The Announcement: One Year Later

Imagine it was just one year ago that David Archuleta announced to the world that he would go on a full time two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Who could imagine the full on meltdown of his fanbase? There are still folks who were regulars at Soul David, folks who have virtually disappeared from the community. And then there’s this blog, one that I was so sure I would discontinue, once David said he would be gone for two years. And yet, here I am today, still, keeping on while we still can.

And sure, I miss David, and cling to the brief glimpses we might get of him – whether through shared videos or missionary blogs or what have you. In other words, nothing much that’s different from when David was HERE as opposed to OVER THERE. Except the news and bits and pieces of performances and reports aren’t as frequent as they used to be.

Consider it the new normal.

But I think, with David’s missionary absence, we really get to see who we are as a fan community. Yes, David is the center of it, but I believe we’ve been able to craft something special with each other – made possible through our Internet connection.

I don’t mind keeping this place fresh and filled with new blog posts. Even if David seems more peripheral than central, as he used to be, we forged our bonds because of him.

All I know is: it’s been a year, and some of us are still here, still loving David, still longing for new music (as hoped by many in the latest poll), still appreciative of the few gems his team has been able to provide.

Regardless of whether David can make a successful return to music after two years, he has proven that he’s still supported by a fanbase that will shore him up once the serious work of promotion and management kicks in.

Just like fans will gobble up Sade’s new album after a nine-year absence, I’m confident fans and non-fans alike will show the same love when he returns. It’s hard to know if that musical return will be straight pop or adult contemporary/inspirational or perhaps a new direction in old-soul R&B. Who knows?

But, the greatness of the Voice can’t be denied, and that we’re still here (even in smaller numbers) ready for the #2014 return, I think we and David will be fine.

Last year, the fan community exploded, as if the end of the world was upon us. Well, the earth renewed, as did the Archuniverse, and I imagine it will continue to reinvent itself.


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  1. I can’t bear to watch the video of that announcement ,with all it’s emotion. Just seeing that picture
    touches so much feeling. It’s a good thing I just watched the video of the Rainbow Remix. It’s so smiley, dancey and sexy and a way I really love seeing David. I didn’t get in to the last thread about what we’d like to see from David in the future. Though I love the heartfelt ballads, the beat and groove and joy of Rainbow shows David in such a great way.
    Love your post here HG about the staying power of David’s fans. It’s just amazing that you have kept up this blog and you’ve kept it fresh and relevant and have kept us together. It ‘s
    actually a pretty powerful thing that we are all still here!

  2. Just to make it clear, I hardly ever comment but am as strong a fan as ever. I visit three fan sites a day, this one twice. My love for David has not diminished and though my voice isn’t heard I just need to assure you that there may be more of us than is obvious–silent but fiercely loyal and grateful for your work in keeping Soul David alive with insightful posts and grateful for those who do keep the conversation going. I will try to do better.

  3. Great article Hg as aways. Yes, I’m still here to my amazement. It’s your blog and other wonderful fans that keep fansites going that help us diehard, optimist (that he will return to his music career) interested, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    As far as the announcement video goes, hearing it once was enough and even then I couldn’t listen to the whole thing.
    Let’s hope that the fan community exploded with excitement upon his return.

  4. Love this post! It’s so true.

    I love David and obviously he’s the reason I’m here but I’ve been a fan of artists before without being part of the fan “community”. For whatever reason, I was drawn into this one and I’m grateful for the friends I’ve met who have continued on to be much more than casual concert acquaintances.

    I’m really excited for what 2014 and beyond might bring but meanwhile I’m living my life and enjoying David-things and non-David things. It’s funny how different I feel from that night one year ago. Definitely in a good way.

  5. I can’t bring myself to watch the announcement video again . . . once was enough. I remember how sad I was for days last year at the thought of missing David. Not the greatest timing (IMO) for the announcement as it left alot of the fanbase so sad right before Christmas.

    I’m mostly a lurker but visit two David sites every day, sometimes more. Amazing really, with David gone, that a good many of us still do. He has that special something that keeps us devoted. Thanks again HG for keeping Soul David going.

  6. I’m still here and still strong in my belief that David will come back stronger than ever. His announcement was a shock to many, if not all of us, but I can watch it and feel proud of this young man and his commitment to his beliefs and what he feels he needs to do for himself. May he always have that conviction no matter where his path may lead.

    HG, I want to thank you for keeping your blog going. I like many of your silent followers visit more than once a day.

  7. It still amazes me how David got through that hymn after his announcement. I am here every day even though I don’t comment often. Thank you HG, for all you do for David and his fanbaase.

  8. In recent times, I have seen in David unwavering strength and determination.
    He knows that we are still here, waiting for him. He knows he is loved, but more importantly, he knows that we will wait as long as necessary.
    The last time I was in Chile see David’s eyes and saw stubbornness and determination.
    A very small example: when the devotional ends, Mrs. McKinley, David takes his hand, and try to remove him from the people. (as. security guards that we sometimes see at concerts)
    That happened in the first devotional, but in subsequent david let go of the hand of Mrs. McKinley and turned to hold the hands of people waiting for him.
    He stood next to this lady, giving his hand to all and smiling, Mrs. McKinley could not remove him from the people.
    That small gesture surprised me.

  9. hg i will always be here to support both you and david ,thanks again for keeping this site going

  10. (Can’t watch that announcement again right now, when I’m still feeling a bit emotional in general.) But I’m here, and post as Kait or KathyH or KH occasionally here, and in one of several other places. I’m grabbing back some of my life that I’d neglected and so very thankful that HG and a few others have continued to devote their time and talents to keeping all of us informed. I cannot imagine a world where David’s voice and person doesn’t completely delight my heart, so I’ll be around.

  11. I am glad that SD is still here hg. I am glad that you still continued this site. You are right. This is the new normal.

  12. Ummmmm….yeah. Still not watching. lol. For many many many reasons. I like your article, though, HG. And ITA will all of it. Since David isn’t around to talk about, we’ve had more time to learn about each other.

    I’m hoping that a lot of fans are just “hibernating”until he gets back, lol..although I know what the reality probably is. Which makes me sad to think about. But I’m sure D knew it would probably happen, so…whatdya do? lol.

  13. That is the only way to look at it vj. It is what it is. These are David’s choices and his music career and it will be up to him as to what he does decide to do when he returns to his career. I did not watch the announcement video again. I am OK with it. I just do not have an interest in it.

    • Marie, humm, I have my own theory about those choices, but I won’t share because it will probably offend some fans.
      I’m so happy that we are still here talking about him and waiting for his return, but he will need so many more fans in order to have a good music career. I really don’t worry about him not making a living out of singing, heck, just being an ex-AI will get him gigs. What I feel is that he is SO much more than an average lounge singer and I will always be optimist that he will get the recognation he deserves, hopefully soon after his return.

    • Marie (7:16)- Yep. Remember his “Decisions” vlog, when he said (paraphrased, of course, lol): “I have some decisions to make that can make or break a career”? Lately, I’ve been thinking that the mission is what he was talking about.

      • Yes, I remember that vlog.

      • I agree. I think when he parted ways with his label that was the time to evaulate if and when a mission would be right for him. I also think when Mel made statements to the fans and got all defensive about David parting ways with WEG and made statements like “he doesn’t know a good thing…. ( paraphrasing here)” and something along the line of “It wasn’t me/us, you will see” that is what she was referring to. Just my opinion.

  14. It’s crazy that a year has gone by. I’ve cut down on my David time considerably, but I’m eagerly awaiting his return. I marvel at how the fans have kept the fires burning for David.

  15. Ditto for me on everything Sweetonda said. I miss D but I also admire him for pursuing his dreams his way.

    Hello KH. 🙂 Since you outed yourself, I’ll share a pic I found of me in a newspaper as I attended the 2009 CFTH concert. I’m in the khaki jacket, lower-right. Now you know what the back of my head looked like 3 yrs ago. 🙂

  16. I’m still here as well though not as visible or vocal as before David’s announcement. Like many other fans, especially his non-LDS fans, I can’t watch the announcement & doubt I ever will again. Once was indeed enough.

    There have been a multitude of reasons for taking a “break” while David is away. Some, actually most of the reasons have been unintentional due to “real life” issues which coincidentally have come up this past year. I don’t consider myself less of a fan though, but things do come up which are beyond our control sometimes. For close to 4 years I was blinded by the light called David Archuleta & things at home went by the wayside. David taking leave & doing what he felt he needed to do gave me a reason to pause & think about all the things I neglected while being mesmerized by his magical aura.

    Another reason however, is that there have been many times when I have questioned the reasoning behind David’s decision to leave as I felt he was doing so much more “good” for thousands of people every day using his voice & celebrity to reach people versus the few people he may reach as a missionary. I realized that kind of thinking is my own personal problem & not something I could bring up on a site unfortunately without being looked down on. David is what I think of as an “enlightened” human being and an “wise old soul” but he does not have a halo over his head & putting him on so high a pedestal is, quite frankly, a huge responsibility to put on his shoulders. He may sing like an angel, and will only get better as time goes on, but he isn’t an angel. At least I never saw wings on him except in the photo-shopped pictures.

    I have my suspicions that many of the original core fanbase are still around reading the different sites which are still up, agreeing with some writings, not so much with others. It so happens I tend to agree mostly with what is written & discussed here at SD. It’s comfortable & realistic for the most part. What I like most about SD is that HG allows the readers to have an honest discussion about her articles which are well written, honest & thought provoking without being OTT.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m still here, I still love & admire David & his unparalleled talent immensely without reservations or regrets. He will always be The Voice.

  17. Gladys – so glad to read that little David story. As we all know, even though he is very polite, etc., David does exactly what he wants. How many times have we seen him over-ride instructions of security guards, and of course “works for me” is his line.

  18. Wow! So much has happened since One year ago tonight. As some of you know, I was there for the Announcement. I think I’ve only re watched it once or twice. It is still etched in my mind. HG asked me to write a review last year after attending SLC and Beaver Creek. I’m grateful that you’ve kept things going here HG and that many are here speaking, lurking, supporting.
    David accomplished so much this year, it still amazes me. Thanks Gladys for the update. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that we have been given so much and recently got the beautiful videos of the Christmas Devotional. I plan to be here to support David and feel so grateful for the journey so far.
    Blessings to all. This year has actually gone pretty fast 🙂

  19. I barely listened to the ‘announcement’ a year ago and still shy away from it now.

    I miss David not being in the position to directly (by way of twitter of course), give his heartfelt thoughts and prayers that would go out to people during such a tragedy as the one in Newtown. He is the one who sings the prayers for the children. I will be pleased when he is able to do that once again. His music heals and at least by me, is greatly missed when it would make a difference.


  20. Hi, HG: I am still here to check in several times a day. My English is not good enough so I didn’t comment. Now I am not only a fan of David but also a fan of your writing. You are nice and intelligent. Please keeping on what you are doing. Huge thanks from my heart.

  21. Bravo, Bravo HG! What a great Blog. I love reading what you write and feel gratitude for your consistent efforts in keeping SD a site so many visit daily. I miss David and his music but always feel better after a visit here.

    Like so many I did not watch the video. I can’t say exactly why….

  22. I too want to thank-you for keeping your blog up, HG. This is the one of the sites that allows free speech about David’s career and we can even discuss his mission and put up links without putting up warning labels like on FOD.

    I have watched David’s mission announcement twice. I think I can understand why he felt he had to go more than most non-Mormon’s. I grew up as a Pastor’s daughter in a conservative Baptist church and also grew up with a lot of rules that we were to follow. Through the years some of these rules have changed unlike the Mormons. Their rules seem to almost be written in stone. I’m talking about rules that aren’t specifically in the Bible like I wasn’t suppose to go to movies, dances, play cards as a child. Those rules are gone now. Anyway my point is that David was under a lot of pressure to go on a mission as that is a big rule of his church that a young man go on a mission. He has always wanted to follow the rules of his church so when he no long was under any contracts he was able to go.

    • Grammyj: I think that is part of the reason he went, but i also think it has to do with many of his friends going and telling him what a great experience they had, and it is like an adventure in a way,plus he was running out of time and knew he might have regreats later on for not doing something i think he planned for years before AI happend. Just guessing here…and HG i dont comment often but i visit almost everyday 🙂

  23. Thanks, HG for keeping SD an interesting site and helping David’s fans keep ‘connected’ while he is away. While I don’t tend to comment often, I really enjoy the ‘gems’ you post from Kari, Gladys and others and the conversations that follow!

    I can’t remember when it was that David talked about ‘building a strong foundation’—-but I wondered, then, if he was referring to a mission. David seems very aware of the vagaries of the music business and I really respect him for stepping back; looking at the ‘big picture’ of his life and making conscious choices about creating his future on his own terms.

    I can’t help but think this time away from the craziness of the business will give him broader experiences. One of the great things I enjoy about my LDS friends is that, in general, they are a bit naive, ‘sheltered,’ and very earnest–which is really refreshing for this, rather cynical, ol’ geezer. But, given the kind of music that David wants to put out, it would serve him well to see the sometimes, ugly, realities of life, first-hand. Between being a few years older, having broader experiences and having even more distance from his AI days, I think David will be well-prepared to BEGIN in 2014!

    Thanks, again, to HG and everyone that keeps the home-fires burning!

  24. OMG. She really cannot sing.

    • She sings better than Taylor Swift. Dont worry her recordings will sound good. There is auto- tune.

    • I am not a fan of Cassadee. I just don’t get her popularity but then I don’t get Taylor either. Amanda can sing circles around her and I was also a Nicholas fan. Interesting that she went into the show with a fan base as she was lead singer in a popular band ( Hey Monday). Although I had never heard of them. lol I kind of hope Tate wins XFactor tonight as he sure is not the pop singer or pop group that Simon was trying for. lol. I do think Tate has a better country voice than twangy Scotty from AI and I have to pull for the “older” guy.

      • i’m now living in scotty’s home turf. all over the tv and radio there are bojangles chicken ads to promote his tangy Christmas cd, lol.

      • oops … that should say “twangy” and not “tangy”. 🙂

      • Scotty got so much more PR for his Christmas album than David. If David would have had the publicity that Scotty had I’m sure David would have had a gold Christmas album too. Oh well that is water under the bridge. David got the opportunity he wanted to sing with the MOTAB choir and the Christmas tours that he loved. We as fans got a wonderful Christmas album.

      • Grammyj – They may have gotten a gold album for Scotty based on shipments to retailers but he is still well short of selling the supposed 500,000 units that equal a gold album. He won’t sell that many this year. Maybe next if they really push the promo again. I believe he’s still under 300k as of now.

    • Wow. She really can’t.

  25. david’s kindergarten picture! so cute.

  26. No intention of watching the announcement again. Don’t want to relive the pain lol. Will join the others in thanking you HG for keeping this site alive and very interesting.

    I like this write up from Manila Bulletin Dec. 18 re Begin album. The part “Here’s the Archuleta formula pick big hits then own them. It’s simple, it’s potent.” So true. Once the Archuleta covers a song, it’s his.

  27. Off topic: Yeah so excited that SYTYCD is coming back for it’s 10th season. My wish is to have David sing once again on this show, there was a dance to David’s imagine in another season, just can’t remember the season. It would be so moving to have a dance interpration to Broken, sigh, what a fantastic treat it would be for us fans, please Santa, we’ve been such good fans, hahahaha!!!!

  28. Just wanted to thank HG for keeping the site up and running, I read here every day. Thanks for provding an atmosphere where fans can gather and have a conversation, express ideas without being made to feeling as though they are going to you know where in a hand basket! Its refreshing to say the least! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.

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