Still Picking Up My Jaw from the Floor!

I had a long day and just getting home this evening to see 60+ messages on my blog. Just… Wow! I’m going to process later and have a more coherent blog post (I promise!). 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I think most of us are picking our jaw from the floor. I was busy at work too so didn’t see the news until I looked at facebbook when I got home. No one was expecting the news today and most thought it would be a single or a EP. I have always thought it would be great to get an album of David’s unreleased songs and here we are actually getting it. Now we can speculate on the track list.

  2. So dang excited….so right jaw dropping surprise…yeah Grmmyj let the track list speculation begin, lol.

  3. Worldwide Trend all evening No Matter How Far David Archuleta Woo Hoo!

  4. I’m guessing some of the TOSOD:ATE bonus songs will be on there. Saw a tweet from Entertainment One about Wait being part of the album. Those bonus tracks were never released in the U.S. so it makes sense.

    Lady V seems to be hinting that at least one of the songs she worked on is one we’ve not heard before.

    So those are my guesses so far! We’ve got about two months to speculate. Or until the tracklist leaks. Love the cover art!!

  5. I would love it if Nothing Else Better to do made the album. That is such a little gem.

    • Me too. It was only on the Japan version of TOSOD. I love that song. I think the four songs from the TOSOD Asian edition will be on it. Peter should be happy because he wanted “Wait” released in the U.S. Of coursc, Don’t Run Away is on it and another song written with Lady V. I wonder if some of the other leaked songs will be on it like “Senseless”?

    • I’m a big NEBTD fan also. Hope it does make it on as well, but I want more songs that I haven’t yet heard. Lady V says she thinks she has two songs on the album and one of them is her favorite song she wrote with D called When Your Heart Falls Out? Of course, since the news, she stopped naming the song. Didn’t she also co-write Everything and More?

  6. This is soo exciting! I like She’s Not Chew 😉 also.

  7. There are so many unreleased songs that were written for TOSOD and even his first album that he could probably do another album before he comes home lol.

  8. i think u are right about that grammyJ! 🙂

  9. Dear KS,

    Please arrange a collaboration between JT and DA.

  10. HG, my jaw is on the floor as well but for different reasons I suspect than yours. I’m hoping in your “more coherent blog post” you explain why releasing songs off of ATE in the U.S. is a good career move — how this can be seen as progressive instead of regressive. I am also interested in your predictions of album and single sales.

  11. So Elliott Yamin is with this label: “We feel that Elliott is one of the most gifted pure vocalist of his generation.”

    He’s good but I would argue that point. 😉

  12. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think this new album will have any songs from the ATE, if I’m reading & understanding David’s OS correctly,

    “No Matter How Far” features a mix of NEW recorded material and previously UNRELEASED U.S. tracks.”

    To me, it means songs he recorded for the albums released here in the USA. Could be songs NEVER before heard and perhaps some “leaked” songs like “Senseless”. Or am I wrong?

    Actually, I’m not sure about “Senseless” because the lyrics have a desperate tone like “I would die to love you”. Not the kind of lyrics David’s likes to sing. Too bad, because “Senseless” could have been a hit. It’s one of my favorites by David. I also like “She’s Not You”, another “leaked” song, and again with questionable lyrics like “trying to kiss her goodnight”. I read somewhere that David recorded songs he was uncomfortable with but did so due to contractual obligations. The thing is that some of those songs probably could have been another “Crush”.

    jus’ sayin’

  13. Oh, and my question is, what does “NEW recorded material” mean? Does it mean “New” as in recently NOW? Or does it mean “New” as in just before he left?

    So the speculation continues. David is still an enigma and as unpredictable as ever. 🙂

    • New would be “new” just before he left since he would not be recording while on his mission.

      I’m not sure about the final tracklist but Entertainment One specifically mentioned Wait being on the album in a tweet from them. Of course nothing in David land is ever guaranteed until it actually happens so who knows.

      • Well now, we “assume” he would not be recording while on his mission. However, he does have a free day every week. Who’s to say he hasn’t recorded some raw tracks on a disc, sent the disc to TPTB at the label and there you go? NEW RECORDED MATERIAL. lol

        Ok, so it’s far-fetched. But we really don’t know what David does on his “free days”. No television, no radio? So why not write & record music?

      • I guess I can’t answer that fully as I’m not LDS and am not extremely well versed in what missionaries are allowed to do on their personal days. Since I’m not with David (damn! lol) I can’t answer anything for certain, then maybe I should re-word my previous response to I don’t think it’s highly feasible that he would be recording new material while on a mission. 😉

        But you are right, it is very much an assumption on my part.

        Wherever and whenever the music is coming from, I’m grateful we’re getting it. Will really be interested to see what kind of songs are on the album.

      • They’re not supposed to listen to secular music, I doubt he’d be writing it either.

  14. i love senseless too and think it could have been a hit! maybe it still will be if whoever chose the songs is smart.and there’s more i’d like to say but can’t for obvious reasons!

  15. it must be kind of difficult for david to renounce secular music when that’s the kind of music he loves to sing and perform. wonder why they have to make pop music out to be something bad? i know some of it crosses the line but there is alot of nice pop music, like the kind of songs david sings. what could possibly be wrong with that. 😦 suffice it to say, i don’t understand.

  16. CC halo,

    It’s true about no secular music allowed. But then why was he allowed to sing secular music when he performed in one of the mission sponsored concerts for the young Chileans and missionaries?

    I believe because of David’s celebrity, there have been some concessions made for David so that his career is not jeapardized any more than necessary. And why not? David becoming a missionary has brought only positive publicity for the LDS Missionary program. How many other pop singers have made the same sacrifice? None that I can think of. David is in a league by himself as a missionary just as he is in the secular music world.

    Jus’ Sayin’

  17. i think i read in a missinary blog that they can listen to davids music,don,t think i dreament that

  18. Love the comment from David for two reasons, first, it’s from David and he knows how excited we all are about the new album and second, because it seems that Kari is able to converse with him other than just his private day…somehow that just makes me happy…..well, I’m a happy fan period!. lol

    • I’m a happy fan too because we will be getting new music! I think one thing we can all agree on is that David is prolific when it comes to releasing music. No other Idol has released 3 albums in just a little over a year and while he is out of the country. I have decided not to concern myself with how much his albums sells. I am happy that I can buy the music and enjoy it. While I wish the CD will be a big seller, I am also realistic in that it is an independent release with no David to promote it. I’m sure the advertising budget will be low. Music sales are dismal across the board except for an elite few who would have also sold even more if they had been popular before digital music. I think that’s why popular artists now go into acting or judging on reality TV shows.

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