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After making a devasting announcement (to fans) about his plans for a 2-year mission, we pretty much prepared for 2012 with thoughts of not hearing from David in any fashion.

Well, surprise, surprise! Not only did David give us a nice send-off as he left for Chile, but he coordinated with his team some marvelous gifts that he left behind.

I can’t help but feel that if this considerate, charming, and caring young man can work so hard to leave behind music (among other things) for his fans in 2012, then he’s also got other things stored up for us in 2013. Maybe not the same volume but who knows?

So, here’s an opportunity to reflect on the surprising Archuyear that was 2012 and to take my latest polls! 🙂

Thanks for participating! 🙂


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  1. Great polls Hg. I know I said I was going to step back for a while, but just want you to know Hg that I’m still here enjoying your wonderful post.

  2. Nandito Ako! Loved the song and the soap opera. Re. the last poll, 14 people are CERTAIN that David will release new music. I sure hope they’re right! 😀

  3. I was in my local Sears store today and guess who I heard. David singing SBL. It was great to hear him and that bouncy pop song that should have been a hit single. lol. On the previous thread there was mention of a rumor about David going to BYU-Hawaii after his mission. I would not blame anyone for going there. Sounds like a good deal to me but I am aware it is just a rumor. lol. If I was younger that is where I would want to go to college. lol.

  4. Thanks for the polls HG! Too bad Wait just missed the cut off for video of the year — that’s totally my favorite. I look forward to seeing what David has prepared for us for the upcoming year. This year was definitely a surprise.

    My resolution for the new year is to stop beating my head against a wall. Still working on that one but I have faith that if I keep working on it, I’ll eventually get it down. =)

  5. Hi David fans! This is my first time posting here. I seriously doubt that David would go to BYU Hawaii.

  6. Fun polls. I notice I often vote for unpopular stuff. lol

    Regarding the last thread and comments about D going to college. He actually said he wanted to in an interview while he was in the Philippines. Does anyone remember that? I’ll try to look for the article. Anyway, you all know how forthcoming he is when he’s in Asia so I believe it. Time frame is anyone’s guess of course.

  7. Thanks desertrat!

  8. Regarding our controversies, I had a commentary sent to me on Facebook that I thought was interesting. The commentator, named Vsauce, says the the internet can isolate us, which you might not think, because we are exposed to new and different viewpoints, but it also allows us to find and associate only with people who think exactly like we do. He says, “We need to be mindful to keep exposing ourselves to weird ideas that we don’t like, because otherwise…it’s not fun.” So hopefully some of mine and other’s weird ideas keep things lively.

    • cc, I completely agree with that. I actually somewhat enjoy the dustups and disagreements here. I like to hear other opinions besides my own. I have even been known to change my own opinion about something by being exposed to another way of thinking. Actually, the only thing that irritates me is when someone wants to tell me/us what to think/talk about. I enjoy your comments, cc.

    • He always works hard at whatever he does. Of course he would set a Missionary record in his area. I was waiting for the picture of David in white.

  9. David looks good in those pictures.

  10. He looks younger and thinner than how he looked at the Devotional Concert. Wonderful to see him though. Thought it would be a very long time before we saw him again so this is a nice surprise!

  11. LOL 🙂

  12. Thanks HelloGorgeous! Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

  13. Happy New Year! and Great poll HG! Always interesting.

  14. Happy New Year HG and all who comment here. I love reading what all of you have to say. And I do mean ALL!

  15. Happy New Year to everyone at SD.

  16. Happy New Year to everyone at SD that lurks and comments. Thank you Hg for making this site such a good place to express my feelings. Hoping that 2013 brings health and happiness to everyone and in a fun note: hoping we get some new music, and/or, lots of fun goodings from Kari/Artchuleta team.

  17. Interesting exchange between Kari and a fan on twitter today:

    Daniela ‏@Danielammz
    @kariontour @DavidArchie Please, tell me that David will do a Tour when he returns.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @Danielammz I would say 99.999999% you will see that!

    That’s alotta 9s. 😉

  18. That is very welcome news. Now if we could just get congress to do their jobs so we don’t go over the fiscal cliff. It looks like we are going over it but hope they work it out in the next few days.

  19. Another sweet gesture from our David!

    • David actually sent a picture to Kari to tweet to us. That’s great. He really looks happy and healthy. The other good news from Kari is that David is going to tour when he returns in 2014.

    • my how his eyes sparkle and his skin glows! 😀

    • Awww, hello David!! 😀

    • ok, wierd question, but what is the black around the edges that looks like marker?
      And, yes, very nice gesture. David looks healthy and happy.

      I think I signed that card, if it was the one started by @Shell_eeeyyy
      on Twitter. I wondered how he was going to get it. lol.

      • That’s just a photo filter, like what they have on Instagram. It’s just an effect to add to pictures. I’m sure that David just sent the picture and Kari added the filter to it. She likes filters lol.

        And, yes, that is the card that @Shell_eeeyyy started. She tweeted a pic of the finished book before it was sent to Kari — I remember the cover.

  20. Happy New Year!

  21. Very nice surprise picture of David that was tweeted today by Kari. He looks good. Amanda should have won The Voice this year as she can actually sing as opposed to the winner who can’t. lol.

  22. In other news, one of the Rancagua missionaries says they’ve cancelled the Mother’s Day calls, so they won’t be able to talk to their families until next Christmas, and that none of the missionaries are allowed to go out past 6 P.M. tonight, because of the Chileans partying.

  23. I will never understand that. 😦

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