At Long Last – A Vlog!

Here’s David’s “Happy 2013” greeting from earlier today:

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  1. He looks so smiley and happy and awkward there. The David we know and love!! lol
    PERFECT. ❤

  2. Love that smiling face.
    Hope that we get a lot of fun surprises form Kari and The Archuleta Team thoroughout the year…it will make the year go by faster that way.

  3. Yes, really happy & giddy and recorded a year ago! Oh my heck, David! lol

    I guess it does not matter that it was recorded a year ago though. We were fortunate to get a recent photo of him with the cards & letters he received because that may not happen again this year. At least not directly from HIM.

    The notice from Kari was rather cryptic reminding us about respecting his privacy this year.

    • Yeah, I really don’t understand why we keep getting the respecting David’s privacy message over and over. Really what can we do when he’s thousands of miles away? From what I can tell he is able to do his Mission as he wanted. The only time he had any trouble with privacy was when he was at the MTC and they got him out of there very quickly. I guess it is just our reminder to not book our plane tickets to Chile to run and stalk David in 2013.

    • Who knows what others are doing? They may be sending packages and mail directly to the mission office or other things which make more work for the staff. Probably young ones who don’t pay attention to the previous requests to send everything through Kari.

      • Yes, maybe that’s true, but I don’t see as that is even not respecting his privacy. Imo, i think that David is very lucky that he still has a lot of fans that are sticking around. I know that he is worth waiting for, but this whole thing is wearing a bit thin. No way is anyone here in the US and other countries, maybe except Chile, that aren’t being respectful….and I remember a Chile fansite saying that they would respect his privacy. Oh well, at least something to talk about…I know some fans will think that us talking about this subject is being didrespectful, but I don’t think it is and it really isn’t invading his privacy, of course, OMO.

      • Now that Christmas and David’s birthday is over there will be way less mail so I don’t think it will remain a problem. Sometimes it’s just better to let things solve themself on their own. Now we have the ODD fans wondering why we have the privacy message again. It really bothers some fans.

  4. Love the happy blog and really appreciate all of the work he did to keep us happy during his absence. I somehow missed Kari’s message– not on Twitter as much as I used to be. HG might be interested in knowing that, many days, hers is the only site I check. Then if there is news, I navigate around to the others. 🙂

  5. it is a bit insulting to be told to focus on our other commitments. i think we all have very busy lives.

    • Cotton candy, I had a tiny bit of attitude about that too, lol.

      As far as privacy: if it’s on the internet–it’s not private, if he gives a concert–it’s not private. I’ve got no problem checking it out.

      But I have had no desire to send him anything or, obviously, to go there. However, I’m glad that other fans are reminding him, by using the approved mailing address, that we think of him–I want him to be excited to get back to his career!

  6. As a fanbase, I think we tend to overanalyze and be overly sensitive about things. I’m certainly guilty of this myself sometimes! I say, though, carry on with yourself and let others worry about themselves. Why get upset over little things?

    First people got upset over Kari’s note yesterday because it was felt to be too vague and all kinds of scenarios of what it meant were flying around and then today some people are upset after she clarified. I feel for her — it must be a hard position to be in. People will always interpret things with their own slant, no matter what is said or how its “clarified”. So let them. I take in what she or anyone else has to say and then I go on with my life and my choices as I see fit. Life is too short to get discombobulated over every thing that comes along lol. That’s just my perspective on it anyway.

    • As a fanbase, I think we tend to overanalyze and be overly sensitive about things…

      I agree and in particular I’m thinking of myself. I also think Kari may be a little too sensitive. She tends to over explain in attempt to please the fanbase. With that said, I really like her and I’m glad she’s handling D’s twitter account. I’d much rather have someone sensitive to others feelings as opposed to my someone like my buddy, MelWeg. 😉

      • edit ….

        “…as opposed to someone like my buddy, MelWeg.”

      • Very true about Kari tending to over-explain. I know she’s just trying to make as many fans as possible happy but people will read into things what they want, no matter how different methods she uses to explain it. I greatly appreciate the motivation behind it though. And she’s still learning the fanbase. By this time next year, she’ll probably be an old pro at ignoring the never-ending drama lol. I think that’s just a built-in part of any fanbase. Our drama now just happens to mostly be mission-related but there was drama long before the mission came along. 😉

  7. Oh my, the snowangelzz response is perfect, as always…

    • Omg cc halo, that’s to funny! btw, what you said about the privelege of calling home for Mother’s Day taken away…is that for real or just someone’s idea of a joke?

      • I read it in one Missionary blog that they would not get to skype until next Christmas. Of course, maybe that person is wrong, or the Mission President may reconsider. To me it seems strange that they would take it away as I would think they would do the opposite and let them skype more often. It’s not like it costs a lot of money.

  8. CChalo, thanks for the SnowAngelz link. That response was great!

    Now that I’ve heard discussion of Kari’s message I have two thoughts. Yes, that was enough over the top to be insulting. And I wold bet that the message came from someone other than Kari. 🙂

    • Or … maybe it was. I have no idea. Maybe there’s something happening that does breach privacy for him or the family — something most of us know nothing about — but if so my feeling is that that person or persons should be told more directly to back off, if possible. If it’s just about online discussion, which was my first assumption, then I wish them the best of luck getting that to stop. David has always seemed to have been surrounded by controversy, and much of that has nothing to do with the fans at all.

    • How funny KH, that’s exactly what I was thinking, but didn’t say in my post–that Kari is only the messenger. It’s hard to tell if he’s somehow paying any attention to our fan antics, or not, or if people are contacting him that we don’t hear about. He sounds pretty consumed with what he’s doing in his write-up. (I feel sorry for the other missionaries, he’s like..”you too can have our success…just work harder, fast more, be more obedient…never mind that I’m a charismatic international celebrity who’s been giving concerts all over the region..” Lol. Good thing he’s actually so humble).

  9. David who?

    The website formerly known as Soul David proudly presents:

    Soul Bettye

  10. Also, can we have non-David threads until he possibly does something noteworthy in 2014? That would have to be something reported by the mainstream media, because anything short of that may constitute an invasion of his privacy. Good luck with the comeback!

  11. You know I don’t envy Kari’s job trying to represent the 2Davids. I think it is difficult at times to understand the “missionary David” if you are a fan of his music career. I think that sometimes Kari has to deal will the “don’t shoot the messenger” with fans as she is just doing what she is told to do. I think a comeback for David is not going to be easy but it is up to him and his team. I actually have no issues with non-David threads but then again I never have. lol. David is very lucky to still have fans that are so supportive.

    • Yay Marie, non David threads every once in a while is not bad, but if all the threads are not related in some way to David, what’s the point? To me, what is fun is anything that is David related, I tend to skip most of other non David related threads. If it becomes more about other artists, then I think it isn’t a David fansite anymore, it’s more like lets just post all artist we like and promote them fansite. Believe me I know that David isn’t the only good artist out there, but don’t these artist have their own fansite?

  12. Don’t worry, folks! 🙂 Even if I post a “non-David” thread every now and then, Soul David will always be a “David-centric” site.

    Me? Privilege some other artist over David?

    Not gonna happen!

  13. This is not all about David but after listening to him, he led me eventually to the video I have included. I plugged in “The Prayer” to my Bose, sung by David and Rebecca L. Then I thought that I would listen to the powerful pairing of Dion and Bocelli for the same song. I stumbled across Celine singing directly to MJ , then I landed on the following tribute video to MJ…So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did this morning…


  14. Thanks for posting the video. Nice video. David really enjoyed other music artists. He was the first one that would always tell fans to buy his favorite music artists albums or to listen to other music artists. Remember when TOSOD came out and he was telling his fans to buy Bruno Mars album and another album I can’t remember. I love Bruno Mars now. David was generous to a fault but I think it was because he is such a fan of others music. He was pushing others music and he should have been pushing his own. That is David. lol. You can still be a fan of David’s and enjoy other music artists especially with David gone for more than a year. I do draw the line at Bieber or Scotty and some others but that is just me. lol.

    • Marie, I totally agree that you can like other music artist, I have always liked other artist and still continue to like others. Yes, David is the only one that I have made my hobby to follow his career. I will also discover new talent and will enjoy them and if an artist interest me more than just listening to their music, I will go to their sites and will find out about them. My point is that I would not really like this site to be about other artist, I am glad that Hg still wants to have this site mostly about David.

    • Marie, Jason Mraz was the other artist David was promoting that day. I remember because I was mad. lol You’re right. He’s generous to a fault.

  15. Shanny, Hi there if you see this! I hope to come your direction again in 2013. Love that part of the world! 🙂

  16. Like all things, I have a slightly different interpretation of what’s been going on. I have no inside knowledge.

    I think Kari, and other advisors, basically told David that they had to do all this small stuff while he was on a mission to keep the fans interested. It kept Kari with a steady paycheck anyway. I think she’s emailing/mailing him and asking him to do stuff like pose for a photo with the fan birthday book — or whatever it was. Consequently, folks sent mail to the mission. I think some fans also probably sent rude stuff about the Mormon faith to him (directly). He probably told her to leave him alone and that the photo was a bad idea.

    I think a better way to play it would have been to basically shut his twitter down, not release LadyV songs into the ether, cheap videos, etc. Instead, go silent for two years and return with a big bang. That’s JMO. It’s clear to me that they’re trying to keep him popular in the Philippines for another crappy soap opera. They think so small I can’t stand it.

    I think the drip, drip, drip is counterproductive. I don’t see it doing him any favors, certainly not with sales.

    Happy New Year!

    • I seem to remember him saying, in one of those last vlogs, that he’d see what he could do for fans from his mission site during his absence. These were words out of his mouth. He didn’t know what he could do but seemed to indicate that he was willing if he could work it out. This doesn’t indicate to me that he was following someone else’s advice.

  17. Not even going to comment on the rest of that … but this!! >> ” I think some fans also probably sent rude stuff about the Mormon faith to him (directly). ”

    Wow! Call me naïve but the thought that that might happen never occurred to me. I sincerely hope that is NOT happening. Whether you agree with his faith or not is not even the issue. David himnself in NO WAY deserves that and the thought that something like that might happen makes me truly sad.

  18. that’s why this is all too confusing! we are supposed to support him and promote him but also forget about him and not say the wrong things(whatever that means) at the same time? how is that possible? pretty soon people are going to be afraid to even mention his name on FB or twitter for fear of not respecting him. there must be weird stuff going on that we are not aware of 😦

    • I agree. However I don’t think we should take any of this very seriously–it’s just us talking amongst ourselves. More than that isn’t really our business.

  19. Instead, go silent for two years and return with a big bang.

    I agree.

    • That is assuming that David can come back with a big bang after being away for 2 years with basically no communication with fans or the music industry. That is a pretty big assumption. As much as I am a huge fan of David he did not leave to go on the mission when he was a big superstar selling millions of records. ” there must be weird stuff going on that we are not aware of”–Isn’t there always. lol,

      • Generally I would agree with you but there are one or two idols falling upward — one who was out of the spotlight for a long time. How they’ve gotten their big opportunity, I have no idea (although these opportunities didn’t necessarily pan out in the end).

      • Just out of curiosity what Idols are you talking about? The Idols that have been the most successful have always been in the spotlight and working on their careers like for example Kelly and Carrie.

  20. I think having his name out there,bad or good, is way better than forgetting about him altogether. He’s going to have a real hard road to climb when he returns anyway you look at it, imo, it will even be harder if no one gives a dang about David Archuleta.
    Oh peter, to late going silent for two years, it’s less than that now, not unless you think he should be silent for several months when he returns, also.

  21. I don’t think for a second that any advisors had to tell David to do things in advance for fans while he’s away. I think he was the main impetus for that because that’s how he has always been. Why would that change when he decides to leave on a mission? Especially when he’s expressed that he very much plans to come back to music as a career?

    I also don’t find the release of stuff while he’s away being counterproductive. It does not expand his career but it certainly doesn’t diminish it. It serves to keep the diehard fans engaged and doesn’t effect anything otherwise because pretty much no one else knows about it lol. So it is what it is and it serves its purpose. Actually, to the vast majority of the world, if his stuff gets the right promo it needs when he returns to his career it will be like coming back with a bang after 5 years because there hasn’t been any real promo since the first album. So there’s a big bang for ya. 🙂

    • Agree that when he comes back, if he does something big with big promotion, it will have the effect of a big bang to all but the diehard fans, who knew about the soap opera and other albums. I’m so thankful for the soap opera and other albums and am glad that someone thought of us, the ones who’ve been here from the start, during his absence. My feeling is that that directive came largely from David because thoughtfulness is a big part of who he is, and the gesture was thoughtful.

      Besides, the only ones who’ve ever said they wanted David to be some big thing IS the fans. David never said that. In fact, he said during Idol that he wouldn’t want to be that big (he mentioned Britney Spears.) I agree with him — the cost for that kind of career is too much. I’m happy with his choices as long as I can access music and concerts.

      • KH, granted he doesn’t need to be big to have a career as a singer, heck, there are plenty of singers out there making a living, but are not famous. I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan that wants for him to have a very successful singing career and of course, fame does come with that kind of career.

    • “…he very much plans to come back to music as a career.”

      Ah, if only it were the music that fans were bothering about. And if you don’t see selling less than 25k albums after 6 months as diminishing, then I don’t know what to say.

      • Lol you are clearly twisting the meaning of my words. Yes the sales of BEGIN were smaller than TOSOD. Just as TOSOD sales were smaller than CFTH. Just as CFTH sales were smaller than the first album. None of those diminished sales had a single thing to do with releasing stuff for the fans while he was off on a mission, did they? They had to do with a great number of factors but that wasn’t one of them.

        My comment was that the release of material why he’s gone is not counterproductive and is not diminishing his career in any way and I stand by that statement.

  22. i wish some people posting here would go silent period.

  23. Ali, on earlier threads you were bashing your head against a brick wall. Now you are saying sales are in the tank but the online fans are fat and happy and gossiping away on the fan sites and demanding treats every other day. All’s well!!!11!!!

    • You never answered my question Anon. lol.

      • Kelly and Carrie are not falling upward. They are soaring and have been for years. I can’t believe you asked that. I’m talking about idols who have gotten a musical TV show and a musical movie.

      • You are right. I can’t believe I am actually asking you a question. Why bother? lol.

    • I will reply to this since its addressed directly to me but then I will decline from engaging you again because you are very much correct that I did resolve to stop bashing my head against a brick wall and you are that exact sort of brick wall if I ever saw one, Anon.

      David’s sales were low long before he decided to go on a mission. That is the point I was making in my previous post. You can try to twist it however you please, that’s up to you. Those sales numbers have nothing to do with his online entity continuing to be active while he’s away. It is David’s decision to release material (music, video greetings, etc) for the fans and its one I’m grateful for. Yes, it gives fans things to talk about and it keeps them engaged. Hey, it even brought you here to spread your own special brand of joy and light!

      The career decisions that will need to be made on his return are many. I have no control over them so I can only hope for the best.

  24. One problem with going completely silent is that it would leave a much greater curiosity about his current activities in Chile. To fill the vacuum, all of the focus would be on his mission. I think it was very wise to plan “diversions” for the two years. His fans are not the type to just let things be–just look at all the online polls he’s won since he’s been gone.

    Delayed reaction: “Also, can we have non-David threads until he possibly does something noteworthy in 2014? That would have to be something reported by the mainstream media, because anything short of that may constitute an invasion of his privacy. Good luck with the comeback!”….

  25. The point is that you do try to keep David’s diehard fans interested if you can while he is away. That to me is just common sense.

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