David’s BEGIN. in Top 3 of Latin American Music Charts

So, isn’t David supposed to be taking a break while doing his mission? And yet, he’s getting enough notoriety to actually chart in Latin America! (According to Vanidades magazine, as Kari shared on Twitter)

Is it possible that he’s entered a whole new market outside the U.S. and southeast Asia? Hmmmm…. Anyone speak Spanish and can offer a translation on what’s said about BEGIN.?


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  1. This is David’s second language and partially his first. This is a part of David waiting in the wings to happen. Fans have been talking about a Spanish album or merely a few songs for years now. His vocals are so rich when he sings in Spanish.. Right now he is totally immersed in the language we find awesome. For example, his songs “Contigo En La Distancia”. Or how about “Los Pastores A Belen”?.

    I don’t have the translation requested and I know it will appear soon, but I do know that no one will be needed to make him up to be someone else and that is something to look forward to. He will be outstanding when he returns to the stage.


  2. By the way, it is outstanding that ‘BEGIN’ is in the top 3…

  3. Wowza, so cool to see him at #3. I know he said in an interview that he wanted to record in Spanish, but the timing wasn’t right. I still think that he should of released a song in Spanish before he left, but of well, didn’t happen. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t release a song, or album in Spanish in 2014.

  4. That is good news. I always thought that David should pursue the Latin America music market. He should for sure release a Spanish album when he returns.

  5. I really like this question that Kari put on David’s twitter. Good question and I am going to have to think about this one. lol: ‏@DavidArchie
    Putting some lists of things together for David for when he gets back. What 3 songs of 2012 do you think he would like and should hear? (KS)

    • It’s difficult to choose only 3 songs and I don’t know if he would like them. i’ll choose “Read All About It part 3” by Emeli Sandé. Her album is great and she really can sing. “Give me love” by Ed Sheeran, the Live Room performance. He’s great live and the only things he needs for a live show is a guitar and a loop pedal. And for the third song, maybe something by Frank Ocean or Jason Mraz.

  6. I’m hoping that David is hearing music in his head along with lyrics for some great new songs to be written when he returns. I can dream!

  7. I don’t think the album is actually charting, but the magazine liked it, which is nice.

  8. It is difficult to choose as it is what David would like not me. He has such a diverse taste in music. For some reason I thought he might like: 1. “Ho Hey” The Lumineers 2. “A Team” or “Give me love” Ed Sheeran 3. “Home” Phillip Phillips. (not so sure about that one but he is always supportive of AI winners). I agree that he would like Frank Ocean or Jason Mraz too.

  9. Don’t know about David, but I like “Some Nights” by Fun. (they have that period behind their name, like BEGIN.), “Try” by P!nk, and anything by Kelly Clarkson, especially “Dark Side”.

  10. I wouldn’t begin to know what music he would like to hear. I would imagine after he gets settled back to regular life, he will be listening to all kinds of music non-stop, lol…I’m really thinking that he must be missing that part of his life, oh well, I guess he still can hear religious music anyway, so I guess that’s a good thing.

  11. Oh wait, maybe Broken, by David Archuleta, hahahahaha!!!!

  12. “What 3 songs of 2012 do you think he would like and should hear?”

    If performances count, I think he would have been tweeting all of us to watch Heart’s “Stairway to Heaven” tribute to Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Ctr Honors show. The vocals, the gospel choir and the musical arrangement were unbelievable. Someone here posted it a few days ago and I’ve been watching it daily ever since.

  13. Anybody besides me remember when the fanbase used to vote for David on “Twitterwall”? I just checked to see if it still exists and it does. Look who’s the #9 Best American Idol, LOL. At least he’s ahead of Cook.


  14. Begin – David archuleta.

    The album American Idol winner, David Archuleta has some of the most romantic songs that have been heard lately. David’s voice transforms classics like Bridge over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel; Angel, Sarah Mclachlan and True Colors, Cyndi louper.

  15. off topic —

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  16. I’m sure that David will like all the song suggestions that fans are giving because he appears to like a wide variety of music. I do too. I have read that music in Chile is played everywhere so I’m sure he hears music besides just sacred music as he walks the streets and goes to stores, etc.

    • Yeah grammyj, I’ve been kinda of curious about that…when missionaries are at a place that has rock, maybe, love song etc playing, what are they suppose to do, tune out the music? I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just curious.

      • Of course they can listen to music that is in the background of where they are visiting or in a store or on the street,etc. It would e hard to avoid.

      • grammyj, good so glad they can. So I just hope that David is doing his work were there is a lot of music, lol.

  17. David’s mv Rainbow debuted at #8 in Philippine’s MYX. I know that really doesn’t mean much to some people, but I really love seeing any success for David. What brings to mind is… can you imagine how much more success he would be having if he was actively promoting….still have an optimist outlook on his future music career. Meanwhile, I hope Kari has a few things planned for 2013 to keep his (small) but loyal fanbase interested.

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