Moratorium on Discussing David’s Faith

Imagine there’s no heaven … and no religion too! 🙂

OK, Peeps! I know when there isn’t much Archunews we tend to get led astray … But let’s try a Moratorium Challenge!

How about we avoid any discussions about David’s faith for the rest of the month? I say just one month (which is almost over BTW) to see if it is at all possible for us to talk about David, pop culture, current events, etc. and NOT reference David’s faith practices and the expectations that come with it.

Who’s with me?

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  1. I’ll try Hg, but being that it’s such a big part of David right now and nothing else is coming from Kari or Archuleta team, I understand why we tend to go that way. I know that this is not a site to dicuss religion, but the tendency to go that way, for me anyway, is always about the restriction of options for David that make me go that way and as a fan of his music, I guess I don’t want him to be restricted. I will really try, but I also know that this a very fair and open site and I have always felt comfortable commenting on my concerns.

  2. How about that American Idol last night? There were some real cuties, and some of them didn’t even have a sob story.

    • I have found myself really enjoying Nicki as a judge more than I thought I would. I know lots of people have been complaining about her but I like her spirit, her off-centeredness (totally just made that word up lol).

      Not sure that I’ve been completely grabbed by any of the contestants yet but I rarely am in the audition phase. I’ve been very moved by some of their stories but not yet by any voices. Looking forward to seeing how this season develops!

  3. LOL honestly if finding discussion topics about David other than religion (which is the deadest horse that ever deaded) are a problem for anyone, then they’re just not thinking hard enough.

    There are a multitude of things about David that I would like to discuss, both serious and ridiculous. Can we start with the evolution of his pants from AI days all the way up to MKOC tour?? Because hello. 😀

    My friend (not a David fan friend, just a plain old real life friend) told me his pants are too tight now. I told her that’s simply not possible. lol. Thooooouggggghts??

    On the musical side of things, from listening to the few Spanish songs we have from David over and over it seems to me that he sings a little differently when singing in Spanish. I can’t exactly put it into words HOW but it intrigues me. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just side effect of too much repeated listening on my part?

    • Got put in my place Ali, lol. I do understand that we could talk about other stuff regarding David, but when some conversations were about how sexy he is, his appearance and just fun talk that is done for any artist that is good looking goes……. that too was a no no….heck if you do, heck if you don’t. I’ll just keep trying to keep the conversation going.

      I too notice that he does sing a little differently in Spanish…I love David’s voice period, but when he sings Spanish, that tone is taken to another level…..I sure hope that he will find a marketable song in Spanish…imo David has the potential to be an international superstar.

      • I won’t give you any guff at all for talking about how sexy David is, cq 😉 I’ll cheer you on all the way and say ~too bad, your loss~ to anyone who can’t or is not willing to see it lol. Because after we’re done dissecting the pants, I have all kinds of thoughts about vneck shirts……. hahahahahaha

        I’m am greatly anticipating a Spanish album. I don’t speak spanish beyond hola and gracias and what I need to order my favorite Mexican food but I won’t even mind a bit to not know what he’s saying as long as he saaaaaaangs to me in that incredible voice.

      • Yeah Ali, let’s just hope that David unleashes that sexy beast and kills off all his fan in one swing of those sexy hips, holy cow, can’t wait for that to happen, hahahaha!!!!

  4. you guys are cracking me up.

  5. Love how your mind works Ali. I’m all for discussing D’s pants & vnecks lol! Just let’s be ready for the 1 or 2 posters reprimanding & putting the shame on us. Ok with that too. Just wanna have fun while waiting for his music lol

  6. How about those SUPER sexy lips!!!! A whole post could be about them, hahahhaha!!!!

  7. I’m in, HG. Since I’m not watchin’ Idol I can’t comment on that. I can’t get too crazy with the looks comments , either — yes, I notice. Of course I do. He’s beautiful. But he’s my kids’ age.

    Sigh. I guess I’ll just hang out over here on the sidelines and jump in when the groove fits.

    • Yeah kinda limits the conversation….maybe this rumor for LadyV about a song being released will give the fansites a whole LOT of wonderous comments to make, lol.

      • Well, yeah! I can’t wait for the song!! Look Around became one of my top favorites from The Other Side of Down. (Gosh, I love that album.)

  8. David was named as one of the most promising actor on Philippine TV. Something for us to talk about,, his acting, lol.
    I for one want him to get his singing career back on track before dipping into the actor pool, or, maybe do both at once, we all know is loves to keep busy, lol.

  9. He does have a ton of energy AND talent. His acting surprised me in the best of ways. I’m all for whatever brings more of him to the entertainment world.

  10. I agree with you about the religion topic, hg. Ali you are right the religion topic is kind of dead horse. We have beaten it up pretty good. LOL That does not mean that it will never ever come up again. lol.

  11. Agreed HG!! Saw a rumor the Victoria Horn was having a meeting about an Artist’s Music. She tweets hints that something is brewing . This is all on Twitter and she refers these messages to Archies.

    Haven’t be able to make it through a Whole Idol because of the Judges but look forward to when they narrow it down.

    • Heidijoy, those teasing tweets are intriguing…hoping something is brewing. A new song that is SUPER DUPER FABULOUS would be so fantastic for all of us loyal fans…only wishing and I know all the road blocks….but wouldn’t it be over the top exciting if it charted in US…that would have us spazzing for the first have of the year and the second half we would be gearing up for his RETURN!!!!lol.

  12. Glad that the AI auditions are one hour tonight. I think the 2 hour audition shows are just a bit too long. Nicki is very entertaining. Like all her nicknames. lol. I just hope that folks that sometimes just come out of no where to comment get the moratorium challenge on the religion topic. My guess is that they will not. lol. Oh well. Wow. I really like Charlie Askew who is on AI right now. Such a nice tone to his voice.

  13. I’m all for the moratorium! Other topics I enjoy reading here include the movie reviews, links to music from other artists, and anything remotely pertaining to sports. I don’t do the David spazzing because he’s like my fake nephew. (FYI, this is why i sooo understand Manti Te’o 😉 ).

    • Uh oh…you do know Manti is Mormon, don’t you? Naughty, naughty.

      • LOL. Jokes aside, when I first read the Te’o girlfriend story, I thought about how for the past 4+, D has received at least 1 hr/day of my online time. I even used to feel ill when I read negative things about him. So yeah, my connection to the Te’o isn’t about religion, it’s more about life in the virtual world. 😉

    • desertrat, I hope you are not saying that subject about David should be off the table until he returns.

      • Oh no, I’m not saying that. I saw where other peeps were mentioning alternative topics and I was following up on that conversation.

  14. Manti is an very interesting story for many reasons. He reminds me of David in some ways. Back to AI. lol. I really liked Burnell. He has a great voice. Paul was good too.

  15. Ok ok so clearly not everyone is on board with the vneck and tight pants talk lol. Fiiiiine but one thing David isn’t is my son or nephew or anything of that sort. He’s hot and I see him as such, as I do with a rather lovely assortment of guys. ha. I will say none of those other guys has completely captured my heart with their voice like David has though.

    On the topic of Lady V, was she the one who wrote Day After Tomorrow with David? I hope so because I really like that song. Sucks that it was only available as an iTunes preorder bonus with TOSOD. That’s even more of a death knell than Japan bonus track lol. My walk is like a ruuuuuun to youuuu ❤

  16. First, I apologize if my comments have made anyone uncomfortable. That was not my intention. However, I have to give my opinion that given the choice of discussing Mormonism as it pertains to David as long as it is respectful, OR discussing his “pants”, gorgeousness, and his overall sexiness, I would bet David would prefer we do the former.

    I enjoy this site because there is more substance & intelligence to the articles and commentary. If I want to read ooohs & aaaahs about David’s clothes or dimples, I know I could always go to the other sites.

    I will go back to being a lurker and hope this site doesn’t change the format which has been “no topic is off limits” & has always been so interesting & a notch above the other David fan sites.

    • I will agree with you about this site being very open to everyone’s opinions and topics. I don’t think that is going to change. Even if I don’t agree with someone’s opinions I still like to see them. I am not a fan of censorship. I don’t think that you have to be just a lurker if you want to voice your opinions but that is just me. I really don’t get easily offended but maybe I should. lol. I think hg’s point was just to give the religion topic a bit of a break but I am quite sure it will not last that long.

    • I won’t put words in HG’s mouth but my impression was not that she was trying to censor anyone or change the site format but that we had already debated David’s religion over and over and nothing new was being said at this point so why not take a few days off that groundhog day topic.

      I was just trying to have a little fun and talk about other aspects of David. Fun, wow remember that? LOL sorry to upset your sensibilities with my opinions. Attractiveness is part of human nature and I (shockingly) don’t spend all my time thinking about what David would want me to talk about. Guess I left my WWDD bracelet at home today.

      If I remember correctly, HG stands for Hello Gorgeous. Right?

    • Eyeswideopen, I do understant what you mean….sigh, sounds like no David topic is what we can talk about……….Oh please let there be some new music coming our way from David…I think that might be ok to discuss, lol.

  17. I checked and Lady V did cowrite Day After Tomorrow with David!!

    She did Look Around and Everything & More as well. Are those the only ones we’ve heard from her?

  18. I swear, this is the touchiest fanbase in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. omg. lolol. I love you guys even though you drive me batty sometimes.

    Meanwhile — in actual possibly important news — is anyone following this Lady V convo over on twitter?? Ahhh. I have no idea what to think, if this is even about David at all. She’s really good at teasing. Lots of fans are getting excited over there though. Hey, something ~else~ to talk about 😉

    • I like Lady V and the songs that she wrote with David. Hope that there is another song by them coming out soon.

    • Just realized that there may be some not on twitter to see Lady V’s tweets. Here’s what she has posted today:

      Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
      ooo i know for sure some of you on here would be loving to come to my lunch meeting to hear which artists new record i’m discussing!! 🙂 – 8 hours ago

      Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
      ok meeting went super well today.. will have news on MONDAY.. thats a few days away.. woohooo – 52 min ago

      Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
      lets just say this about today.. some of my tweeter fam are going to freak out soon when they hear the news… 🙂 – 51 min ago

      Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
      Sometimes you need to take a step back to be noticed! #WorkSmarterNotHarder – 37 min ago

      DISCLAIMER: It’s entirely possible and most probable that she is NOT talking about David here. Also, I don’t know if that last tweet was in relation to the earlier tweets but I included it because I liked it and it made me think of David right now lol. Even if this ends up not being about David at all, it’s always fun to be excited about possibilities. Now we have to wait til Monday. Hm. I guess we have practice at being patient.

  19. I enjoy all the David discussion going on here today plus I like to talk about his religion too, but I won’t today. I guess David fascinates me and he is gorgeous too. The thing that I don’t like discussed is all the David voting which is about all that is being discussed at FOD. Yes, I am looking foreword to finding out about what Lady V is hinting about which I hope is new music. Ali I think the songs you mentioned are the only ones Lady V and David wrote.

    • Wow, I wonder if Lady V knows that she is driving everyone of David’s fans nutso, if it isn’t about David music, she is very cruel to not let us know, lol. but then again if she doesn’t let us know, we at least have some time to talk and hope. David come home now, hahahaha

  20. I am amazed at what an incredibly diverse (and yes, passionate) fanbase David has drawn in…I would love to know what it was that drew each of you to him. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it was for me.

    • Good question! I don’t know that I have a definitive answer for it either…

      It’s a combination of things. It started with the voice for me. A Youtube video that someone linked me to in early 2009 and it was all downhill after that. It’s not JUST the voice though because there are other amazing voices out there in the world.

      I honestly think it’s the combination of all the things that make up David — just David being David. His voice, his talent. His shyness, yet his willingness to throw himself into new situations. His awkwardness, yet his command of the stage when performing. His random brain, his caring heart, his lovely face, his work ethic, his growth, his love for music, his thoughtfulness, his genuine humbleness and his swagger that he doesn’t even seem to know he has. idek. It’s some combination of all those things and about 500 more.

      • Like many I found David on American Idol. After the finale I found that I could keep following David through the magic of the Internet – YouTube, newspaper articles, blogs, fan-sites, etc. He fascinates me for the same reasons that Ali stated and about 500 more. It’s also interesting that David thinks he is boring and was surprised that people would be interested in him personally. He just thought we would want to hear him sing.

      • I love what you had to say. It reminded me of a quote: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I believe that is so true with David.

  21. Not conversing about religion would be in keeping with David’s request for privacy. Great!

    Adding February+ to the no religion conversations would be fine with me. We each have our own religions and beliefs and it would be great to keep them personal and private. Our love of David’s music is solely what has brought everyone together. We lose our focus and it isn’t worth it.

    I am looking forward to his music as we receive it and that’s where I love to be. His sidetrack to the soap opera world was never that interesting to me and I know I am in the minority on that but it happened and it was an adventure for him and ‘fun’ as he said.

    On with the music and all the interesting current musicians actually.


    • My guess is that David did the acting in the soap opera for the money. He also could try acting in the Philippines where he is very popular. I enjoyed watching Nandito Ako, but I’m easily entertained by David. I’m under in elision that he is a fabulous actor but thought he did fine as a beginning actor. I would be okay with him doing more acting especially musical theater.

  22. I love this site because of the freedom I felt to express myself without sensorship, but am a little disappointed right now….can’t talk about religion, can’t talk about his looks, we only can talk about other artists, sports or anything else that really doesn’t include David. I know that if he was home and was working on his music we would be having a different conversation.
    I’m just a bit sad that it’s come to this.

  23. Grammyj – I thought that when Kari basically told us to “get a life” recently, that it would especially apply to not devoting hours and hours of time giving hits to various website polls in the name of supporting David, but then she did give them a shout-out about it. It’s just like a certain banned topic–something I’ll never understand.

    I thought David was just adorable from the first audition, but, trying to be objective, his voice wasn’t amazing on “Waiting on the World”. By “Shop Around”, it was pretty clear that his voice was special. But I didn’t REALLY get it until I heard him live.

    I’m not sure what the maximum age difference should be for finding someone attractive. I try not to be too cougarish, but there’s not really a cut-off for liking. I like Anthony Hopkins and he’s way older….My only judgemental thing is that I think we should definitely be acting our age in person.

    • I found David on American Idol and then followed him on the internet via fan sites. You can say what you want about AI but if it was not for that show David would not have his fan base. I just hope he can regain some of those fans ( especially the younger fans) when he returns.

  24. goodkarmaseeker

    I’m late to this topic…. It’s fine with me to skip any discussion of David’s religion for a month. It’s never been that interesting to me. I just have always loved his music and the beautiful person he is.

  25. Enjoying this site as usual ! Wanted to add to all the great and interesting opinions the result of HG’s moratorium on religion. In my view it is not censorship in any form to refrain from talking religion for one month..seems to me it is an interesting and informational exercise, limited in time. And the results of this request seem to lend credence to the request it self!!

    • I do understand and as I said in the first comment I will try to respect Hg’s request, but it seems that other topics are also a no no…..yes, censorship might of been to harsh a word, but you see, I am a bit pissed off. Wherever happened to just don’t read the comment if you don’t like it…there is some comments that I really don’t care for, but I just skip them. For example, I’m over AI and I don’t care who is so good or so bad in that show at all…I’m over it…..but I really respect and understand that here is a lot of fans that comment here that enjoy discussing the contestants, judges, etc…I just skip those comments that all…

  26. Well, although I did say that I feel uncomfortable myself obsessing over his looks, I never mind reading such talk and I never disagree! I agree, CCHalo, that interest has no age limit — I think it’s more that I’m aware of the age and feel uncomfortable talking too much about the pants or lips or anything specific. But whatever works for others works for them and I’m more likely to laugh and enjoy their fun than get uncomfortable at what other fans do or say. I do agree that he got much better at presenting himself over the few years he was in the public eye.

    As for the very interesting when and how question posed by Just A Lurker, I saw David on Star Search and remember liking him, but I didn’t become a big fan until after Shop Around on Idol. Liked him on WOTWTC — both my husband and I perked up a bit and commented that that guy was good. Then, some time after hearing Heaven and Shop Around and Imagine, I started looking on the web for info. And the more I saw David being David, so talented, handsome, sweet, honest, personable and different, the more I fell under that spell. He’s just amazing. And I don’t think it’ll take much for him to win people back (the ones who stepped away) if he can get some publicity. I had managed to control my online blogging about David better by Christmastime, but then I popped in the Christmas albums again, was reminded (it’s always kind of shocking) how very gorgeous that voice is, listened to the other CDs, returned to the Internet sites and got myself all involved again. LOL. What can I say? The David blogging is a spot of pleasure in my day and I don’t want to give that up.

  27. One more thing isn’t it giving your opinion regarding “r” conversation talking about it?

  28. I find it kind of amazing that David has been gone for ten months, and he still has some fan-sites going strong with possible new music coming out next month. Our David has had more going on music-wise than Cook who isn’t out of the country, although I guess Cook is writing music.

  29. In my area, we’re having a winter ice storm so my job let us off early — woohoo!!

    Re. conversations on this blog, I love the randomness of it all (e.g., that Danny Kaye woman), lol. For the record, my comments were not intended to condemn those who spazz over David, discuss AI, Bieber, sports, etc. I was merely sharing an opinion.

  30. I agree with cc halo about we should definitely be acting our age in person. I spazz a lot over D’s gorgeousness on sites but when I’m face to face with him I can’t even look him in the eyes. When I’m watching his concerts I can only scream silently and say a lot of OMGs to myself hahahah esp that one time my son accompanied me & my niece to the concert. ( But my niece was screaming her heart out lol )

  31. I’m back and with more strength to continue traveling and writing about my experiences.
    From now on, I will not let anyone shake his/HER finger in my face. If only one person is happy when he/she reads what I write, my mission is accomplished.

    On the subject of David’s faith, you are right HG, that topic is private and I will respect your request.

    • Gladys, Thank you for what you’ve shared already. It made me happy 🙂 I support you and appreciate your confidence.

      • Good for you gladys. Continue writing. You are truly one of David’s most supportive fans and he is very lucky to have you as a fan.

  32. Just to clarify, folks! I’m not encouraging CENSORSHIP. The “moratorium” is a CHALLENGE. I was wondering if we could get through the rest of the month not bringing up David’s faith. 🙂

    Any topic broached on this blog is not “off limits,” but I do want to put the challenge out there!

    • I think it is a great idea HG and since there are a few who would like to, why not exchange emails and communicate with each other.

    • I think it is a very good challenge, hg. I am quite sure the topic of David’s faith will come up again in the next year or so until David returns. lol. I just don’t think anyone knows for sure what the future holds for David as far as religion, marriage ect. but I guess there is nothing wrong with speculation. I am a fan of reality talent shows so I will continue to comment on them. lol. If it weren’t for AI I would never have known about David.

      • Marie, I am a fan of some reality talent shows, but I don’t think anyone would be interested in hearing about Profect Runway and/or Top Chef, lol. AI is really a much better thing to comment on because it is after all about music and it is where most of us fans discover our amazing David.

  33. Off topic:
    a fan wish: For David to be invited to sing at the 2016 Olympics. I know that if he becomes a big singing star that he deserves to be, without a doubt he would be asked, then all would be right in the world, lol.

  34. Watching 20/20. Katie Couric is doing yet another story on manti te’o. I didn’t get to watch the interview on her show this week as I was working. Interesting story to say the least. lol. manti just reminds me of David. Not physically but the being naive and in other areas.

  35. I believe him and really hope that the media moves on to another story for his sake. But I just read that the guy that was behind the hoax is going to be on Dr. Phil. Why doesn’t that surprise me. lol.

    • LOL, I’m not surprised either. As far as Manti goes, I think he has said enough and I hope he decides to put a moratorium on himself in regards to discussing it further.

  36. prince has out a new song, “screwdriver”.

    • Desertrat, could you please repost in the new thread? Thanks! Not sure I care for this new song though, even though I love Prince! 🙂

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