Inauguration Celebrations Begin!

Remember this performance from four years ago at the Latin@s Inauguration Ball?

Don’t forget to tune into the official Inauguration Ceremony tomorrow on MLK Holiday (how appropriate!). :)

Posted on January 20, 2013, in David's patriotic performances. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Nice job David! I believe that was the 1st time the fanbase saw a scarf as a part of his outfit.

  2. Hope to see him sing at the next Inauguration in 2016. Hope that it is the year of our first women President-Hillary Clinton. The Latino Ball was just where David should have been singing the NA 4 years ago and he sounded great.

  3. Great Memories!! Yes David gives honor and respect to every word. (unlike some in the crowd, who were talking-surprised by that) The Voice today has some of David’s tweets saved. :)

    • I miss David’s tweets and vlogs. I’m hoping that the rumor is true that there is new music that David wrote with LadyV in February.

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