Happy MLK Day!

And Happy Inauguration Day! 🙂

Since it’s such an appropriate song for the day (and because David’s “Almost David” did a brief rendition last week), I thought to include David’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” today:

I tell ya, peeps, nothing like an audio recording to make me do a #DA2014 countdown to the first time we get a LIVE RENDITION from the Voice! Can’t you just imagine it? 😀


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  1. Great song choice for today. I agree that it will be good to get a live rendition of anything from David when he returns.

  2. This song is very befitting this day of service. I hope somewhere out there, a sensitive, talented songwriter is writing songs of this level of depth for D to consider singing. In the mean time, I’ll keep waiting on the Lady V song.

  3. Love David’s rendition of BOTW and I agree with you Hg and Marie, can’t wait for him to return to the stage where he belongs blowing us away with his mad vocals.

  4. BTW Happy MLK Day.
    Yeah as Desertrat said…bring on the Lady V song.

  5. Between reading the front page of this blog and FOD’s yesterday and today, it is simply amazing to me that David has already in his short lifetime been invited a couple times to Washington and included in the very highest of political circles already. He has also sung at the inaugurations of his state governors. He really has accomplished a lot and I hope all this networking will enable him on his return to make a great comeback in 2014.

  6. Cool thought, Joymus. Hoping for many more years of seeing/hearing David at such prestigious events.

    I’m watching the inauguration coverage now. So cool.

  7. Kelly Clarkson was amazing singing at the Inauguration as were Beyonce and James Taylor. Proud of Kelly. I just hope that other great vocalist that came from AI, David of course, is able to perform at the next one. Kelly is over 30 and David is just 22 so he has alot of time to catch up to Kelly. lol.

    • Yes, Marie she was just great and I too wish that David will be a performer in the next inaugural…I believe that it could happen (IF) his music career takes off and becomes as big as Kelly’s, then that might happen….

  8. I missed Kelly. 😦 Thought James Taylor was good and Beyonce’s NA was fantastic!!

  9. I’m hoping for opportunities for David to sing at prestigious events too when he returns. I hope he has the team that can get him these opportunities. We all know he has the talent.

  10. Watching the Obama’s dancing as J-HUD sings “Let’s Stay Together.” Precious! 😀

    • I’m watching too. I’d be so awkward up there dancing alone w/my spouse while everyone takes pics, lol.

  11. I am disappointed in Beyonce after hearing all these reports today that she lip synced the NA. Kelly sang her song live and sounded great. This just proves that David needs to be up their singing the NA or these other songs at these events as we all know he would never lip synch. I just think there is no excuse as it should be song live.

    • Marie I read that too and you are so right, in a way it just makes Kelly look that much better, she was great btw. I do agree that David needs to sing at these events, it would be a breath of fresh air. The respect and emotion he puts into these important songs are off the charts.

    • You know, I’m not a big Beyonce fan, but I don’t think this is a big deal. She was singing to a track she recorded. It sounded good. Kelly probably recorded hers too, but chose not to use it. I guess Sasha Fierce was absent yesterday. lol

  12. Off topic: I just read where Leonardo Dicaprio is taking a long, long break from making moviies, so of course, I thought about David. Here’s a star that can afford to take a break and it not affect his career one bit (btw he made three movies, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby and The wolf of Wall Street, so it will be like he never left his career), whereas David really didn’t have the luxury of an established career in order to be ok, sigh! I’m still torned about David’s hiatus, I think he needed some time to mature away from his career, but I also feel like he has shot himself on the foot because of lack of connection with his fans. I know that he also left music for his fans and maybe there is more to come this year, but, imo, it’s just not the same as if his career was thriving.

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