David’s “Almost Double”

“Almost” being the operative word here, but just to clarify, peeps! 🙂

There’s no way I would seriously “cheat” on my beloved David – no matter how long he stays away – he’s incomparable.

But Idol pulled out all the shameless stops last night, saving for last the Sob Story to end all Sob Stories with the introduction of Lazaro Arbos, a 21 year old Cuban-American, who stutters, sings lovely, and has such a sweet and shy disposition about him.

That they saved this one for Audition Day #2 (usually, Idol finalists going far tend to make their debuts on the second show of the auditions – think David Archuleta, Season 7) means there’s potential there, and the You Tube video embedded here already has over 100,000 views.

I’m glad they gave us a contestant to think about beyond the judges’ panel – although I will admit: Nicki Minaj is actually pretty funny and livens up the panel (no wonder Mariah keeps throwing shade at her!). We’ll see if they can keep the same dynamic once the show goes live.

And we shall see if David’s “Almost Double” (what I’m now calling the very cute and very shy Lazaro Arbos) goes as far as David did during his season.

Oh yeah, and did I tell y’all that he’s a serious David Archuleta fan? Check out some of his archived tweets:

Picture 2

He may be a flawed version of The Voice, but he’ll do in an Archudrought! 🙂

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  1. i was so hoping for a “david archuleta twin” contestant to show up this season but thought no way is that really going to happen but it did and now i’m so excited for what lies ahead on idol!!!

  2. not even close,

  3. Don’t know if anyone will ever be able to match that inner-Archie-glow….that charisma that just pulls us in. There are many beautiful voices out there. There have been many voices that have very unique tones and something about them that makes you listen – I remember listening to Jim Morrison’s The Crystal Ship over and over because of how his voice sounded. Some voices just call to you but it is so rare for the whole person to call to you – that something that keeps you eyes directed his way on stage.

  4. This guy has the most amazing story and I was so moved by his perseverance. I really didn’t hear enough of his singing voice in this super short audition to say what I think of it overall but he definitely has my attention and I really look forward to seeing more of him this season. I think he could be inspirational to a lot of people — I know he was to me last night!

    He seems very sweet 🙂

  5. I agree,hg. Lazaro is a flawed version of David but he will do in major Archudrought. lol. This is a good AI spoiler alert: Don’t read my comment if you do not want to know and who knows if it is accurate. According to one spoiler alert I saw on the internet Lazaro Arbos is in the AI top 40. Who knows how long he last after that but that is good news. I am also going to root for him because he is a big David fan. I kind of doubt he will make the top 10 but you never know. I do think AI and the judges are really going to push for a girl to win this year.

  6. David please come this year, we need you, lol. Man of man I miss your vlogs, but most of all I miss getting so excited about your wonderful musical journey.

  7. Oopsie, meant to say please come ‘home’ this year. To add….come home because the troops have found someone else to spazz about, hahahahhahaha!!!

  8. This is kind of off topic but I can’t believe that all you read and hear about now is these two athletes: Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o. Lance is just a big disappointment. I have no idea what to make of the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax story but it seems to change from hour to hour. I kind of feel sorry for Manti but is just a strange story. I had never heard of being “cat fished” online before. lol.

    • Marie, totally agree with you… Lance what a big disappointment…just goes to show; image is just that, an image….nothing to do with the quality of the man….and I don’t know what to make of that lManti Te’o thing either. Sports industry has it’s weird ducks just like the music industry…
      Lance has fallen off that perch, just like Tiger,but at least Tiger’s golf is still not in question…what a shame.

    • i’ve been following those stories very closely. i never believed lance armstrong so his confession doesn’t surprise me too much. it must have been hard living a lie that large; i hope coming clean helps him to grow.

      that manti te’o story is just too strange. at first i was laughing at all the tweets about it but if a hoax was really played on that young man, it was a horrible thing to do.

      • I think Manti Te’o has to give some kind of interview. The story is just taking a life of it’s own and he needs to clarify some things whether it makes him look bad or not. Manti is a devout Mormon so I would think his faith might be helping him deal with all of this.

      • I didn’t realize he was Mormon. Now as I read about his dad’s involvement with this “hoax”, I’m wondering if his dad wears a cap. 😉 I agree he needs to make a statement.

        Former coach Tony Dungy put it best: “If I was still coaching and we’re thinking about taking this guy in the first round, you want to know, not exactly what happened, but what is going on with this young man, and is it going to be a deterrent to him surviving in the NFL and playing well?”

      • Yes he is going to have to be more forthcoming as it is going to effect his NFL career. Agree with you about his dad.

  9. BTW, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned that Lazaro has a new account and he’s no longer following David 😦 I feel like such a negative nelly. lol

    • hmmm….i’m not surprised. the archies probably scared him into hiding, lol. anywho, i’m not spazzing either. he had a very nice voice and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. but david inspired me to change for the better in ways that even those close to me couldn’t. david’s magical! 😉

    • He’s not? 😦 Well, maybe when David comes back, he will again…..Ya know, I was just thinking, one of the things that totally makes David stand out (among many) is the twinkle in his eyes. They’re such a gorgeous color, and they’re full of life, like he is. 🙂 And you can always read his emotions in his eyes. It’s like, even when he tries to hide his feelings, you can tell by the look in his eyes that he’s trying to hide his feelings. lol. I hope that twinkle is still there when he comes back.

      Miss him. *sigh*

    • He was tweeting @davidarchie yesterday. I tweeted back saying David was on a Mission and hasn’t been tweeting. I didn’t want him to be disappointed that David wasn’t tweeting back. He had sent several tweets to @davidarchie. I also posted David’s official site for updates and Complimented him on his performance. Others were tweeting encouraging words and Melinda Doolittle also congratulated him on a good performance.

      • Oh really? I thought those tweets to David were more than 3 years ago?? Looks like he could be tweeting from several accounts at the moment, though. I guess that will change if he goes deep into the competition. Then, TPTB will make sure to tell him not to follow D. Haha

      • Nice that you contacted him on twitter Heidijoy and told him that.

  10. I think he has a very inspiring story but I just am not sure yet about his vocals. Time will tell but good for him to get some publicity and fans out of the show. I believe a girl will win this year.

  11. Also inspired by his story and mostly felt sorry for him. Singing ok but having heard David sing BOTW , it just didn’t even come close 😦 Wish him well and hoping for a miracle regarding his stuttering.

  12. Astrid (9:42)~ “The TPTB will make sure to tell him not to follow D”. lolol.

  13. Just a game of “what if”s”. Something I think about quite a lot.

    What if David took a different path at 16 years old? What if he finished high school, graduated with his class & at the same time continued with voice & piano lessons? What if at 18 years old, knowing it was expected, he went on a mission for two years as an unknown “ordinary” young man with an extraordinary voice? What if after a two year mission, he returned and at 21 years old, decided it is the time to auditioned for AI? What if he had a new sense of purpose & maturity after fulfilling his mission for the LDS & it freed him to focus on a music career? What if instead of him leaving for his mission last March, he was blowing away the competition on AI singing songs of his choosing because at 21 he would have the confidence to do so? What if we were celebrating this unbelievably talented artist right now thinking how incredibly lucky we are to have “discovered” him? What if we were just now beginning the ride of our lives with David instead of wondering what the future will hold for him in the music industry? What if instead of tryng to find a “substitute” or a “David-Double” which IMO is pretty much an impossibility, we would have the one & only David Archuleta right here & now doing his thing as only he can?

    David is and always has been unpredictable and as much as I want him to have a long lasting successful career, only time will tell where his heart will lead him. If he had done his mission first, his religion would be a non-issue now. It would be part of his private life where it belongs. Most people do not question or care what religion celebrities are for the most part? So it should be with David & it would be if he had come on the scene AFTER doing a mission. Not many fans would probably agree and it’s a moot point anyway since we can’t turn back time unfortunately. But I wonder if David ever regrets not doing a mission first knowing interrupting his career was very risky.

    jus’ sayin’

    • Interesting post, jus’ sayin’. But the same way how he might have been the one being featured on Idol now, he also might have been the one who never made it past auditions. Or he might have never tried out because he was so focused on school/marriage/finding a job after returning from his mission as someone who wasn’t coming back to resume a music career. Anything is possible. As much as I love David’s voice, I don’t hold any illusions that AI puts people through purely on vocal ability so who knows what path his life would have taken had he not tried out in S7. So many variables. Then again, he might have gone on this year and won the whole shebang. It is intriguing to imagine all the ways things could have turned out given any season David auditioned. I remember there was some debate back in the day on if David had waited just one year to audition, if he might have won S8. idk.

      From just my personal standpoint, I’m glad he tried out when he did. I think in the long run, things happen for a reason and I wouldn’t give back any of the experiences from David since I became a fan in 2009. I also wouldn’t want to take back all the lives he changed and the good he’s been able to do in that time. While its not been the easiest time to be a fan in the past year or so, I wouldn’t trade it in.

    • I agree that David’s religion should be a non-issue but due to this mission it is not. It should be part of his private life where it belongs. David’s being away 2 years on a mission is a very risky move for his music career. The what if game I play with David is what if he had the right professional management team and the right major music label and the right burning desire to succeed in the music industry and compromise somewhat what would have happened to him. Also what if he was not so devout in his religion and the mission was not even a factor in his career? I am glad he tried out for AI when he did but not so sure about his other choices in his career. The only superstars that have come from AI so far are Kelly and Carrie. As big of a hit that Phillip had with” Home” I don’t know how he will do long-term. My guess is not great. To me AI and these other reality talent shows are just sheer entertainment now but that they create superstars is just not true. lol. It is all about the judges now.

    • I agree with Ali. I’m not sure David would make it on the show if he tried out now. There are thousands that try out every year and many good singers never get past the initial screening. AI is casting a T.V. show so they are looking for more than vocal ability. After a seventeen year old Jordin won I think AI was looking for a young male teen idol type and David fit the bill. I’ve said it before but luck and timing is a very big part of the music industry. David had that when he tried out for AI. I’m glad he tried out when he did. Also, AI is not nearly as popular now as season 7. Who knows if his career would be better starting now off AI. I think Philip Philips success now has to do with his good fortune to get the song “Home” which blew up because it was played for the Olympic gymnastic team which again was luck and timing.

      You can have the best voice, look, song and team, but you still need that luck and timing to get the appearances and radio play to make it big in the music industry. It will be interesting to see what happens to David’s career when he returns.

  14. Another what if: what if David did not have to deal with his vocal issues. His vocal paralysis was very serious and impacted his music career.

    • The vocal paralysis back story also helped him get on Idol. I also think it is the reason he has his vocal tone. It was one of those blessings in disguise.

  15. Off topic but I’ve been reading about Manti Te’o, the Mormon Notre Dame football player who it was just found out that he never actually had a girlfriend that died of leukemia. It was all a fake. It sure would have been better for him if he had gone on his Mormon mission. The story is so bizarre.

    • Grammyj, why because bizarre things don’t happen to guys that are on missions? I think that there is more bizarre things going on with some missionaries that the public will ever know.

      • Manti Te’o just did an interview last night with espn but he did not want it televised. He denies any knowledge of the hoax. I kind of believe him but he really should have met her before he was so public about talking about her. Which he admits. I think he was very naive and trusting which was not a good thing in this case. He was also protective of his Dad. Interesting story. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8859315/manti-teo-interview-leaves-incredulous-taste-college-football

      • marie, i just listened to the tape posted on that link. i also believe manit te’o. as they say, real life is stranger than fiction.

      • I guess I should have worded my comment differently. I’m sure Manti wishes he were on a Mormon mission right now instead of the harsh glare of this story. You are right strange and bad things happen in life no matter what you do.

      • Marie, poor kid, yeah, sure reminds of you know who. That sheltered upbringing unable to be just a normal male really can set these guys up for some very weird stuff. Balance is the key.

      • I agree cq. I saw the comparisons between the two and that is what makes me feel bad for Manti. Te’o. The other thing is this is nothing compared to the activities (for lack of a better word) that some of these athletes engage in. The spotlight can be harsh once it shines on you.

  16. The shame is some will never believe Manti even if he fully telling the truth now.

  17. david is like the old boyfriend, the one that ignored me and left me crying forever and even still hoping he returns someday and lazaro is like the bright shiny new boyfriend that hasn’t hurt me yet! lol

    • You have to be kidding?

      Lazaro, while a nice looking boy, there is really no comparison between the two. Not not in looks and certainly not in vocal ability. His “boy” is 21 years old. David was 17.

      I have always believed the producers know beforehand which contestants will be going through to the televised competition based on their “resumes” and background stories. For David, being a winner on Star Search didn’t hurt and of course his miraculous recovery from his vocal paralysis is the kind of story the producers look for. But what if he didn’t have a “story”? What then? I have a feeling TPTB would have FOUND something. David was good-looking, likable AND had a great voice as Simon said. He was a shoo-in, tear-jerker story or not. Of that, I have no doubt even if David may have thought otherwise at the time. I believe as the show progressed & he showed his amazing “Star” quality & potential over & over the producers were patting themselves on the back.

      Not having watched AI every year and not at all since AI7, I don’t know if I’m correct, but I don’t think there were many or any contestants who were “front-runners” or “the one to beat” during their whole season like David was. So IMO, who on AI before, during or after AI7can compare with David? No one. Not even close.

      jus’ sayin’

      • THIS “boy” is 21 years old…

        sorry for all the typos!

      • Yes, it would have been better for David on a personal level if he had gotten on AI after he graduated from high school and gone on his mission, but obviously that is not what happened. David didn’t think he was going to be chosen for AI so it was all a big surprise to him.

    • Ahh, yes David is that one true love of your life. He’ll come back to you if it was meant to be. lol In the meantime, like the song says, “if you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with.”

  18. Looking at the top 40 spoilers, I’m always a little disappointed at how few of the people that are featured on the audition shows end up in the top group. It does feel manipulative. (I know–duh).

  19. well no matter what i think it’s going to be a very interesting season and i just pray lazaro makes it to the top 10 so he goes on the idol tour and maybe i’ll get to meet him then! 🙂

    • OMG!! ***rolling eyes*** lol!

      Did I ever say things like that about David? You betcha! How embarrassing! lol!

  20. astrid- so true! 🙂 we can’t be with david now no matter how bad we want to be so we might as well enjoy lazaro!

    • Well, I’m not sure Lazaro is the right match for me. LOL But you all can enjoy him if you wish! Haha

    • cotton candy, I just hope you don’t bring your fangirl spazzing about Lazaro to a David Archuleta fan site. He probably already has a fan site or maybe you can start one for him…just try to not bring it here, lol.

  21. ok 🙂

    • I think it is OK to be a fan of another Idol or a Idol contestant or someone on another reality talent show but that is just me. lol. That was what hg’s post was about. David sure was a big fan of other Idols or music artists. Some times too much so as he did not focus on his own career. lol.

      • Nothing wrong at all to be a fan of another artist. I like many other artists, but not with the same intensity as with David. The journey with David, watching him grow from 16 to 21 (don’t count this last year since he really has not been visible) was one of the best times of my life.

        I still think, FOR HIM, it would have been better to have done his mission first. Sure, we would not have had all those amazing experiences with David, not yet anyway. But my point is what would have been the best course for David. How much better it would have been for David to be able to pursue his dreams of a career free of guilt or the unseen albatross which seemed to be holding him back. To be older, more confident and with no pressure to always feel as if under a microscope. To really be able to focus only on his career.

        How great would it be if it was David we were seeing for the first time instead of Lazaro? I can’t help but wish he would have taken care of his LDS responsibilities first. Then there would be nothing holding him back & no limit to where he could go.

      • Marie, my point exactly, sometimes I really was a little taken back by some vlogs about him going on about another artist, so having fans doing the same, just kinda gets my goat.
        I know that the post was about Lazarro and I know that there is going to be a lot more posts about other, lastest great idol…I do understand because of the David drought that conversation will be about other artists….I’m not saying it shouldn’t be…I for some reason always get a ;littel worried about the SMALL fan base that David still has disappearing altogether….ok, maybe I’ll still be here, lol.

      • I think there is a reason to be concerned too cq but I really feel it is on David and his team ( if he has the right team in place with the exception of Kari. Kari is good) to do things to keep the fans interested.

      • Marie, something might be up with new music…LadyV has hinted…let’s hope and it’s a real good, catchy song to he us fans spazzing. lol.

      • Oopsie that’s to ‘keep’ us fans happy.

  22. thanks marie! u are right i forgot, this post is about lazaro!!! 🙂

  23. jus sayin – i agree! cuz it’s like he made us fall in love with him and his amazing voice and then he left us and who knows if he’ll even be able to re-start his career 😦 he better be able to or it will be tragic 😦

  24. I’ll be the other fan still devoted to David, CQ. Not watching Idol. I did watch Lazaro’s clip and although he’s cute, sweet and has a compelling story, the voice is not even close to comparable. (IMO.) I’ll be happy if he does well for his sake, but David is and will be my favorite singer, period.

  25. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve never felt that the capacity for love is limited to one person — in fact, I think you may enjoy all those you love even more if you spread it around. If you’ve got more to focus on, you don’t spend all your time worrying about that one person who is your entire existence possibly disappearing or disappointing you. And it might help give that person time to do their own thing for a while, resulting in more balance all around.

    I think fans will come if/when David puts out good new material AND gets good promo so that people actually know it exists. Fingers crossed on that promo part lol. In the meantime, why begrudge people enjoying themselves?

    • Ali, I totally agree with you. My capacity to love is huge and I in no way limit my love for one person. Being a David fan in no way means that I’m limited to only liking him, that would be stupid. My point is, this is a David Archuleta fan site so when fans start spuing the grandeurs of other artists, it’s ok, but I don’t like it….whoever you like, I’m sure they have fan sites that you can go and post your love. I don’t mind seeing other artist being mentioned in this site (and of course it’s not up to me to decide, it’s the wonderful HG decision) it just bugs me that’s all. I do seperate my private life from this fun hobby of following David’s music career.

      • I understand what you’re saying, cq. I agree to a certain degree — obviously this is a David site so if all the comments start being about other people it kind of defeats the purpose lol. But I also think its fun to see what other artists my fellow David fans are into, to kind of get a perspective on how they came to David or how they’re evolving since they found David’s music. That sort of thing.

        Tbh when I made that response it wasn’t just to things that are being said here about Lazaro. I’ve seen quite a bit of defensiveness on twitter from David fans toward anyone talking about this guy or anyone who is deemed “the next David Archuleta”. I would think that’s a great compliment, especially if they are saying it because they like this new guy. I don’t think anyone is saying in that moment, hey this person is super awesome and is better than David and so now I can replace him! I think they’re just comparing them to something they hold to be good. People naturally look for relation as a way to understand and categorize things. But seeing those reactions and people cutting this guy down on twitter because he “could never measure up to David” kind of hit me the wrong way. Sorry if it seemed like I was focusing my comment solely on you, I just wish some fans weren’t so quick to find anyone who is not exactly like David as lacking. Differences are what makes the world go ’round, ya know? It’s hard to respond like this to those people on twitter though. 140 characters, bahhhhhh. 😉

  26. well said ali! i agree! 🙂

  27. Well, yes. I agree that we have the capacity to love more than one person. My love for David is that of a fan for singer and a great young person — I’m no teenager and I’ve got kids his age. LOL. And I do enjoy other artists, mostly outside the realm of Idol but I do like Kelly. I suppose I’d say that David’s absence hasn’t made me feel a need to find a replacement, even temporary. But I don’t begrudge anyone for feeling the way they do at all.

  28. Thought I’d post this as it pertains to David even though its about Michelle Kwan’s marriage today.


    and in case we ever forget just how talented our David is 🙂

    • Thanks for posting, Joymus and big Congrats to Michelle!! Such a classy lady. She was my favorite skater as I was growing up; I’ve missed her in the skating world.

      That David/Michelle connection reminded me of this pic:


    • joymus, thank you…THAT VOICE, GAH!!!! He belongs on stage…is it 2014 yet, lol.

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