Winter Blues

Snow and extreme cold plus not having to go in to work today means one thing:

Winter Blues Season! 😦


David of course! 🙂

My pick for today:

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  1. I love this duet. Libbie has a beautiful voice and sounds good with David.

    We had the ice storm yesterday and today I’m home sick so I needed this for my winter blues too. Looks like LadyV might have some news for us today per her tweet. I’m anxious to know what it is, hopefully some new music.

  2. Love this song and really love David’s story telling way he sings it and I think that Libbie did a good job, but I still wish that it was someone that was more mainstream that dueted with our amazing David, not really complaining because I still love the song regardless.

    SIGH! a note from David, so needed!!
    Hoping that it’s something about David that LadyV has been teasing about….I guess we will find out today.

  3. I have the winter blues too. The drive to work in bad weather is just exhausting. lol. I really hope that there is something to LadyV’s tweets about possible new music.

  4. testing ….

  5. Now I hear that we have to wait a week, but whatever is announced will include a press release. I’m remembering Kari’s ” something old..” tweet and imagining an EP with an old song, a new one, a borrowed one and a blue one. .???!!!

    • A press release ? It’s interesting for just one new song and with David been away. Is it going to be released by the label that released Begin ? Well, LadyV seems really excited so I can’t wait to know what it’s all about.

      • I’m curious too as to what label is going to release this music. Of course I wonder if it will be a single, EP, expanded edition of BEGIN or a whole new CD. Or is it something else? At least we have something to speculate on that is music related! I’m sure it will be a big hit with the ODD fans and perhaps in Asia. Not much chance in the US unless David signs with a major label.

    • Yeah, press release?!? lots of fun speculation going on, lol.

  6. Sorry, that was me, KathyH/kait.

  7. An EP with three songs, one new, one old and one borrowed????, oh well, we’ll have one more week to WAIT……for whatever it is….anything will be welcomed!!!!!!! Forever the optimist…hoping it’s something that will be big hit, lol.

  8. Speculating is fun and never gets old, IMO. Glad we have something to chew on for a bit.

  9. i’ve been having trouble logging in; maybe this post will appear.

    re. lady v’s tweets, maybe someone famous will release a song that she and David co-wrote. Or, maybe a song they wrote together will be featured as the theme song for a new movie.

  10. American Idol runner up and pop sensation David Archuleta is set to release his new studio album “No Matter How Far” on March 26, 2013.
    David is currently serving a two-year mission in South America for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “No Matter How Far” features a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks. The first single, “Don’t Run Away”, produced by British music producers The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein), will be serviced to the AC Radio format in February.
    David reached second place on the seventh season (2008) hit show American Idol as one of the youngest to perform on the show at age 16. He released his self-titled debut album the following year. Both the album and its lead single “Crush” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 charts, respectively. “Crush” went on to sell over 2 million downloads. David has since released the albums “Christmas From The Heart”, “The Other Side of Down”, and the covers album “BEGIN.”. He was the featured vocalist on the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs’ “Glad Christmas Tidings” album and PBS Special in 2011, and released “Forevermore” an album of Filipino standards in the Philippines in 2012.
    “No Matter How Far” will be released on Entertainment One.

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