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When David Sets the Standard (Idol and Otherwise)

I may be expressing an unpopular opinion, but I’m sorry, I was NOT impressed with either Kelly Clarkson or Beyonce’s performances of our patriotic anthems at President Obama’s 2nd Term Inauguration.

The only thing I can think of is this: David raised the bar like mad when it comes to patriotic anthems, and I guarantee you – had he been invited and available to perform LIVE on Capital Hill – his Voice would have rung out across the National Mall!

His Voice would ring out Freedom Bells.

What the heck did I hear yesterday?

First, Kelly Clarkson – an amazing singer, no doubt – did too many runs for my taste and got a little too high for comfort.

Sorry, too much yelling. Much too much, IMO.

And as for Beyonce: girl, girl, girl! Even if it was a lip-synch version, whatever would the live version have sounded like? Could it have gotten any thinner sounding?


I saw two women trying to rise to the occasion and coming off like little girls. Why didn’t Obama get someone like Audra McDonald – you know, someone with a BIG VOICE – to ring out across the crowd? A classically trained vocalist instead of a pop star? In this instance, maybe even a J-Hud would have worked better with the national anthem.

Anywayz, I just don’t think either killed it in the way a certain Idol of ours would have done.

There’s a reason why folks insist that we need to hear the magic of David sing live. I mean, when his Voice is raised in song, it  quite LITERALLY rises to the occasion! His Voice literally fills up the entire arena, wherever he performs.

I guess my expectations are on that level, so when a Kelly or Beyonce shows up to sing live for big important ceremonial occasions, like a presidential inauguration, I do anticipate a Voice that fills up the damn mall!

See what following David does to you? It raises your vocal standards for everybody else.

Beyonce, honey, this is how you sing with a full-on orchestra and still make your Voice ring out higher, louder, and sharper than all the trumpets combined!

And Kelly, girlfriend, this is how you sing and add on little licks and runs without overkill:

Seriously, does anybody think David would have gotten up there on the Capital Hill stadium and NOT send chills up and down everybody’s spine and fill up the National Mall with his magnificent Voice?

It is for this reason – and this reason only! – why I still persist in the dream of David making it big. Somebody’s got to show these other children how it’s done!

I mean, I congratulate both Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce (and Jennifer Hudson at last night’s Inauguration Ball) for getting such high honors, but come on, gals! Bring it!

Happy MLK Day!

And Happy Inauguration Day! 🙂

Since it’s such an appropriate song for the day (and because David’s “Almost David” did a brief rendition last week), I thought to include David’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” today:

I tell ya, peeps, nothing like an audio recording to make me do a #DA2014 countdown to the first time we get a LIVE RENDITION from the Voice! Can’t you just imagine it? 😀

Inauguration Celebrations Begin!

Remember this performance from four years ago at the Latin@s Inauguration Ball?

Don’t forget to tune into the official Inauguration Ceremony tomorrow on MLK Holiday (how appropriate!). 🙂

David’s “Almost Double”

“Almost” being the operative word here, but just to clarify, peeps! 🙂

There’s no way I would seriously “cheat” on my beloved David – no matter how long he stays away – he’s incomparable.

But Idol pulled out all the shameless stops last night, saving for last the Sob Story to end all Sob Stories with the introduction of Lazaro Arbos, a 21 year old Cuban-American, who stutters, sings lovely, and has such a sweet and shy disposition about him.

That they saved this one for Audition Day #2 (usually, Idol finalists going far tend to make their debuts on the second show of the auditions – think David Archuleta, Season 7) means there’s potential there, and the You Tube video embedded here already has over 100,000 views.

I’m glad they gave us a contestant to think about beyond the judges’ panel – although I will admit: Nicki Minaj is actually pretty funny and livens up the panel (no wonder Mariah keeps throwing shade at her!). We’ll see if they can keep the same dynamic once the show goes live.

And we shall see if David’s “Almost Double” (what I’m now calling the very cute and very shy Lazaro Arbos) goes as far as David did during his season.

Oh yeah, and did I tell y’all that he’s a serious David Archuleta fan? Check out some of his archived tweets:

Picture 2

He may be a flawed version of The Voice, but he’ll do in an Archudrought! 🙂

What Idol Promised, What Fans Expect

This week, we learned that Vote for the Worst will be shutting down its website after Season 12 of American Idol. Unlike so many of you, who say “Good riddance,” I kinda have to respect their reasons for bowing out.  As they say so succinctly (and I really can’t disagree with Dave):

American Idol is really no longer relevant, so VFTW has accomplished our one true goal: making sure that America stops taking American Idol and other singing reality shows seriously. American Idol has become a shell of its former self. It used to produce stars and it used to be must-see TV. Now, you can count on a bunch of bland finalists singing the same 10 songs over and over with maybe one contestant becoming a one hit wonder. We helped kill American Idol, but even more so, American Idol helped kill itself by refusing to stay relevant. The show will be lucky to last a few more unmemorable seasons.

Is there anything in this statement that isn’t true? And yes, it’s more likely that the traffic to VFTW has decreased – as happens with many other blogs – now that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media have taken over, but seriously: When folks are no longer willing to mock a popular show, it’s not really all that popular.

Still, Idol stopped being relevant when it started promoting anti-Idol types for the win.  Yes, “White Guy With Guitar” may be popular on the show, but in the real world of pop and rock music, such “white guys with guitars” are expected to rise above Idol shows. They’re supposed to be non-cheesy, non-reality TV if they are to have any real legitimacy in the music biz. I’ve always felt, in my David-centric worldview, that had David won his season, Idol would have thrived and had bragging rights of launching “Bieber Fever” before Bieber even made a blip on the radar.

But noooooo.  Their viewers, thanks to the cynicism of the likes of VFTW, decided to go for the other David because David Archuleta fit the Idol model too perfectly. He was “too cute,” “too safe,” “too heartfelt,” “too no guitar = uncool.”

If, post-show, David’s “Crush” could top Billboard’s Hot 100 so quickly, what wouldn’t have he conquered had he been the winner with the winner’s million-dollar budget?

Alas, in trying to go for “cool” (represented by a David Cook), the show and its viewers ended up  ushering a series of “bland,” and the days of Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson are over.

But who knows? With the entrance of judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, it’s sooooo obviously clear that the producers are dying to get the urban and people of color crowd to counter the “white conservative housewives” votes (as VFTW put it in a less than kind way). We’ll have to see if their inclusion will produce a diverse cast of finalists.  More than that, we’ll have to see if that diverse audience they’re looking for will be moved to vote – especially now that said “diverse” audience is now using Twitter!  Seriously, if Idol wants to change the type of winner they’ve been getting, they’ve got to change how people vote for contestants – using various social media to do so.

Anyway, now that Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child have declared a “return to R&B,” let us see if we’re going to get that this season.

But seriously, I have to agree with VFTW, even if they haven’t been kind to David in the past:  If no one cares to mock you anymore, you really are no longer relevant to pop culture.

Now, I think many – like myself – will still tune in if we have no other alternative on Wednesday and Thursday nights. For some – like myself – American Idol has become a bad habit every spring TV season.