Holiday Greeting from David Archuleta!

Makes me miss his vlogs all the more!


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  1. Me too Hg. Can’t wait for that first vlog when he gets back.

  2. Very nice holiday greeting from David.

  3. What a delightful 14 seconds! I like how he pronounces “Archuleta”.

  4. Off Topic: Watching the voice. Chris Mann from the last season of the voice just performed and he sounded great. He is a very good vocalist.

  5. I only wish it was longer.

    I was thinking that maybe when he returns from his mission his first tour will be called The BEGIN. Tour or The BEGIN Again tour.

  6. Nice greeting from David even though he taped it months ago in Manila. Always thinking ahead, isn’t he?

    Thanks to those who gave us videos of David this past weekend. As public as it gets, an outdoor event at the Santiago Temple, but how they were able to keep it so hush-hush is beyond me. The “recaps” I read recently for the devotionals the last two weeks, which caused such grief to some self-proclaimed David protectors, could not compare to these videos in capturing the essence of David and his voice. What a voice! Glad we were able to see for ourselves through these videos how he’s doing. Still looks very young and don’t see that he’s gotten any “bigger” but the voice is a beautiful as ever. So glad didn’t remove the videos.

    • As others have said, David’s missionary short haircut makes him look younger. Yes, I’m really glad we actually got some video of David singing in Chile. He doesn’t seem any bigger to me either. Actually other Mormon websites posted the video of David’s Chile concert performance. I think some over protective fan must have just been spreading rumors that the Mormon Churbh was going to take them down. They have to be proud of David and his magical voice.

  7. Another gift. This time in HD!

    • Another great video, what a treat. I did not expect to see and hear David this Christmas season. Now I can come to S.D. for a private concert. A special thank you to those posting, thus creating my evenings entertainment, and to HG for keeping the venue open.

    • Great Video. David sure still has “The Voice”. If anything there could just be more of David’s stellar vocals is this video.

  8. The true gift is hearing David sing, forgetting all the commotion that talk can bring.


  9. There’s supposedly another public outdoor devotional on the 15th which could mean more videos! BRING THEN ON!

    Can’t say enough how important I believe it is for David to be SEEN performing during this time. It keeps him “alive” in the hearts of his fans. Words about him via recaps and music & messages from him recorded months ago just don’t have the impact these videos of him as he is now can have.

  10. Meant “Bring THEM on!”

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