David Archuleta on a duet of “The Prayer” (wow, is his Voice getting deeper!)

I’ve always contended that David was “already on a mission” whenever he raised his Voice in song, so I guess I’m not at all surprised that he’s been showing up doing concerts on this mission.  I’m also not surprised that he’s getting such a public venue to do this.

The big thing to wonder is, once he’s completed his work for his church, what direction will he go? I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but after this, after BEGIN., after his Christmas concerts, I’m having a harder time placing him in the pop music scene.

I think he could have a really good career doing the Josh Groban/Andrea Boticelli/Julio Iglesias crooner-type career. Or is that too much of a box to confine him to?

Unless a record label could turn him into a male version of “Adele” vs. another Bruno Mars, I’m just hoping he plays to his strengths, which has always been – to me – “Ballad Boy” (now “Crooner Man”!).



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  1. Have no idea which way he will go. He always surprises us all the time. THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. I think he’s indicated in interviews that he didn’t want to go the Josh Groban route, but he could always change his mind. He excels in ballads and crooner type songs for sure, but he can sing just about anything. He also is so great at harmonizing with another singer which isn’t always the case with a soloist. I really have no idea what he will do when he returns. Like goldenjane said – he always surprises us. Just when I think I know what he will do, he does something completely different than I thought such as write a book, act in a mini-series in the Phillipines, etc.

  3. I’d like to see David take a more soulful route when he comes back. People need to hear that side of him. He did say, in an interview, that he wants to do more vocally driven, emotional songs. Who knows what that means to him, though. By the time he gets back it will have been nearly 3 years since he said that. So I agree with you guys…he’s such a wild card. lol

    • I agree with you Astrid. I would like to see David go a more soulful route when he returns. He did indicate that he did not want to go the Josh Groban route in interviews before he left. I hope that he does not change his mind. I just am not a big Groban fan. I think that it is a good thing that David likes all different kinds of music.

      • This is a link to an interview David did with Michael Slezak in 2008. He was clear then what direction he wanted to go with his music career but he was 17. I always liked this interview. But David could change his mind. Who knows. He still is young when he comes back at age 23. That is young to me. lol.

      • Wow Marie, thank you for that link. Really liked that interview too. What a fun ride it’s been so far watching him mature in his singing and his interviews. Can’t wait for what’s ahead. I’m thinking amaziness overload, lol.

  4. The thing to me is that he loves funky, quirky music too and I can’t see him giving any music up to focus on just one thing.

    • Funky, souful, heartwreching with a quirky hook, lol…now that would be something, hahahaha!, would love some romantic song in the mix. More excited than ever about his future music career.

  5. Been away for a few day and unable to give attention to my hobby/odd, so to come back to this is such a fabulous surprise, holycow…sublime is right….and OHN..i can’t stop listening…SO BEAUTIFUL.
    These videos just make me even more excited for his future music career when he returns. What a wonderful Christmas/Holiday present for his fans all over the world!!!

  6. Whether David wishes to be categorized as a Josh Groban or not, that’s the type of music that is calling his name. WYSYLM was a Groban hit. It is ironic that Groban rocketed to fame when he sang this as a duet with Charlotte Church early in his career. Bocelli also has mega-success “crooning along”. Like HG said, David may not fit the current “pop” cycle in more ways than one. But who knows, here’s hoping things will change enough in the coming months to accommodate David whatever he decides to pursue.

  7. Off-topic, but I had to do a double-take. Look at the TV screen for the first 4 seconds of the above video. With his hair that short, he looks exactly as he did when he was 12 or 13. I was like, “Wait. Is this…Star Search?” lolol.

  8. He does look like when he was on Star Search. lol.

  9. As much as David’s voice is really showcased at its best when he’s being a “crooner” and I love the richness we hear when he sings those types of songs, I would dearly miss the energy and abandon he brings to the more uptempo numbers. The contagious fun of Zero Gravity, the intensity of Stomping the Roses, the ending of GGTT when I always think he’s gonna hit the stage, the air punches that almost made me fall off the couch when I was watching the video of SBL from Kuala Lumpur. And let’s not forget the middle all the way to the end of Little Drummer Boy from the MKOC tour. Those are amazing moments that capture a fiery side of David that we don’t often see off stage. I can’t picture Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli doing any of those things.

    I just don’t know if David would be happy to stand there and croon all the time. He has too much energy to share for that. Yeah, he hits the notes better when he’s crooning. But a note doesn’t always have to be perfect to get me excited about a performance.

    So there’s my case for David not being boxed into that box. lol. Of course I’ll keep listening probably no matter what he does (no thrash metal please, David) but I hope it’s a representation of all the things that make him awesome.

    • I agree. I love the ballads but also adore the uptemp songs. Give me quirky and fun too, and jazzy and soulful. I want it all!

      • raelovingangels, I too want it all. I really am loving all the videos from Chile for a couple of reasons first, for my own personal pleasure and second because it is good for his career to keep fans interested. I do however, crave the singing star David. Can’t wait for him to get back to his singing career and be confident in what direction he wants his music to go…I don’t want him to be limited to just one type of music, I just want him to have a sound that is David Archuleta and not a copy of other artists. I know a lot of fans just want David to be happy no matter what direction he want to go (small singing career, other than singing, whatever makes him happy). I do want him to be happy, but I want him to have a big career and I don’t want anything less for him.

  10. Cassadee Pope will win The Voice — and she simply cannot singggggggg!!!!!

    • I know Peter. She will win and I just don’t get it. I watched the Michael Buble Xmas special last night and thought it was great. Love Michael. That show was better than the voice last night. Michael is like David will be as he looks so young for his age. He is 37 and he looks like he is in his 20’s.

      • Mm, can I be honest here? Buble does absolutely nothing for me. lol. He just seems kind of…cheesy to me. Or over-the-top, or too demonstrative. I’m not sure what the right word is. Guess I just don’t like his performance style, lol.

      • VJ, you are so not the only one. I think it was GG who once described Buble here as “the cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed,” and I so have to agree. JMHO.

      • lol, I am not a fan of Buble either, but I have to give him credit- he found his niche and has been successful at it.

    • I agree!

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