a conflict of interest for David to release music while he’s off serving – I don’t feel so since I feel confident he won’t be sitting and stressing over album sales (has he ever, really? ha). I saw comments on Burger’s blog (the SLT site) so I’ve seen where some aren’t pleased and to that I would say, he will never, ever please everyone – within his own faith or otherwise.

    As to the quality of the album, I haven’t seen where David’s put out anything that wasn’t worthy of being released. I have to echo Kait’s thoughts though, I’ve never met a David song that I didn’t like. Sure, there are some that I might not necessarily freak out over, but he still remains the only artist where I can listen to every song on every album. At the end of the day, I’ll take what I can get. But I definitely didn’t expect quite so much.

    I was thinking about this the other day – there were times when to us David didn’t seem busy, maybe in 2010, 2011. Where perhaps he was in Utah or CA and to us there didn’t appear to be a lot going on. Maybe these were times where this music was being worked on? It’s clearer to me now that he must’ve been planning this mission break for longer than we realize.

    I hope David didn’t feel obligated to press himself and have so many offerings while he’s gone, but I think it’s just evidence of what a special person he is and what a special fanbase this is.

  17. Works For Me was released on a Deluxe Version of David’s First Album and Zero Gravity was released on a Fan Pack. Think those would be considered released already. Think this Album will be mostly songs written in the U.S. but of course I could be wrong. 🙂

    • LOL I wasn’t saying they would be on this album, sorry for the confusion. I was saying that they are examples of songs that were not released as regular album tracks that I thought were really good songs.

  18. Pressured or not, I’m still amazed that he was able to get all this done to leave for his fans. David is great to his fans, but lets face it, I really think that he might be thinking of his future in the business and that maybe, just maybe he might make some money frome these releases. Just thinking about him being on stage singing some of these great songs from these three albums makes me extremely happy and so looking forward to David’s future music career.

    • Absolutely it’s about keeping a career alive while he’s gone. Keep fans, keep a career. The trick will definitely be building to a larger fanbase when he returns. I also wonder if maybe he wanted to keep that streak alive of charting on the Billboard 200 every year since Idol. He’s at 5 now…we all know how David loves his charts 😉 lol

      • You’re so right, he does love his charts, hahahahaha!!! I just hope that he will chart as high if not highter that Begin….BIG HAPPY DANCE when that happens!!!

  19. I really do not feel conflicted about this album. While he may have written a couple before he left, David probably had a ton of unreleased tracks in his song vault. Ones that probably did not fit the theme of a particular album or he was uncomfortable doing at the time. Either way it does not matter.

    David’s strength is his musicality and pitch perfect tone. He probably churns out stuff so quickly because he can. Has any other idol turned out more? I remembered reading one time when he was on AI that while it would take others a while to record their full version song of the week, it would take David 15 – 20 minutes because of his superior ability. Since he cannot particularly work on his new “genre” music at this time, why not make some bucks on music just sitting in storage. David’s cast-offs are a treasure trove for us, and people enjoy listening to him regardless.

    One other thing I wanted to point out. I played some of David’s youtube songs and on all of them, I kid you not, there are fairly recent positive comments. They range from how great he sounds, where is he now?, when will he be back?, to the most popular – why is he not as big as Beiber – he’s too good!

    I think CQ might be right in always believing David still can make it big. People out there still love him and are wishing to here more music from him. The marketing strategy of his team just has to improve as well.

    • Good to know about the positive comments. David did have kind of a tough time of it for awhile as he was got negative comments from Cook fans while on AI and then he got negative comments from Bieber fans when he was a teen idol. He also had that squeaky clean devoutly religious image than some just love to be critical of. I hope this time away will make people appreciate his talent when he comes back and will not be so critical of him.

    • Aw that’s neat about the recent comments on David’s You tube songs Joymus. Everytime I see a tweet with a question of where is David Archuleta or what happened to David Archuleta, I answer it and post his Official Site and Facebook for updates. Sometimes I answer 3 or 4 of those per day.

    • Regarding Davids abilities with new music, I remember an interview where he was asked how long it took him to learn a new song. He answered “depends…maybe an hour. I call that speedy.

    • This is just a random example of a video I just clicked on:

  20. Shanny in Australia

    No, no conflict of interest imo.

    I’m not worried about the standard of this album in any way. I think this album is simply a gift to the fans not an attempt to become the next big thing. I think it also serves to prop up the fanbase so there is something for David to return to and also provides a little cash-in-pocket.

    As for it saying something about the fanbase…hmm…maybe, maybe not. There is no doubt that we are a demanding fanbase but I don’t think it is our demandingness that motivated him to make these albums. If anything I think it is our demandingness that helped to send him away on his mission; He couldn’t even take a few days break from twitter without hand wringing beginning.

    I’m not entirely innocent. I like his tweets, I like his music. The more the better. But I do hope that when he gets back he starts off the way he means to go on and if that means he needs to tweet less etc for his sanity, then i’m all for keeping his sanity.

  21. Shanny in Australia

    As for the discussion of buying from US sites in order to rank on Billboard….Is this really the main concern right now? What is really achieved by ranking number 28 for one week on Billboard other than some minimal bragging rights?

    I think what is of most concern is simply getting dollars into david’s pocket. The more cashflow he has, the more viable his career and future projects. If we need to buy from WowHD because it’s cheaper and enables us to buy more albums, then I say ‘Go for it!’.

    Earning a good income while on hiatus and having an enduring career in the industry also warrants bragging rights, not just ranking well on Billboard for one week.

    • For now it is cheaper to buy the CD from Amazon for U.S. fans and yes Billboard is important!! Yes those guidelines are important in the U.S. Market. David has always been a fan of Billboard.

      For International fans Wow may be best, so it is up to each fan to decide for themselves.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Heidi, I don’t claim to be a music industry expert. Considering where David is in the evolution of his career (not including his mission but rather looking at his popularity/radio play etc) I am interested in hearing more about the benefits of ranking around number 28 on Billboard for ONE WEEK? I am not challenging you in anyway – I am open to learning more. Thanks. 🙂

      • Not sure that exact number placement is a huge deal (unless its a #1 you’re talking about) but charting on Billboard and sales that are reported to SoundScan are a big deal and could affect possible future prospects for David. Prospective labels and industry people will look at his performance on the charts and his US sales numbers. These albums coming out while he’s on the mission are a bit of a different case but any sales that can be put toward his US tally are important.

        I have no idea where WOWHD buys their product from. Its likely completely legit but I think it’s that question mark that is causing people to tell those who have a choice, order it from a source like Amazon or get it from a local retailer because we know for sure that those are reported. Obviously if WOWHD is the only buying option then that’s what a person should go with. I bought my copy of TOSOD:ATE and Forevermore from them. Neither of those albums were being reported through any US sales avenues though.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Ali thanks for the reply. I respect your knowledge of these things. And I don’t disagree with you – really I know very little – but something in me is just not fully convinced. I kind of feel like maybe things like Billboard are almost like nostalgic relics from a bygone era when a person would watch RTR countdown on Sunday evening to find out what was popular in music that week. (Well that’s what we watched back in the 80’s anyway)

        Do label/management companies etc REALLY look at Billboard numbers and that’s about it when decideding to hire or fire an artist? Surely they don’t ignore units sold both domestically and internationally? What about their media presence or fanbase or touring statistics or last financial year earnings?

        I think I still need convincing that Billboard is more important than just bragging rights.

    • Yes, they REALLY do. And they certainly could not care less about Musiqtone and WOW HD.

      Billboard is one of the very few things that really “keep his name out there,” if not the only one. The polls are totally, utterly and absolutely meaningless.

  22. It’s really interesting how fans see things so differently, I for one think that he really was enjoying tweeting and (not at first, but later) vloging. The way I see it, he was enjoying taking us along in his career ride and I sure hope that he continues when he returns.

  23. If we stand back, way back from ourselves, perhaps we can see that having a business plan for the two years is the way to reinsure that there is a career to continue with.

    We don’t have concerts. or television guest appearances. There are no award nights or magazine articles featuring him. So what can be the plan? Well, we are seeing his plan and we can’t complain as it is well thought out and always a pleasure. Perhaps we can go with the flow and enjoy the surprise album.


    • Agree, yes good business plan.

    • I agree completely. I’m not the sharpest tool in the woodshed, but I don’t get how this would short change his artistry. I’ve loved all his songs I’ve heard leaked that weren’t released. It’s DAVID after all. He is on a two year mission, he has no time to be writing while away, I wouldn’t imagine. So why not get his name out there a bit, please his fans, and make a bit of money while gone.

  24. No, not going to take a positve and make a negative out of it. I feel happy and grateful. Nope, don’t think David felt pressured by us, yes, think this is good business, and yes,David loves his fans. For me, It’s all good.

  25. HG writes: “Perhaps this makes good business sense, but does it short change his artistry?”

    If the songs are the quality of that Build a Bear song, then i will be concerned. However, I doubt that will be the case. What does concern me is that producers, songwriters (eg, LadyV), etc., may be taking advantage of D’s absence to advocate for their songs for inclusion on this release even if their song isn’t a good fit for the album.

  26. Interesting discussion and I like seeing that some who may not comment often are commenting now. You know, I also believe that Billboard charting matters. Even artists who sell a ton will remark on their success by reciting those rankings. I wonder if David’s ability to work with a large Independent label for this album came from his charting success with Begin.

    LOL on the Build A Bear mention, desertrat. You know,I never minded that song, and think that the wee ones for whom the song was intended might not have found the quality inferior. I agree that it was an unusual choice and I understood why some fans agonized, but I guess I’ll always love that David’s choices don’t always seem to be about what will push him to a higher position in the music world. And thus, we are back to one of the debates that fans have always had, since the beginning.

    • I guess there are worse songs than Build a Bear, e.g., I Wanna Know You. 😉

      • Hey, David actually made I Wanna Know You sound good. 😉

      • I Wanna Know You, strangely enough, may be be one of the things that has kept David’s name out there. I checked the vids on YT (and there are several) and it’s got almost 20 million views.

        20 million.

        That’s no small change. Several of the comments are that they didn’t know David was a real person lol but, you know, it did get his name out there to a lot of kids. And it’s still being watched. One thing that artists struggle with in entertainment is just that simple name recognition.

      • Uh, just to clarify, that doesn’t mean I’m ready for him to put out his duets album with Miley lololol. Just that it’s funny how that song kind of took off on YT.

  27. In regards of David recording bad songs…all great artists have at one time or another recorded bad or at least songs that were subpar for their talent.
    David is still trying to find his direction, so yes along the way, maybe not all songs will be right.
    I for one am grateful that I’m getting one more album to add to my collection, even if not all are golden, bring it!!!!!
    My optimist view is that it’s just the beginning stage of his career and we are in for phenomenal music from him in the future.

  28. Several people have mentioned the Build-a-Bear song, “Let’s Talk about Love.” David was not the only artist to record that song. Natalie Cole’s version is also available on YouTube.

    I know which version I prefer :).

  29. ” I just wish we, his fan community, would try harder to give him breathing space to make the best art he can possibly make.”

    HG, wow! Thanks for writing this. I would include his “Team,” though, along with the fan community. David said about his time with Jive it was all go, go, go, do this, do that, be here, be there. He didn’t have time to breathe. Now he is only 22 and about to release his fifth studio album. After the masterpiece that was BEGIN. and “Broken,” I had hopes that he was going to have the coolest of indie careers. Now it seems we are back with the stable of idol writers, the Jive leftovers, the writers jockeying for their 2-hour writing session songs to see the light of day. I don’t know anything about LadyV but her tweets seem very preoccupied with writer fees and selling songs.

    I really worry that David is going to the well too often. I usually invest about $400 on each album, and I can tell you I’m not doing that with this one. I’m also tired of worrying about his sales when he is on a mission — and I wonder if low sales will be the end of any more albums, like a Spanish album.

    The fact that this press release came out right before Super Bowl weekend (great timing), the price of this album, & the fact that DRA is the single, doesn’t give me high hopes for this project. But David has erased my doubts before.

    • Anon, of course that’s your opinion but there are plenty of us that like the songs that these writers have written and will enjoy this album. Truth be told, I could care less if David writes a Spanish album. Some fans want that like you. David has such a diverse fan base that he simply cannot please everyone so he has to do what he feels is best. I think this album was a good idea and I’m as pleased as punch!

      • Remember the old song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? Well that’s what we as fans should do. Don’t worry about the sales just be happy that David is putting out another album. We only have control over our own purchase of the album. The rest is not in our hands.

  30. Thanks, I never understood the antipathy to that song. His participation with build a bear seemed so David to me.

  31. some people aren’t happy unless they are worrying about something. what is wrong with releasing some already written songs while away? i do not get the angst.

  32. i mean songs already recorded. i like all david songs and dont think his releasing these songs means he cant and wont evolve hiis style as an artist or mean no spanish album.

  33. O man some people shpuld take the blinders off,damed if he does and damed if he doesn,t

  34. I have to be honest that I am not worried about David’s sales for this album. He is not going to be here to promote it and my expectations are kind of very low in regards to sales. Not an issue to me if the sales are good or not. Still nice to hear new music. I do agree with Peter that charting on Billboard is better than polls but not so sure it will happen with this album.

  35. I like LadyV. I always have.

  36. I may have to take a break from fan sites for a bit. Seems I am made to feel guilty for not voting on polls, or guilty for “forcing” David to give us more music while he is still on his mission.

    • I’m not voting on polls either and I don’t have one bit of guilt. Also, it’s up to David and his team as to how many albums to release. I only feel happiness that we are getting more music. This just gives us something to talk about.

  37. don’t feel bad aimee! i’m not voting either.

    • Don’t ever feel bad about not voting on those polls. It is just a gimmick the sites use to get hits. It will have no effect on David’s music career one way or the other. lol. But if others want to vote in polls then I say go ahead and vote.

  38. How long have I been blogging?

    That’s right! Since 2009! It’s a long time, and surely, we all know by now that everyone here is free to express their excitement, worries, joys, doubts, concerns, complaints, etc. without being made to feel guilty. Am I right?

    I had hoped Soul David was able to challenge much of the “group think” that gets encouraged elsewhere (otherwise, I would have kept my own concerns to myself).

  39. I think the concerns are fine and the response to concerns is fine, too? I’m glad we have David music to talk about. I have listened to TOSOD Asian edition all day and it’s just whet my appetite (I hope I used that term correctly) for whatever is on this album.

    • Of course your responses to the others’ concerns are accepted. But I guess I don’t see why anyone should feel guilty around here about why they feel the way they do.

      Carry on! 🙂

  40. Re. the polls, I periodically vote on the ones in countries where D is very popular but I no longer vote on the Musiqtone and Q102 polls.

    Re. the Superbowl, nice job–Sandy Hook Chorus, JHud and Alica Keys. Touchdown Ravens!

  41. I thought Alicia did a great job with the NA. I really liked that she played the piano when she sang. I could just see David up there singing the NA with his piano. Loved JHud with the Sandy Hook Chorus. So touching. Good luck to Beyonce trying to top those two during half time. lol. Would like to see the Ravens win.

    • Yes, all the performance for the Superbowl were great, the only one that I fett that was a bit strained was Jennifer Hustons. all that shouting was a not needed, imo. I really felt a disconnect with the kids, like she was the diva and they were not important.. but I really liked Alisa and Beyonce…so cool.

  42. I don’t worry about anything concerning David. He will always be somewhere making his music that I want to hear. I would only worry if he was no longed there. All the rest, is for him to think about.

    Now back to football that everyone watches at least once a year…


  43. What?! Destiny’s Child and no Say My Name? Dang it!

  44. Still, Beyonce killed it! Gotta give it to her. 🙂

  45. Beyonce showed why she’s the Queen. Her ability to sing while dancing and posing in heels is unmatched. I was glad to see Destiny’s Child up there with her.

    • I have to agree that Beyonce did well as singing and dancing like that is not easy. One compliant is that I would like to have heard more Destiny Child’s songs. I wonder if Bey’s halftime light show was some of the cause of the power outage.

  46. All the singers were great tonight: Sandy Hook, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Destiny Child.

    Was wishing Jennifer could turn around and hug a few kids after she was done singing but maybe that would be too emotional.

  47. Some David trivia … he and the Rocket Summer went to see Bey in concert several years ago.

  48. Well, the power outage was interesting. 🙂

    Anyways, now that it looks like the Ravens are winning and Beyonce has performed, I’m tuning in to Downton Abbey. Until next time! 🙂

  49. What a game, sorry my beloved 49ers came up short, but still such a great game, so pround of my tieam eventhough they werem’t the champs.

    • They made a Game out of it cq . They are a young team and will only get better!!
      Nice that The guy who inspired Blind Side Won and his Foster family, I know are estatic. The Oldes Harbaugh brother won 🙂 Felt sorry for the Parents of the Coaches

      • Yeah, in one hand it was hard because one of the sons was not the winner, but really, how special is it for a parent to have both sons in such a special light…unreal. Congrats to both. I’m just glad that the score was so tight.

  50. Talented family! Their Mom and Dad seem like great people and the Father was a Coach too. Glad it ended up competitive 🙂

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