Rainbow Remix

Thanks, Peter, for sharing the link! 🙂

It doesn’t look like a different version from the previous Rainbow video but noticed this one was posted today.

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  1. The difference is that this is on the Official David Archuleta channel. The other copies put out earlier were hacks from the Expanded Edition version posted by fans who were either: 1) Over eager to share, or 2) Thinking they were promoting David, but doing it in an unorganized and counterproductive fashion, or 3) Simply wanting attention for themselves and views on their channels.

    I think that something we, as a fanbase, should work on while David is away is getting more organized, and putting together more coherent and productive ideas on how we will promote David and his music when he gets back.

    We need a battle plan.

    • barbsmsl, love that, lol “we need a battle plan”
      Being a David fan is a nice ride, at times slow, at time contraversal, and, at times just plan exciting and so much fun…want it to be just plan exciting and fun rather than slow in 2013, lol.
      Really nice to see the official release of RMV on David’s twitter page.

    • drip…

      …Expanded version of FEE without any new music and with tape over the tracklist because they couldn’t calculate the disc capacity


      …Clown video


  2. i hadn’t watched this video in a while; it’s nice to see dancing david again.

    • Gotta be honest, this is the first time I really watched all the way through…GASP! I really like up tempo songs- and I really, really like this Rainbow remix. And, yep, I like dancing David too..

  3. I really like this video even though I have seen it before. lol. Yes, I agree that David needs a battle plan. Hope that his team has one in the works.

  4. Cut and pasted from MJ’s, the direct words of MJ Santilli (AI vampire extraordinaire)

    “LOL. You don’t need an “insider” to figure out a websites traffic. I can point you to a few very PUBLIC sites that monitor traffic if you are interested.

    Of course VFTW website traffic is down. So is mine. I’ll bet AmericanIdol.com’s website traffic is way down as well.The show isn’t relevant in the way it used to be, therefore, traffic is down EVERYWHERE.

    Rickey keeps his traffic up with SEO bait like nakeds and trashy gossip. lol.

    ETA: Unless I retool the blog successfully in the coming months, I could be gone at the end of the year too. I’m not kidding either.”

    • Glad that VFTW is going to shut down. Yea. They were beyond mean to David during the AI S7 days. What goes around comes around. lol. I think that mj does her share of gossip now on her blog to keep it going. lol. I remember the days when posters( Tess in particular) at mjs were down right cruel to David and mj allowed it. Glad those days are long over. I just don’t understand Rickey and never did but I used to go there all the time during Idol days. I do check mjs as I like to see David news and some other Idol news.

  5. omg anon! are you perez hilton?!!

  6. Cut and pasted from RyanSeacrest.com, AI and media host extraordinaire (lol)

    David Archuleta Shows Us The ‘Rainbow’ In New Video

    By Jake Updegraff
    Posted on January 14, 2013 at 1:04 PM

    David Archuleta has officially brought a rainbow to our day – literally!
    As the new season of “American Idol” approaches, what better way to celebrate than watching the former Idol runner up, David Archie’s new music video for “Rainbow (Remix)“. The Utah native released the new music video in support of his album Forevermore the Expanded Version.

    David entered the music scene with his first single, “Crush“, which turned out to be a smash single entering the Billboard Hot 100 at #2 and selling over 2 million copies. He’s currently overseas right now dedicating his time to a Missionary, but will hopefully focus on new music once it’s over! Let us know what you think of his new music video by posting below!


    Nice to see David getting a little promo from Ryan’s site. I was surprised when they posted the sneak peek and I’m surprised again that they posted the full video. A good surprised 🙂

  7. Wow. For a looooong time, they were very careful not to mention the sales figures for “Crush.”

    In other news, Ms. Halperin really goes out of her way to put a positive spin on Glambert having been dropped by his label:

    UPDATED: A rep for 19 Entertainment tells THR, “It has been wonderful working with someone as talented as Adam over the years. Through the recording process, we have seen him grow into himself as an artist and we are proud of the success we’ve had together. We wish him luck in his future endeavors.”

    • The spin that is going on in regards to Adam leaving 19R is just amazing. If Adam even does get another album with RCA you can bet it is a major 360 deal and then he is gone. It is all part of his evolution as an artist. lol. Give ti up Shirley.

    • Wow. Can she lay it on any thicker than that?

  8. That is good promo. Good to know someone on David’s team keeps in contact with a site like Ryan’s.

  9. that really bothers me how shirley went out of her way to put such a positive spin on adam’s situation(who i do like) but she couldn’t wait to spin david’s situation in a negative light. i just don’t understand these people who enjoy putting david down.

  10. Off topic but I have listened to Justin Timberlake’s new single” Suit & Tie” and I kind of like it. It is different. The song has kind of an old school r&b vibe to it with Jay-Z thrown in for the rap. I like it the more that I listen to it. I am quite sure it will be pushed for radio play as I already heard it a few times on the radio. I always wanted David to release a song with a rapper like Jay-Z in it.

  11. I like it too.

  12. here’s the new destiny’s child song, nuclear. i think i will like both new songs better when i see timberlake and beyonce perform them.

    • Both songs sound just as good if not much better than some of the “stuff” I hear on top 40 pop radio. I agree with you cq about the fan wish. lol.

  13. Re. the relevance of American Idol, over the past decade, so much has evolved in how information is disseminated. With Twitter and Facebook, shows like AI Extra, etc. aren’t as necessary because fans can talk directly to the contestants. This also means that the blogs (eg, MJ’s and Rickey’s) are competing with Twitter and Facebook to break news. I think to survive as news blogs, they need to develop skill sets like what Amy of the Snarky Archies had. She knew how to connect the dots with social media and use it to break stories (eg, Krompass interview re. Zero Gravity).

    Re. AI, they seem to deliberately invest in the show producers and judges as opposed to investing in innovation. With all the money they pull in, you can’t tell me that they couldn’t have discovered and promoted an Adele or a Beyonce. Instead, they took the selfish path — they paid themselves and promoted the less risky contestants.

  14. Re. VFTW, good riddance! I think their type of bullying is out of vogue.

  15. I doubt David will tour with some big name when he gets back from his mission unless there is a major label waiting in the wings to sign him. I remember when there were rumors that David was going to tour with Chris Brown. Of course then Chris beat up Rhianna so that didn’t happen. I never thought that was a good tour pairing anyway.

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