SNL Tribute to Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

Thank you, Marie and Desertrat, for alerting me to the SNL tribute from last night:


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  1. Thank you for the video. Breaks my heart. Continued prayers for the families.

  2. Classy tribute from SNL.

  3. Actually it was both a classy and touching tribute from SNL.

  4. Our President just spoke with compassion, conviction, grace and purpose at his address at an interfaith vigil for the Conn. shooting victims tonight. I am proud of President Obama.

      • I teared up when the President told the story of the kid trying to encourage an adult by saying: “I know karate, and I will lead the way out”. Overall, the entire service was inspiring; I hope it helped the victim’s families, the first responders, etc.

  5. I just discovered that “Counting David’s Character” is still up. It’s nice going thru some of their old posts, interview videos, etc. I wonder if the former admins and regulars from there are still in the fanbase (e.g., Gallie, Tinuviel, etc.)

    Reminiscing, has anyone heard how thebeebee is doing these days?

    • That is a good question desertrat. Where are some of the regulars of some of the David sites now. Have no idea but maybe others do. Watching the voice tonight. Hope there is some way Cassadee does not win this tomorrow. lol.

  6. Off topic: have been doing some research into Mormonism because I wanted to understand why David would sacrifice (omo) the career that he said was important to him, just to try to convert a few people to his church. Oh man, I shouldn’t of gone there. It really breaks my heart to think that David really believes all of Mormonism doctrine. I will always be a fan of David the singer, his personal life is his business, but I do feel a little sad for him.

    • It is apparent that you really suffer over David’s connection to his faith, as I have noticed that the majority of your comments include negative references to Mormonism and frustration at his commitment. I have no problem with your feelings regarding his faith, as we are all entitled to our own opinions, but you bring it up so frequently, that I guess I am a bit surprised you choose to continue to follow him when it seems to cause you such frustration and unhappiness. We all have our different beliefs, and find peace and fulfillment in our own ways, and David is no exception…and yet he is the master of respecting others and the directions they choose to take.

    • cq~ I understand what you’re saying at 8:24. 🙂

  7. Well really not many of the AI alum are doing that great with their music careers right now with the exception of a very few (Kelly, Carrie and maybe Daughtry to name some of the few). I wonder where Phillip Phillips and Scotty’s careers will be in a few more years. But I hear you about the frustrations of David’s lack of a career right now. It is what it is. Nice tribute on the voice for the Conn. shooting victims. I think it is a good gesture to remember them.

  8. cq – Just like many – whether Mormon, Catholic, etc.,- children participate in the family religion and later as they grow older and live on their own, they start to question, thinik deeply about different parts of the religion, adapt in their own way, accept and not accept various teachings, stay with the religion or leave it, etc.. David is a very intellelgent guy and unlike many of the other missionaries, he has met and become friends with people of all types and varieties of personal beliefs and non-beliefs and yet he has always treated everyone with love and acceptance and respect. I see that as a good thing for a person of any religion and a great starting off place for David and his own personal growth.

    • Thank you for the great comment, you are so right. I guess my fustration comes from my own personal experience. I came from a strict religious, question nothing, just folllow religion and I of course still feel ties to it, but have stepped back and questioned and don’t follow every doctrine. What I have a problem is when you are told that if you don’t follow everything that you will go to hell.
      Lurking, I agree with cc halo, I find no respect in door to door proselytizing.

    • ITA, collegemom.

      Like cq, I was raised in a very strict religion–we weren’t supposed to use doctors or medicine (and also had the no drinking/smoking/caffeine thing). I knew of adults and children who died because of it, and yet I was in my forties before we actually left.

  9. Hi..I’ve been out of commission for a bit & am finally getting caught up on the sites, so this is actually regarding the last blog. I just…have no words regarding Newtown. I honestly can’t articulate what I feel, ‘cuz the feelings themselves keep getting in the way. And I don’t know who to direct my feelings toward. The only thing I keep thinking over & over is…”Why did it have to take something like this for people to finally wake up and say ‘Enough’?”

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