More Speculation Time

We’ve been getting real good as a fanbase when it comes to speculation, and even though David’s Twitter has never once suggested that we should expect new music, everyone’s been speculating – due to another Twitter account – that new music from David is on the horizon, perhaps maybe next month.

I’m curious: how many David fans think we should be giving credence to other sources outside of David’s team? FYI, I don’t follow Lady V.

What say you, peeps? Please take my latest poll! 🙂

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  1. I think David’s official site and Twitter should be the most trusted sources, but LadyV is known (and verified, as far as past songs go — she’d got credits that tie her to David) songwriter who works with David and I trust both her and Kari, too.

  2. all david fans should definitely think about following Lady V. she’s based in LA and works with famous singers, TV and film producers, and is a good friend of david’s! she loves him too! 🙂

  3. Of course David’s official site and his twitter should be the most trusted sources. I guess I’m just wishful thinking because right now that’s really all we have and it really feels so good to be talking and speculating about something from David. The conversation well was getting dry about David (or conservation went where some fans didn’t like), so this is something that all us fans can comment and know it’s ok….I guess we’ll know next week if it’s all for not or maybe, just maybe we are going to get new (something) from Archuleta Team.

  4. I hope it is amazing as Lady V tweets. I think our speculation on N A with my dear writer tweets went a little too over speculatve. potluck8 here if my user name comes up wrong.

    • Yes, I agree about the NA speculation…still was a fun conversation. I just hope that something (anything) is coming our way. I know that some fans feel like it’s fruitless and won’t do any good for his career to have stuff released while he’s away, but to me, I feel it’s a good way to keep the fans that stuck around satisfied and maybe, just maybe, bring back others that have moved on…As far as David’s music career goes, the optimist route is where I want to go.

  5. Top-Earning American Idols 2012

    1. Kelly Clarkson ($8 million)
    2. Carrie Underwood ($5 million, tie)
    2. Daughtry ($5 million, tie)
    4. Scotty McCreery ($4 million)
    5. Jennifer Hudson ($3 million)
    6. Jordin Sparks ($2 million)
    7. Adam Lambert ($1.5 million)
    8. Katharine McPhee ($1.1 million, tie)
    8. Kellie Pickler ($1.1 million, tie)
    10. David Archuleta ($1 million, tie)
    10. David Cook ($1 million, tie)

    My best to Ms. Halperin.

    • Nice to see that David is still on the list.

    • I’d say David being on that list is pretty dang good being that he was gone from the music business for most of the year.

      • The time period for the Forbes list was May 2011-May 2012 so David was only gone a few months. I’m sure he won’t be on the list next year, but hopefully once he is back he can continue to earn his living in the entertainment industry.

      • Thanks Grammyj for bursting the bubble, lol I’m just kidding, I kinda new that because I’ve see those figures before.

    • It is also interesting that only five winners are on the list.

    • I think D’s income is an underestimation. Also, I expected to see Taylor Hicks on the list for his Vegas gig.


      Our numbers are based on estimated income earned from May 2011 to May 2012, before subtracting taxes, American Idol’s cut and any remaining fees for agents, lawyers and managers. The totals were compiled with the help of data from Pollstar, RIAA and others, as well as interviews with industry insiders including managers, publicists, agents and some of the musicians themselves.

      • I agree that he probably made more than $1 mil from May ’11 to ’12. He needed to in order to keep things going for the next 2 years without significant income. Sure, there will be some money coming in on residuals while he is gone but not like when he’s active.

        I read over at MJ’s that Taylor’s Vegas thing didn’t start until June 2012 so it wouldn’t be included. I don’t put much weight behind the numbers that Forbes comes up with but I’m sure that all those listed (and some not listed) made decent money last year.

    • Interesting list. It is nice to see David on the list even though he will probably not be next year.. Hard to believe that “twangy Scotty” made that much. I do like some country music but I just don’t get his popularity. I do like Hunter Hayes. Let see how he does in five years time. I never hear him on country radio and I do listen at times. I am watching AI tonight.

      • Country is huge, so it doesn’t surprise me about Scotty. Dang, what a shame…it’s almost like David is struggling. One million gross is nothing really…these artist have a lot of bills, so I’m thinking he really didn’t ‘take home’ that much. That’s why I always want any new song that is put out from him would make lots of money (I know, I know can’t be done because he’s away) SIGH!!!!! If he could gross around 5million in 2014, then his career would be in stable ground. Ok, wait and see what’s up next week (if anything) and wait and see when he returns.

      • I’m fairly certain that David made more that 1 million in that time frame. He had A LOT going on from May 2011 to May 2012. Forbes really has no idea and they don’t put much effort into checking so don’t take their numbers as true.

        His take home amount is a whole other matter though. What he has going for him is that he has no label taking a big cut of his money. What he has against him is he had no one helping foot the bill for touring. I’d say he made money on the Asian tour and probably broke even or lost a little on MKOC but he knew that going in. The Asian tour likely paid for the US tour.

        He made money on Nandito Ako and Bench. That would be a bank roll for the 2 years he’s gone to keep up expenses, pay existing employees, etc.

        Of course all of this is speculation on my part but that’s what we do as fans, right? lol

      • Actually when you see David tied with David Cook, Kellie Pickler,and Kat McPhee he did well. Adam Lambert did not make much more than David. To me Scotty was the surprise even though he is country.

  6. @kariontour and the Official Site are most trustworthy. LadyV is trustworthy but often hints pretty early, which is exciting but so early that dates get confusing. Still enjoyed by many. FansofDavid is accurate and usually cautions to wait for Official Word. TheVoice, TheDavidChronicles, Snowangelz are all reliable and have different very creative ways of enjoying the excitement.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Forbes estimate is low for this year, considering David did a whole TV series, had a few albums, a Clothing and Head contract etc. etc. His GCT and Book also continued to sell.

    • I agree about David and Kari’s twitter being reliable but my most reliable source for David news is Soul David. I just do not visit David’s OS. So I voted for “popular David sites” but I really just meant SD. lol.

  7. Interesting, isn’t it, that David is listed before the other David on the Forbes list, even though they’re both tied.

  8. Off topic, scratching my head….hmmm…I guess JB has an ‘acoustic’ album out that is #1…not a fan, but maybe the kid can sing? or can an album be made like that and be autotuned? just curious. I guess as an Amazing David (lol) fan, I get a bit jealous…because it should be David having a #1 acoustic album, lol.

    • It was probably auto-tuned. Like it or not Justin Bieber is extremely popular and his albums sell like hot cakes. He’s a teen idol that the young girls love.

      • Yes, we ODD fans wish it were David with the huge career, but I really don’t think that kind of career is healthy for anyone especially someone that is as young as Justin. It’s not good to have little privacy and to have excessive amounts of publicity.

      • Yeah, & speaking of earnings, JB earned a whopping 55 million!

        WHY? Because he’s EVERYWHERE, good or bad, taking care of business.

        Anyone wonder, given JB’s enormous “popularity”, could he take a break for two years or even one year & come back as strong as ever?

        David has a huge challenge ahead in 2014. If the earnings amount is correct, he may have to get back to work immediately after returning but I don’t see him touring the USA first. That makes me very sad. 😦

      • I agree with you jus’sayn’. There is no way that JB or Taylor Swift or Kelly Clarkson would be this popular today if they took even a one year break. You are right. David will not be in a good position financially when he returns. How could he be? I just don’t understand how David or his family could afford his going away for 2 yrs on this mission. They are not that wealthy. The financial loss David is taking on tours and special appearances alone is a big hit. I just don’t get it and never will. You just don’t get the opportunities that David had in the music business that often.

    • Actually I would like for David to have a #1album, but not have the crazed teeny bopper fans that JB has…I guess what I’m saying is that I want David to have success without the circus, lol.

      • Me too, but that’s not easy. We shall see what happens with David’s career in 2014. In the meantime there may be new music or something coming out soon if Lady V’s tweets are correct.

      • I’m with you on this, CQ. Adele’s less distorted fame what I’d want for David too, if I could choose. That $55 million, in my opinion, just isn’t necessary if it means trading any chance for privacy or normal living. Of course, this is only my opinion based on what I’d want for myself or my children.

        I don’t mind anyone stating a different opinion, of course, especially since the only one who can really decide what he wants/how to proceed is David, himself. We’re all destined to merely state what we might hope for.

    • Between JB and Taylor Swift I scratch my head in amazement frequently, cq. lol. I just can’t believe all the product endorsements Taylor is getting.

      • You know, it’s funny about Taylor. I used to be a fan, at least for her first album, despite her having a singing voice that can sound as bad as (worse than?) mine, at times. (LOL.) There was something fresh in the lyrics, I suppose. But she lost me with the second album and, although I don’t dislike her, I don’t listen to her anymore. She’s trying to repeat that first album over and over, IMO. And I suppose it keeps working, based on her continued success. Just not for me.

        Justin’s just always been too much of a brat to hold my interest, although I do think some of his stuff is catchy. It’s too young and not clever, like Taylor’s songs can be. His songs have musical hooks. But his appeal to girls, I think, is that he has an appeal to girls. He’s the popular guy who is popular because he is popular, if you know what I mean. That’s what Scooter built, there. But from what I’m hearing, the poor kid sounds like he’s pretty messed up. I wouldn’t wish that life on anyone I cared about, even for $155 million.

  9. Re. the post, I picked “I don’t trust any”. Re. Lady V, my gut feeling is that whatever the surprise is that she knows re. David, it probably has her more excited than the fanbase will be. Guess I’ve learned to lower my expectations.

    • I think David’s OS has reliable information. Items aren’t posted there until verified. Of course Lady V’s tweets just give us some cryptic information to speculate about. It could be something fabulous or could be nothing much. Hopefully we will know next week, and it is something fabulous like new music from David.

  10. I think David has something in the works when he comes home. He was building his foundation two yrars ago and I don’t think it just meant his mission. potluck8

  11. How come I can’t fix my user name? potluck8

  12. I have trouble, too, potluck. We have to hit “change” and then fill in the name field again. I have no idea why sometimes we have to and other times we don’t.

  13. NEW ALBUM IN MARCH! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Is it ok if I let out loud screams of joy as I sit here at work? 😀

      • It’s totally ok I think, I reacted the same way !
        I didn’t want to have high expectations so I just wanted a new original song but we’re getting a new album ! I’m a happy fan lol
        I’m also super interested about this new label for David. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen now. I’m really amazed by all the things that David planned in advance to remain present for his fans and if I had any doubts about his will to resume his career after his mission, those doubts are all gone now.

  14. Go on over to David’s Official Site…pretty amazing!


  15. I just saw this new about the new album. I wonder what songs comprise it, and what is the label?

  16. Next question: What is the label Entertainment One?

  17. dang, I was spazzing on the wrong thread! I see you all got the news…so excited!!!!

  18. I guess Lady V was right when she tweeted the news was pretty amazing. lol

  19. Anyway, woo to the hoo!

  20. WHAT?! Going over NOW. So exciting!!!!!!


  22. Really excited about Don’t Run Away being released to AC radio.

  23. OMG!!!!!!

    Just got home from work and am absolutely bowled over at the love David has for his fans. A good chunk of fan’s wish list is being fulfilled in one sweep.

    New Label – check
    Independent Label – check
    New Music – check
    New single for radio – check

    To heck with JB’s and TS’s millions. I hope it buys them all the happiness of this life. In my opinion, 55 million spazzes around the archuglobe over this news sure feels better lol!

    P.S. David,
    c/o Team Archuleta
    A Spanish Album, movie soundtrack, more acting, modeling and endorsements please.
    No Pressure okay?
    Jus’ Sayin’ 😉

  24. goodkarmaseeker

    Oh my gosh, this is just supercalifragalistic expealidocious (spelling?) do you guys know this? I think it’s dating me but I just couldn’t find the words to say how super happy I am about all parts of this
    news. Wow, just wow and hooray and everything!!!!

  25. WOOOO! I wasn’t expecting any news until next weel, this is wonderful, David is amazing and I am speechless! potluck8

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