Navidad (with David Archuleta)

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  1. The gifts just keep on coming. Eventhough the whole program is nice and Rebeca has a nice voice, I would rather just have the songs David sang in full alone, of course, other than the duet. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take what I can get and I do love the HD quality to the video.
    Makes me even more excited for him to get back to his singing career.

  2. Very nice video. David looks rested and healthy in the video. Good to see that.

    • In the photo with the woman with the green VIP lanyard (see TDC) you can tell he still is having the problem with his left eye turning red, and is a little weathered, but his voice is better than ever.

  3. With the shorter hair and serious look, David looks more like his brother and his maternal granpa.

    • David has a combination of his mom and dad in his looks. IMHO he looks better with his hair longer. He looks even younger with the short hair. It is another one of the mission rules that seems strange to me.. It seems like a lot of the dress code was made long, long ago and never updated. Who wears white shirts and ties any more. They definitely stick out.

      • I agree with you Grammyj, the white shirt, dark pant and tie just makes them stick out like a soar thumb, I just don’t get it…they do need to update that look. Don’t like the short hair, but I do understand that would be better because it would require no fuss, although it seems that girl missionaries don’t have a uniform and can keep their hair longer.
        Oh man, he just sounds so good, I can’t wait for him to get back to his music career, wearing regular clothes and a good haircut, lol (a bit longer would be my choice).

  4. Cook sold his Hollywood home. The article includes pics of the house interior — very nice! With all the tours he was on, I doubt he ever had much time to spend there.

    • Cook has moved to Nashville so that is why he sold his LA home. It’s nice it sold so quickly. Of course we know he no longer has a record contract. He is working writing music with others in Nashville.

  5. I read that Cook sold his house. They were nice digs. Yes he does no longer have a record deal. I am watching this 121212 Concert for Sandy. So glad it happens to be on a cable station I have. lol. Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Roger Waters and on and on live in concert at MSG. It is Great and a good cause. David looks so much better in longer hair.

  6. Carly on X-Factor did Imagine. Her version was very different than David’s. I would call it a broadway version of Imagine. She did start out at the piano but got up sang for awhile and then went back to the piano. Simon didn’t like the arrangement. She did not have a moment like David. Singers should know not to do this one on reality shows. It sure made me miss David.

    • I did catch Carly’s performance. Not that great and no where near as good as David’s Imagine performance.

  7. Long hair, short hair, baggy pants, skinney pants, tan, pale, smiley or serious……………..he is adorable, amazing, angelic, and always Awesome !!!!!

  8. Playbill ‏@playbill
    “American Idol” Finalist @Syesha Mercado Joins Chicago Production of The Book of Mormon

    Syesha has now been in several Broadway touring companies. Nice she is making a living doing music this way.

  9. For Marie:

    Michael Buble on the Graham Norton Show (November 2012)

    • I watched Michael Buble’s Christmas special on Monday night . He had a Christmas special two years in a row. Of course my dream is for David to have a Christmas special on T.V. Clay Aiken had one a year or two after he came in second on AI. He also is currently doing a Christmas tour.

    • Thanks Peter. I do love me some Michael Buble.

  10. MIssionaries dress the way they do in order to be easily recognizable and indentifiable. It’s a uniform of sorts and uniforms tend to erase differences between people. A mission is time to focus on spiritual things, not external things.

    • Ok how come the girl missionaries don’t wear a uniform, from what I see on pictures they don’t look the same. Oh well maybe only in pictures they don’t have their uniform. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
      I guess I don’t see it so much that way because I believe that their job is to bring people to the Mormon Church period. Eventhough I see things differently, I do respect their right to do what they feel is right, as long as they respect my beliefs are not wrong, just different.

      • Instead of hundreds of sneakers, David has hundreds of ties of all colors!! lol!

        You’re right. The women do not wear the same colors. They just have to wear simple dresses below their knees. Do the girls go door to door? I don’t think they do because it’s too dangerous? So what do they do?

        And the “uniform” & really short hair really has not helped make David exactly like all the others especially after this past weekend. On the stage, any stage, he is above & beyond mere mortals.

        Rumor has it that David’s numero uno fan who attended the devotionals is a new convert? I love & admire David but would never consider converting, ever. It’s all about the VOICE for me.

        jus’ sayin’.

    • Maybe they could update their uniform was the point I was trying to make. People maybe wouldn’t hide and not answer the door if they weren’t so clearly identifiable. Also it’s awfully hot to wear in warmer climates especially when they have to walk or bike everywhere. I just find the Missionary rules excessively restrictive but I guess because there are so many young missionaries maybe they are needed. I believe the female missionaries do go door to door.

      I just have found the Mormon religion extremely conservative and rooted in the past. There are also things I very much admire about it too. I love the emphasis on family and strong moral values. I could never be a member because I would need to quit drinking my coffee. I couldn’t do that!

      • I have to repeat my story about turning my car around when I was coming home one time and saw missionaries approaching my door. I went to the store and spent money I didn’t need to spend, because I can’t stand to say no to pushy people, lol. I think the LDS church owes me $30, ha ha. (I was friendly and inquisitive when they came more recently, though, due to David’s influence).

        If that rumor was true, in a way it would be good, though I’m certainly not Mormon, because it would go to show that David could have attracted more people through his talent than by knocking on doors.

  11. It is all about the voice. I agree jus’sayin’ . You have to wonder if there will be changes in store in the future for all organized religions and that includes Mormons. They have to change with the times to keep members. I did read that the LDS church just recently stated that compassion is needed for gays. It is a good start and shift for the church to be more progressive in their stances on gays. The Pope is even now on twitter. lol. Baby steps but a start.

  12. I find the whole privacy controversy to be quite ironic considering that most people think that people knocking on their door to push their religion is an invasion of THEIR privacy. Recently scrolling through a thread at TDC, I noticed the story about missionaries at the MTC “accidentally” pounding on the door of David’s room. They reported that he was not happy to be disturbed. I wonder if he ever makes the connection.

    • Door to door peddling anything is just wrong, especially your religious beliefs, in this day and age is just wrong to me.
      In no way would I convert, yeah it’s about the VOICE that I’m a David fan.
      Marie, from what I understand you can be Mormom and still be gay as long as you live a straight life, Just keep fighting those demons, then it’s all good, lol.

    • That is ironic. I don’t think he will ever make the connection.

  13. clear video of The Prayer

  14. from desert book,tweet “your criticism may be worse than the conduct you are trying to correct. james e. faust

  15. I just watched Carly’s “Imagine” performance. For 13, she has a really nice voice but her runs reminded me of David during his Star Search Days. A bit much for my taste.

  16. For some reason I don’t think Carly connects that well with the audience. At least with me she doesn’t. Very talented girl and she has a great voice for Broadway. I think Tate should win as if Scotty could do as well as he did in country music then Tate should be a country music super star. lol. I think E3 are cute and talented. I still think that 121212 concert last night was great. I really enjoyed it. I still love Billy Joel, Springsteen, and Bon Jovi.

    • Yeah Marie, love Billy Joel, Springsteen and Bon Jovi are so great, great music, great artists. Of course I would love to see David be respected and have as much success all three. Let’s just hope that all will fall into place when he returns and his career will take off like a firecracker.

    • i missed 121212 but i’m a huge billy joel fan. my all-time favorites of his are “keeping the faith” and “leave a tender moment alone.

  17. I have so many favorite Billy Joel songs that I can’t even name just one. lol. Billy’s performance of New York State of Mind last night was amazing.

  18. jus’ sayin’

    when you talk about a fan that has been converted, do you mean to me?? jajajaj
    no, I’m still Catholic and they know it.

    • Gladys, it’s nice to know that they know your beliefs are strong and they are not trying to convert you. I’m glad you shared with us.

    • Funny you would think I was referring to you cause I believe there are many who believe THEY are his numero uno fan, me included. haha.

      You would not be the first nor the last “fan” who has converted or at least shown an interest just to get close to David. It’s not an unheard of phenomenon.

      After all, David is in Chile to do just that…singing & bringing people to the LDS church. He’s not really singing for his “fans” right now if we are being honest. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth though. We non-LDS fans here will take what we can get while he’s there.

      jus’ sayin’

      • Some very good points there jus’sayin’. It is what it is. I for one can’t wait until David returns. I still believe 2 years is way too long to be away from his music career.

      • Is there ANOTHER número uno fan who attended the devotionals? Lol.

      • My exactly was for cc halo. lol

      • “Rumor has it that David’s numero uno fan who attended the devotionals is a new convert? I love & admire David but would never consider converting, ever. It’s all about the VOICE for me. ”

        jus’ sayin’ — that is your quote from further up thread, right? I mean, if you want to throw shade on someone you shouldn’t back off it when they call you on it and act like they’re the one making assumptions.

        If there’s one thing that drives me up the wall, it’s judgmental behavior. Whether someone converts or doesn’t, reads missionary blogs or doesn’t, goes to every concert on a tour or doesn’t…it’s really no one else’s problem.

        And I guess I just committed my own pet peeve because apparently I’m judgmental about judgmental behavior. That’s one I’ll just have to cop to.

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