Daily Archives: December 19, 2012

The Announcement: One Year Later

Imagine it was just one year ago that David Archuleta announced to the world that he would go on a full time two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Who could imagine the full on meltdown of his fanbase? There are still folks who were regulars at Soul David, folks who have virtually disappeared from the community. And then there’s this blog, one that I was so sure I would discontinue, once David said he would be gone for two years. And yet, here I am today, still, keeping on while we still can.

And sure, I miss David, and cling to the brief glimpses we might get of him – whether through shared videos or missionary blogs or what have you. In other words, nothing much that’s different from when David was HERE as opposed to OVER THERE. Except the news and bits and pieces of performances and reports aren’t as frequent as they used to be.

Consider it the new normal.

But I think, with David’s missionary absence, we really get to see who we are as a fan community. Yes, David is the center of it, but I believe we’ve been able to craft something special with each other – made possible through our Internet connection.

I don’t mind keeping this place fresh and filled with new blog posts. Even if David seems more peripheral than central, as he used to be, we forged our bonds because of him.

All I know is: it’s been a year, and some of us are still here, still loving David, still longing for new music (as hoped by many in the latest poll), still appreciative of the few gems his team has been able to provide.

Regardless of whether David can make a successful return to music after two years, he has proven that he’s still supported by a fanbase that will shore him up once the serious work of promotion and management kicks in.

Just like fans will gobble up Sade’s new album after a nine-year absence, I’m confident fans and non-fans alike will show the same love when he returns. It’s hard to know if that musical return will be straight pop or adult contemporary/inspirational or perhaps a new direction in old-soul R&B. Who knows?

But, the greatness of the Voice can’t be denied, and that we’re still here (even in smaller numbers) ready for the #2014 return, I think we and David will be fine.

Last year, the fan community exploded, as if the end of the world was upon us. Well, the earth renewed, as did the Archuniverse, and I imagine it will continue to reinvent itself.