BEGIN. Again

Poll time again! 🙂 I’ve found that, apart from David carols, the full album of BEGIN. is quite therapeutic during these sad yet hopeful times.  So much so that I hope his team has plans to expand and select from it. Who knows if there’s a plan for 2013, but here’s hoping there is. And not just with Forevermore.

I want more stuff done with BEGIN., which is truly a beautiful effort and gem. So, what say you, Soul Daviders? Do you hope there’ll be new developments relating to BEGIN.? Please take my latest poll!

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  1. I love the Begin album and like you, HG, I find it therapeutic. Bridge Over Troubled Water is one my favorites.

  2. I love Begin and listen to it all the time. I really would like anything to be released next year that would help David’s career move forward fast when he returns.

  3. I like Begin but I would always vote for new music from David but not so sure that will happen next year.

  4. It’s impossible for me to turn down the possibility of new music from David, lol. Hence, I chose the 3rd option. “Broken” is still my fav on the BEGIN. cd.

  5. I’m so greedy! I love BEGIN. and think this gorgeous and uplifting album deserves more exposure. When I haven’t listened to it for a few days and then return, I am always in renewed awe at the exquisite beauty of each song. But I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for some new music in 2013. I want to see that Matt Clayton picture of David in the stream of light on the front of an album cover!

  6. I believe there will be some new music in 2013 because we have that Matt Clayton photo shoot that has not been used yet for anything. There were rumors of another David original song too. Maybe and EP or another whole album are being planned. Who knows? I will take whatever we can get.

    I would really like a music video for Broken.

  7. Anything would be great from David next year. I do believe that we will indeed get something from him because I just can’t see him leaving us hanging at this point.Why would he give us everything the first year and just for get about us?

  8. grammyj…….I vote for a video for Broken, too. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album and think it would be a good choice since it is an original.

    • Spirit, Broken is just beautiful and it would make a glorious video, but I just don’t think that David had enough time to make a video that would give justice to the song. What I”m hoping is that we get a new song. From what I remembered someone (don’t know who that was involved in the whole Begin album) said that there was two original songs in Begin, but we only got one, so maybe….we will get treated to the other one next year, fingers crossed!

      • cq…….You’re probably right. Can’t imagine that David would have had time to make another video. I honestly don’t know how he found the time to leave us the treasures that he did. I also remember that a second original song was mentioned. I’m crossing my fingers, too!

      • Yes I remember hearing Kurt say two new songs in an early interview and they only included one.
        Fingers crossed too 🙂

      • Since I didn’t care for the Everybody Hurts video, I wouldn’t be optimistic about another video from the same source. I’m all for new music, especially if it involves the Matt Clayton photos!

  9. cc halo right there with you.

  10. Btw, i don’t care for the EH video, but I love David’s version of the song and listen to it all the time as I do all of the songs in Begin, except BSMS, that one is way to sad to be listened to all the time, imo.

  11. My fantasy regarding our well loved song, Broken, is that there is already a video, and that it will be released during an Invisible Children promotion.

    • Lol. That would be my nightmare. I’m not a great fan of the Invisible Children charity. They only give 31% of their donations towards helping the victims and the rest to overhead and publicity, last I heard.

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