Happy Birthday, David!


Another season, another reason to celebrate!  Another year and another birthday!

Can you believe that we’re still here at David’s ripe old age of 22, when we were introduced to him as a young 17-year-old (and even younger for some fans)?

Out of the spotlight, and away on a mission, I hope David is having a blast for his birthday.

I imagine it is precisely because not much news is coming our way that some folks have to start debating and arguing about his choice of faith.

Honestly, I have no interest in learning more about the faith that David is currently serving while doing his missionary duty overseas, and I don’t know why some fans are so preoccupied with it (either to praise it or vilify it).

Perhaps his faith has taken David out of our orbit, but I’ve since learned to respect it because it is such a deep core part of who David is.

If serving a mission for his church makes him a better man by the time he returns to music, then that’s all I care about.

And today, at least, I hope David can fulfill his deepest wishes.

Happy Birthday, David! Here’s hoping for a productive 22nd year! 🙂

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  1. Yes, coming up on 5 years since Shop Around made me sit up on the sofa after a slew of bland performances. I thought I would move on from my season favorite like I always had, but he’s not like the rest.

    I hope he knows we think of him every day, even if it leads to a bit of squabbling at times. lol Miss him so much!

  2. Thank youuuuu for this post! 😀

    I found David a bit later than some but I’m so grateful that I did. I hope that he’ll have a wonderful birthday when he wakes up tomorrow. He’s a pretty happy guy so I’m sure he will lol but I’m gonna send him happy wishes anyway. I’m absolutely loving reading the awesome bday greetings being sent his way on twitter. David does indeed have some amazing (and hilarious) fans ❤


  4. Happy Birthday David….

  5. Hg, I feel the need to apologize to you regarding the last thread. Got carried away because I was having way to much fun. I’ll try to retrain myself in the future.


  6. Cq, like you I’m only expressing my opinion. Don’t restrain yourself on my behalf, but if others say that they are offended by what you say, I would be more reflective on why they feel the way they do and why you may think the way you do.

  7. Happy Birthday David!!

  8. Happy Birthday David! I’m trying to figure out if the cake up top is actually some type of guacamole dip. The beige/yellow frosting looks like cheese and the green looks like guacamole and I’m over analyzing this, lol.

  9. Happy Birthday to David! Hope his day is great. He may not know it, but a whole bunch of people will be thinking of him (even more than usual) all day today! I know I will!

  10. Happy birthday to David. I too hope that David’s mission makes him a better man. That is what our faith should do – make us a better person.

  11. David: happy birthday to you, my American Idol!

  12. Belated Merry Christmas to all SDers and Happy Birthday David! Thanks to HG for keeping this interesting site up and running! Just wanted to comment on the religious discussions from the last thread. My feeling is that most of the discussion that I see here assume David = Mormonism. Sure he has been raised a Mormon and has chosen to serve a mission but I think of my own life and the fact that I was raised in my religion and went thorugh the various rites of passage for that religion and that those experiences shaped me but didn’t completely define me. I don’t agree with everything and everyone in my religion’s past or present and I would be very upset if people judged me based on the history and tenants of my religion which I have a decent knowledge of but don’t even begin to pretend to be a scholar with extensive knowledge regarding the faith. I look at David as an individual who has shown at a very young age to be open to people of all faiths, ethnicities and nationalities. He treats everyone he meets with respect and enthusiastically goes out of his way to help those in need. If I were him and people judged me as a part of some larger group that I couldn’t nor would I ever be able to control, I would be very upset and discouraged. All we can do in this life is show people who we are by our individual actions. So I am saying that for me, from all that I have seen, David Archuleta is an exemplary human being who should be judged on his actions and merits alone. Thanks for listening!

    • This is true. I was over 40 before I could look at the religion I had been raised in and was very devoted to, and see it for what it was–both the good parts and the parts that didn’t make sense.

  13. Very Nice Comment- swissmountaineer

  14. Happy 22nd birthday, David (and to my son, too)!

    Cq, the fact that you were “having way to much fun” bashing my religion, (and David’s, momjulee’s, etc.) at Christmas time tells me quite a bit…

    • Wow, didn’t think I was bashing, just given my opinion. Yes, it was very different from yours, the fact you feel I need to keep my opinions to myself tells me a lot about you too. Any way I’m done talking about this, imo, David could worship a rock for all I care. The only thing that interested me about following David and being a part of his fan sites, is that I feel deeply about David’s phonomenal singing talent and I’m so enjoying the singing career ride.

      • Cq, I sincerely apologize, after re-reading, I realize I have mixed you up with another poster. Your comments about the LDS religion, while not real positive, weren’t as negative as the ones I was thinking of. However, I never said you need to keep your opinions to yourself, just that the fact that the last thread was “fun” for you said quite a bit. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just feel we all need to be respectful as well. I’m not perfect, and I do try to be respectful, but If I fail, feel free to call me out on it.

    • Utahmom, Christmas time is a particularly lonely period for some folks. If I were you, I’d lie low…New Year’s Eve is right around the corner.

      • So it’s okay for everyone else to voice their opinion, but not me? I need to “lie low”, but no one else does? Don’t you realize that all these anti-Mormon comments could be hurtful to some of us, instead of being “fun”? Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything, as it was knee-jerk reaction, but it hurts to hear that something I believe strongly in (as does David), being vilified so often and it being acceptable.

      • Anon: I know I should not feed the troll but you just love to stir things up don’t you. Will the real anon please stand up. lol.

  15. Cq, honestly I always look forward to what you say about Mormonism, for a good laugh. LOL. I don’t think anyone here tries to silent you. It’s just that your opinions reflect who you are as a person, and that’s something I suggest you to ponder upon….

    • So you are saying that just because I commented about your religion in a negative way, I’m a bad person. I never told anyone that they were a bad person for thinking differenly then I do. Why you think am a bad person is very hurtful.

  16. I sincerely apologize if that’s how you felt, even though I have no idea where you got those assumptions.

  17. So happy that David is off doing his thing…performing beautiful music, meeting new people, testifying (as HG would say), having new experiences in a foreign country and learning a new language.

    Happy 22!

  18. I am really excited about how fluent and confident in Spanish he is going to be when he returns. He will be able to go to industry events for hispanic artists and know that he can now converse with them and not have to say “I am half Honduran but can’t really speak Spanish”. He will be really happy!!

  19. It is good to know and be fluent in another language (specially Spanish). Being bilingual is a big plus in any job now and that sure does includes the music/entertainment industry. Hey cq : Life goes on and I would not worry about it. I think that most of us (but not everyone) that post here just want the best for David and for him to have him have a great music career. We just might disagree on what is the best way for David to have that successful music career if he even wants it. I am not just referring to his mission or religion either. The need for a major label and professional management issues (which I think he needs when he returns) also seemed to cause disagreement among fans. I know all don’t agree with me. lol.

  20. I just saw that David’s fans were able to get “Happy Birthday David” to trend on twitter for a very short time. I don’t have twitter but great effort by those fans that do. Way to go fans.

  21. swissmountaineer,you are so right about david ,thanks

  22. ok guys just my openion,but i don,t think when cq said she was haveing fun it wasen,t bashing lds,it was our bavk and forth conversion,

  23. This was David’s day, his birthday and this is the way he was honoured? Even though he is devoted to God in his lifetime, chatting about the label of his faith at this time, on his day of celebration was wrong any way you look at it.

    Now this is another day, his special day has passed, so have the floor, take it away.

    He has never placed his religious views pertaining to his religion on anyone. If others would just follow his example.

    David would be who he is in any religion his family was part of. We see the good, he does the good as a wonderful humanitarian and that is what he has expressed as his life’s interest. He has always let us be each to our own ways respectfully.

    People didn’t want his privacy interrupted by seeing pictures or hearing a story about his singing at a devotional, but those same people invade his privacy by discussing something so personal to him as the details of his faith. It all being said in an argumentative way. There used to be a balance but without him here, it has gone way out of control.


    • There has always been times throughout David’s career when fans would disagree and things would get almost out of hand on some of David’s fansites. When David was here what would happen is that David would put up a vlog or have an appearance and everything would be okay again. Now that David is gone we don’t have that. I think the David fansites will be less and less active in 2013 because there just won’t be that much to discuss with David gone and pretty much silent in Chile. I think it actually is surprising that there has been as much on the fansites until now. I think 2013 will be time for us ODD fans to pursue other interests. We shall see what David’s team has left for 2013 and then I hope David goes for his music careers in 2014.

    • He has never placed his religious views pertaining to his religion on anyone.

      Isn’t that what he is doing right now? Isn’t that the whole purpose of his being in Chile?

      • he has never placed his religious views pertaing to his religion on any one ,thats true in his social life.but in chile its his personal life of which he is entiled to do

      • Look, he has a tough way to go, no matter how you cut it. You are correct Peter, and also Ray is correct. He has tried to separate his professional, public side from his personal faith and actions. I admire him for following his heart. . A person has to do what they feel called to do, or it will bother them, and they will not be really free to focus on other things.

        But, the reason he is not around furthuring his musical career, is his faith. He has never tried to force his views on others, and has always shown respect to others. However, among other roles, I assume, such as service to the community, on a mission is outreach. If you believe you have something valuble to share, you don’t keep it to yourself- you share it. That is what all religions do, and all missionaries do.

        Honestly, I adore his voice, his talent is beyond amazing etc… but I also have other artists that I like their music, that I think highly of, but I don’t go on their fansites, or follow their movements, or watch their vlogs etc….it was more than that that has kept me interested in David all ll these years. It was his personality, his outlook, his realness. And, while I don’t share his faith, to say that it is not something that is a big element of who he is, is not rational. So, to hide his religion, is not consistent with who he is- but to promote it to his fans, who are there for his music,
        is also not consistent with who he is.

        So, in following his heart, it did put his religion into a spotlight. I don’t know what advisors told him, but I suspect this was a discussion. But we all know, at the end of the day, he does what he wants, and is not in this for fame or fortune. So, I am back to admiring him for making a tough choice.
        Yes, people will move on from this topic I believe, when he returns. I also believe he will return with new insights, and outlooks, and maturity.

  24. I have to agree that 2013 looks like there might not be much to discuss as far as David’s career goes as he is away in Chile with no direct communication with fans. David is silent. The fansites will be less active. That is up to David’s team to worry about not the fans if he wants a music career when he returns. Kari has a tough job ahead of her. I think that is why there is a need to discuss other topics on David’s fansites and I do not necessarily mean religion. Although I have no issue with discussing it or not. I have to be honest. I think it could get boring to discuss just David topics when he is away for over a year but I just don’t care one way or the other. JMHO. I follow other music artists ( although not like I did with David) and yes I watch all those reality talent shows (even if they are not that great) and have an interest in politics although that can be a hot button topic too. lol I became a fan of David because of AI so I will still watch it.

  25. 2013 will be interesting, GrammyJ. I’ve been pleased to discover that I can explore old interests and find new ones without losing one bit of admiration for David or his talent. If I’m physically here when he returns, I’ll be here in every other way too.

    About the debate: sometimes I’m bothered by discussions, but this one didn’t get to me. People just need to talk about their hopes and fears and when it comes to David’s religion, there are a lot of questions. When he is around, just seeing his happy face in a blog tends to help, as GrammyJ mentioned. But another way for our LDS friends to look at these discussions is this: David is in Chile to talk to people about his faith — to convince them that his way of life/believing is worthy of consideration. If reading from-the-heart discussions from the non-LDS who truly care for him isn’t a good way to gel thoughts, I don’t know what would be. (I know he’s not reading these blogs currently, but … people often mention that he’d be ashamed or upset if he did. And maybe it is normal to feel hurt and get defensive, but if we can all take a step back we might see that we are operating from a core of caring.)

    Just my .02.

  26. Nice thought provoking comment KH. I agree with you.

  27. I don ‘t believe that anyone has invested that many years of their lives into David’s short career so far, to not be able to continue to function with other interests. We don’t need new interests when most everyone has common interests already.

    We have no idea that 2013 will have less of David. His appearances in Chile are increasing and if one thinks that that is going to stop, well it isn’t. When you listen to the last outdoor Christmas concert, that was a huge surprise to us, you see he is singing and held in high esteem. He sounded wonderful. If musical performances continue like that, then I will be so pleased. The chills are still there when he sings. The duets are wonderful.. This is the Celine direction, the Josh direction, the classical direction and he is capable of different directions. Don’t you hear it? See it? Stunning really…


    • I’m sure he will continue to sing in Chile. It is a good way to get new investigators. I hope they have him sing more and more. It is David’s best way to witness IMHO. I doubt we get any more videos until next Christmas. Videos only seem to be allowed for big outdoor concerts that are also live streamed. I was very happy that we got those videos as I wasn’t expecting it. Who knows what else David left for fans for 2013. He always surprises me.

  28. Kelly Clarkson’s 5th studio album, Stronger, has sold over 1 million copies. I always thought that David and Kelly were the best vocalists that came off of AI. I still do. As a fan I always wanted David to have the success that Kelly has. She is now very happy in her personal life and stayed true to herself but has a successful career in all different genres of music and music charts. Pop, AC,HAC, and now country. I still I have that hope for David but it is up to him not me as a fan.

  29. Peter – Until he knocks on your door I wouldn’t worry about it. (jk!) David has clearly said that his mission is separate from his career – that he is taking a break from his career to do this work. The people in Chile have said that he is nearly unknown there so I don’t see where he is using celebrity status to recruit new Mormans if that is what you are worried about.

    • I’m not worried. It’s just that people tend to forget that he is there to proselytize.

      • O my god he,s proselytizing ,what a bad thing he is doeing, O man he goeing to courupt all those people in chille what should we do about it

      • Of course David the missionary is in Chile to get people to be baptized and join the Mormon church. That is the goal. He believes that will help the people he talks to in Chile to have a better life by believing in God.

      • I was just wondering why people keep saying that he is not trying to impose his religious beliefs on others, because that is what he is doing right now.

      • I have read the missionary blogs, including one from a family friend. One in Chile a few months ago said that he had had a bad and good week. Very good, because an event he planned worked well, and bad, because his recent convert, a young woman, was found by her teenage sister, having committed suicide. The woman and her mother had been fighting over the conversion, with the mother strongly opposed to it. Proselytizing by young, clueless kids is not without its pitfalls and unforeseen consequences.

  30. Over 80 percent of people in Chile are religious, and most are Catholic, so he’s got to work on the few agnostics or atheists, presuming they’re willing to make such a large leap.

    • Speaking of what we can expect from David in 2013 or what his team has planned? Probably not as much as we got in 2012. Unfortunately.

      The talk about his mission work being what he considers a private matter and apart from his professional life & career brings up an important point. When he performs in mission events, he is working as a missionary, not as a star for the fans. The fact there were fans attending the events with no other intention but to see David perform, then one fan posting the details of the experience, was in a sense intruding into his missionary work. Yes, he was gracious as were the senior missionaries, however if his missionary work is considered private, then I suspect he may not perform in as many events in 2013 as we hope. Why? Because as long as he is known as Elder Archuleta, he is first & foremost an LDS missionary whose sole job is to convert & baptize as many people as he can. That is what these young missionaries do. They leave their lives , loved ones, and in David’s case, his fans. Now he knows his work and time as a missionary can no longer be a private matter if he is performing on stage. It negates his sacrifice.

      Personally, I feel he should perform in as many mission events as possible with fans attending taking videos and recapping. Of course this is wishful thinking even if it will only help him when he returns full time to his career and his time as a proselytizing missionary for the LDS comes to an end. It can’t come too soon.

      • “Why? Because as long as he is known as Elder Archuleta, he is first & foremost an LDS missionary whose sole job is to convert & baptize as many people as he can. That is what these young missionaries do. They leave their lives , loved ones, and in David’s case, his fans. Now he knows his work and time as a missionary can no longer be a private matter if he is performing on stage. It negates his sacrifice. ”

        Interesting point.
        Because if you are the Church and trying to use his talents, and touch alot of hearts, using David’s talents, is the way to go- but judging from the number of hits on you tube of the church sponsored holiday event, it does contradict his goal of having a private/personal mission experience. A bit of a delima-

        I don’t think it negates the sacrifice at all- but certainly lifts the veil of privacy.
        Again, this was probably a consideration, but I don’t know if there are any roadmaps for his situation and I am sure everyone is trying to do the best to walk some lines.

      • Going from his shiny eyes at the devotional, I would guess that he was very happy to be doing it. I doubt he will cut back because fans are attending. I think the sacrifice talk was mainly about his decision, not about the details of how he works with his group to attract converts.

  31. I am certain that David presents himself in a kind and caring nature. I have no thoughts that he is pushing anyone into anything that they do not understand or accept. Every elder has a different personality and you can’t claim him to be like all the others or all the others like him.

    No matter what he is doing, he is respectful and considerate. These are traits that need to be remembered when passing judgement.

    You can have a terrible rainstorm with damaging winds. But the rain was needed and helped the animals, the crops. There is so much good derived from what seems to be terrible and people are going to have to wait and see about that. I can see the good even now.


    • I would much rather have David in Chile sharing his faith with others than leading a selfish life doing drugs, womanizing and booze which happens with some rock stars.

      • There are other choices in life other than these two extremes.

      • Doubt David would ever do that even if he was a “rock star”, which he is not, a “rock star” I mean. lol

        I can think of better, more rewarding & inspirational things David can be doing to make the world a better place for mankind other than proselytizing to Chileans.

      • Obviously there are many choices he could make just like we all make everyday. Do any of us make the correct choices everyday. Of course not as we are all human. I guess we need to give David a break. It’s his life and his choices.

    • I agree with everything you say, SB. A little while ago, I watched a pre-election show on the Mormons, in which a young man wept as he reflected on his mission in Mexico, because he was so touched to have been able to have that experience of helping people. This man was in the chorus of the Book of Mormon on Broadway, is gay, and has very much left the church (I know the last two things from another source).

      It’s an interesting issue, but I do agree with eyeswideopen, that there are many ways to serve poor people.

      • P.S. I want to make it clear that the TV interview was done long after he left the church, so the point I was making, was that he was still moved, years later, by his mission experience.

  32. eyeswideopen would you consider his work more worthwhile if David were a missionary of another faith?

    • Perhaps I’m being naive but to my way of thinking, David was already doing something worthwhile. Ask the fans he helped from the throes of despair. Ask the fans he gave hope to when there seemed to be no hope. Ask the fans who were given the courage follow their dreams. He did this and so much more by using the gifts he was given, his voice, his humility, his compassion. He was sharing himself and his gifts in the way I believe God intended. He was already on mission.

      I expect great things from David in the future in music and songwriting. Everyone celebrates the album BEGIN. but David has written or had a hand in writing some fabulous songs which if you listen, can change lives, not necessarily change their faith but change their lives by giving hope through music and lyrics. The songs that helped me have the courage to change my life was “Somebody Out There” and “Desperate”. He was 17 when he co-wrote SOT and recorded Desperate. He was 15 when he wrote “Falling”. These songs are about being in darkness and finding hope. David does this with his voice.

      I won’t start another debate about the negative aspects of Mormonism. Suffice to say, I have never been happier, freer and more at peace than I am now.

  33. I’m just wondering how many good works are people doing that are criticizing David for what he is doing. Maybe you all do a lot, I don’t know. David is doing what he feels he has been called to do.

  34. Raelovingangels,

    It most certainly does negate the sacrifice he made by “Putting music & his career on hold for the Mormon Church for 2 years” as the media put it. It seemed a huge sacrifice which few artists would ever think of making. Especially since David was still in the beginning stages of his career as he had not reached the worldwide status of “Superstar”. However, David performing on stage, doing what he loves, even if it’s in service for the church, the sacrifice is not as huge as it first appeared. If he continues to perform in open to the public events, where is the sacrifice? This is why I think we may not see many performances by David this year.

    The real sacrifice he made was to leave a career which appears to be not only his own means of support, but his family’s as well. How many other missionaries can say the same? Most have parents who fund their missions. The church does not pay for missionarie’s housing or personal incidentals. They get monthly allowances which comes from the contributions made to the missionary funds most of which are made by parents.

  35. Wow. The new thread looks alot like the last thread. Hang on while I beat my head against a wall for fun…

  36. Marie Kelly has really turned herself around with her new look and cd which is more mainstream then was before. her appearance on the AMA’s is a perfect example. quite a show. David going forward might need to polish things up a bit to catch up with her.

    interesting convo.. caught my eye.
    not that I agree or disagree just thought it really doesn’t matter all that much?
    his choice, his life, we are only voyeurs into it all I suppose.

    • Thanks for posting this video, kimak. I really enjoyed watching it. Kelly is over 30 now so David has many years to catch up to her. lol. I hope he does. I just have nothing more to add to the discussion but it is a very interesting one.

      • Marie true that.. and looking forward to every little morsel or crumb he leaves behind on that journey to 30. (oh boy I may need Geritol though)

  37. EyesWideOpen

    I believe you are referring to me when you write your opinion.
    I’ve only seen David on stage and I have talked a minute to introduce myself and give him a chocolate, that’s all.
    And I want to say also that I’ve been to every devotional and written about those experiences. I have never posted a video and I never will. Those jewels are private shall keep for the rest of my life. It is an agreement that I made with my conscience. I only write of david on stage, I never write about his work as a missionary. My presence, my articles, my ways, all that is and was monitored by the head of the Centre Jas Rancagua, Mr. McKinley.
    I have not broken any rules, I have not crossed any limit. All fans at each event there are Chilean and some of them are members of the church, and they were there before I arrived.
    I assure you that his missionary work is totally private, I have heard many stories of people who have been taking the train, walking on the street or drinking water and he has never been bothered or interrupted. The Chilean fans are very respectful, I am too.

    Gladys from Argentina.

    • Gladys,

      Perhaps you feel just a tad defensive because the reality is exactly what I wrote. It was not meant to offend you. It was to point out that David’s performances at these devotionals are part of his mission work. To think otherwise is wrong. He was not performing as David the star for his fans but you wrote about him as if he was. He was performing as Elder Archuleta in service for the LDS Church. Kari said as much but not in those words.

      I didn’t say you broke any rules or crossed limits as you seem to have a need to explain needlessly over & over. I do think because of your writings David may not perform in a public event as often as he would have otherwise because his “mission work” (performances at the devotionals) is no longer as private as he probably would like. Although I hope I’m wrong.

      In any case, I don’t wish to add to that particular drama.

      • You just did.

        He went there already a well known star. Never would I expect in this day and age, that anyone can do anything and not be noticed. I have heard over and over, ‘he is a singing star, he will be seen’. What in this earthly world does anyone expect, the impossible?

  38. Way off topic but for those of you into political humor, there’s a funny trending topic out right now: #ThingsFoundAtBottomOfFiscalCliff

  39. EyesWideOpen

    You do not know what I saw. I’m not defensive, a person who is on the defensive has done something wrong and I’m very calm with my conscience and my actions.
    I think as I can and as I want, if for you those thoughts are wrong, I’m sorry.
    I wrote about Elder Archuleta as I saw it. And you do not know what I saw.
    I just hope you have not seen the videos of the December 8, her soul will suffer a sharp fall.
    Also I like it when you interpret the thoughts of David, congratulations.

    • First of all, I actually enjoyed your recaps and was just as happy as any other fan to get something, anything about David. However, it was very much like reading past recaps of performances by David Archuleta the star. Since as a fan, that is how you saw him which is understandable. The point is that he was performing as Elder Archuleta, missionary for his church and sharing his talent with the other missionaries. The Christmas Devotional at the Santiago Temple was a different matter altogether. He was well aware his performances would be posted at the very least on youtube. Not sure what you are referring to about videos of 12/8.

      I’m not sure what you mean about “her soul will suffer a sharp fall”? Sounds ominous to wish anyone a sharp fall. You are upset but I’m confused about why you are attacking me for my thoughts & opinions.

      Peace and good night to you.

  40. David will not have his performances at devotionals cut back or cut out because someone wrote about them. His music is too beautiful and important to him to everyone, to even entertain that thought or be discontinued foolishly. They may make changes to suit themselves, but not to stop David from singing.


    • No, they will not stop David from singing and I never said that. But that is not David’s purpose as a missionary especially if the performances become a distraction to his purpose as a missionary.

      Good night to you as well.

  41. You have to admit, this déjà vu thread is pretty funny. (Hope you had a great birthday, David. Hope you weren’t hanging out at Soul David. ROFL.)

    It really doesn’t matter what any of us think, or assume, or speculate, or promote, or debunk, or mourn, or begrudge or advise. David is responsible for his own decisions, whatever they may be. He followed his heart to serve an LDS mission. He’s no dummy; he knew the risks he was taking with his career, but he went anyway. Good chance he believes in what he is doing.

    My own “assumption” is that he serves with his whole heart and is an obedient missionary; so there is another good chance he will continue to observe the tenets of Mormonism when he returns. At that point, we each get to make our own choices about following David, and some fans will have to decide whether they love his talent more than they hate his religion.

    • I agree: he will continue to observe the tenets of Mormonism. Also, I think his career will increasingly be related to — and even controlled by — his church.

  42. I really could care less what any music artist’s religion is or what their religious beliefs are unless if effects their music career. Time will tell with David if this mission does effect his career positively or negatively. There is a reason Donny Osmond did not go on a mission. He knew that he needed to focus on his music career in the entertainment industry. Actually Steve Young the Mormon football played did not go either. I just care how all this effects his music career. How is he improving his skills as a musician and vocalist on this mission? The focus should be his music not his religion and this mission is putting focus on his religion. What is the answer to that??? David and his family are taking a real financial hit with this 2 yr. mission and I hope they are prepared for the consequences. It’s just common sense and has nothing to do with hating a religion or not.

    • I agree with most of what you say with one exception: judging by the devotional vocals, his voice is doing great.

  43. Rumor has it that he will go to BYU-Hawaii immediately after his mission. Considering that many of the rumors we hear about him turn out to be true, we may have five or six more years discussing his church’s influence on his career, lol.

    • That rumor was started by a girl who tweeted months ago that she wanted to enroll there because her friend from college told her he would be doing it when he came back. I take it with a HUGE grain of salt. I remember another girl tweeted before he left on his mission that he would be enrolling at BYU-Idaho when he returns. I think maybe it’s a lot of wish thinking on the part of these girls lol. And if it does turn out to be true (unlikely but possible) I don’t see how its the church affecting his career at that point. He can go to college and make music too — Scotty McCreery is doing it right now. He was even touring while doing it. I personally think David could do well with some business classes so he knows better what’s going on with that side of his career and also some music theory classes because you can never know too much about your craft.

      • So it’s more in the “David and Charice” rumor zone, ha. BYU is a whole ‘nuther deal from regular colleges, control-wise, though I hear that BYU-Hawaii is much more laid back than the other campuses.

      • If he wants to go to BYU-Hawaii and maybe have the occasional show there locally as well, I’m totally on board with a vacation to the islands every so often 😉

        I approve of this plan — lets make it so. I have over a year to work on my beach body now. hahahahahaha

    • Sorry to burst that bubble. He may very well go on to college, but if he follows the tenets of the LDS, he will be married with children within a few years after his mission.

      • It will be interesting to see what happens. I think he will get married soon after his mission.

      • Or, four years of college may be a way to avoid getting married. Remember when he said it would probably be ten years before he was married? He was 19 then.

  44. Wow why don’t we all tell all the details of how we know precisely what David will do when he comes back. I mean, clearly we’re all insiders. We all know exactly what his entire life plan is and how he’s lived his entire life by every rule put forward to him by the LDS church, who controls every single move he makes. I bet they picked out his tight pants for the MKOC tour too. And give him a big official thumbs up for having concerts on Sundays. I mean, it’s really good to know that I’m among the experts so I don’t have to speculate on what will happen for the next 20 years or so.

    Sorry but it gets pretty old seeing people who have no idea what the future will bring come here and lay it all out like they know. No one knows. Not even David and, oh yeah, its his life.

    • It’s the nature of fan sites to speculate. No need to blow up over it.

      • You’re 100% correct, CC. I should know better than to let speculation at fansites get to me; that’s something I’ll continue to work on. Thank you for the advice.

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