Friday Carols: “Ave Maria”


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  1. Thank you Hg for posting this absolutely stunning performance of Ave Maria by our man. As much as I love him singing Christmas/hymn songs, I am so ready to get back to spazzing about fun, not so serious, maybe romantic songs. I know that is so much part of David and I do love all his serious Christmas songs, but I do listen to the fun ones more often. I’m so hoping we get a new release in 2013 that is fun, happy and with a great beat, or, I’ll take a romantic song,lol.

  2. How I love this! I listen to Ave Maria all year long when I need a David-voice-fix.

  3. Loving that David left us with music that soars, like Ave Maria and Oh Holy Night, as well as the fun, poppy gems. I heard John Legend do “This Christmas” yesterday on some show and, while it was good, of course David’s is the one I much prefer.

  4. Beautiful Ave Maria 🙂 Listen Year round. One year ago Waiting on the World To Change. Look at JR comment too.

  5. He’s good. In comparison, though, David’s singing is beautifully effortless:

  6. He’s horrible:

  7. I can’t stand her:

    • i’m scaring myself, i actually like demi’s version of this song and this is one of my least fav Christmas songs.

  8. Thanks for posting these vids Peter. I agree with you about Scotty and Demi. Not good at all. Chris does have very good vocals in comparison. Scotty has had so many appearances on these Christmas shows to help sell his Christmas album this year. David did not have half the support for his Christmas album. I guess going to college was a good idea for Scotty as he still has his music career. Can’t help but wish David had gone that route. One thing Scotty does not have going for him is having his music played on country stations. Hunter Hayes is actually the new young male country music star not Scotty. I am a Hunter fan.

  9. And we have Cassadee Pope, featuring Allison Iraheta as the backup singer.

  10. Kind of sad in a way as Allison should be singing lead vocals not backup vocals. Allison is very talented. Not a Cassadee fan. She was lucky that she got on Blake’s team and already had a fan base when she got on The Voice.

    • Also, I think the voting rules were changed mid-competition to favor her, but I’m not sure.

      • I think that The Voice wanted Cassadee to win and did make sure that she won.

      • They did have different voting rules for The Voice this year but I don’t think they changed them for Cassadee. Getting in the top 10 on iTunes gave the contestant extra points. Cassadee was the best seller on iTunes of all the contestants which helped her win. We shall see how well her first single and album sell. So far music sales for winners of The Voice have been really low. The first winner of US Xfactor hasn’t even put out an album yet but it is suppose to be released early 2013. Since none of Melanie’s singles did anything I can’t imagine the album will sell much.

        Scotty got all the Christmas TV appearances I wanted David to have. Scotty recently signed with new management which are getting him these good opportunities. My hope is that when David returns he gets that good management to help his music career move forward in a good way. We shall see.

      • Found this comment on MJ’s Big Blog:

        BTW, prior to the itunes rule change, the person with the highest itunes sales from a performance was Amanda Brown (with Dream On), not Cassadee. Changing the rules to weight itunes sales more, changed the way fans voted for contestants and completely made itunes useless as a measure of marketability. All the itunes numbers tells me. is that Cassadee should probably go country, because that’s the genre that allowed her to pick up additional fans.

        I don’t know what the change was, though. The iTunes multiple purhcases rule?

        To vote for an artist during an episode’s applicable voting period, click to download the song(s) he or she performed in competition in that episode. Each such purchase will count as one vote for that artist, up to 10 copies maximum per artist per eligible song…

      • Grammyj could not agree with you more about David needing good management ( and I might add a label) when he returns. Twangy Scotty is a mediocre country singer at best (and I do like some country artists). I just can’t believe all the appearances he is getting on TV. It just goes to show you need the right people behind you and that talent does not even really matter.

  11. Haven’t stopped in for awhile, so I just want to wish you all happy holidays.

    The local radio station I listen to at work has songs from both of David’s Christmas CDs in heavy rotation. It’s so great to hear him on the radio all the time. Except I have to fight the urge to tell my customers to be quiet until the song is over. 🙂

    • LOL, I know what you mean. If I hear one of his songs out in public, I feel like telling people to be quiet and stand at attention until the song is over.

      Off topic, I was in a Walmart last night doing my holiday shopping and out of the blue a woman behind me in the checkout line began sobbing uncontrollably. I found out she was overwhelmed and stressed trying to find the gifts that her kids/family wanted. Anywho, everyone have a peaceful Sunday and don’t let the holiday pressures get you down.

    • Happy Holidays to you too, Utahmom.

    • What songs? Do they play the Charice duet or other songs off CFTH?

      • From CFTH, they usually play the HYAMLC duet, but they also play one other song, which I’m completely spacing on right now. From the Motab CD they play both Silent Night and Joy to the World.

  12. Merry Christmas to all!

  13. Merry Christmas from Team Archuleta!! It’s a very well done video of behind the scenes from MKOC tour at Salt Lake City and it’s 14 minutes. It’s great to see David even if it is from last year. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

  14. That video was a nice Christmas gift to David fans. It was very well done. I enjoyed watching it.

  15. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone at SD.

  16. I’m looking forward to seeing that video but I can’t pull away from family just yet, LOL. Happy Holidays everyone!

  17. It’s a weird Christmas. I am sick in bed, the tree languishes in a bucket, and my children are out of the country. But, I’m happy and at peace because I just listened to David sing Ave Maria. Thanks for posting one of my favorites HG.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  18. Merry Christmas! The most beautiful time of the year!

    CAS so many people are sick this Christmas! You are not alone and if we aren’t sick at the moment we are around people who are. Plans change on an hourly basis because of it!

    David gave me a gift I will always treasure. During the CFTH tour in SLC, I was given the privilege of being able to ask him a question. I asked him, seeing he was at the piano, to sing a bit of Ave Maria…so he looked my way, smiled and sang ‘Ave Maria’ and then he was signalled to stop as it was close to the opening of the concert. He apologized. My gift, two words …the best two I could have asked for.

    Take care…


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