Friday Carols: “Silent Night”

Is there any other performance sung more exquisitely than this?


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  1. Hg, In my opinion no one can touch David’s version on this , it is just exquisite!!

  2. Yes Hg and potluck8, I totally agree: EXQUISITE!!!!

  3. One of my favorites:

  4. Thanks for posting this video Peter as I had never seen it. Great video. My heart goes out to all those effected by the school shooting in Conn. Horrible tragedy. So sad for those innocent children that were killed today.

  5. Now when I listen to this version of “Silent Night,” I weep. What a sad, sad, sad day today. 😦

  6. OK, going to listen to Silent Night that takes on another meaning tonight. Thanks David and Richard for an arrangement that will give you pride for a lifetime.

    • The singing is exquisite, and the arrangement is exquisite. I will never for get the first time I heard David sing this version of silent night.

      • I have to agree, Richard’s arrangement is stellar. Just enough changes to the original to make it special, but not so much that the heart of the song is changed. This is my all time favorite that Daivd dones. He simply brought a song that I had heard and sung thousands of time, to life.

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