Daily Archives: December 10, 2012


David Archuleta on a duet of “The Prayer” (wow, is his Voice getting deeper!)

I’ve always contended that David was “already on a mission” whenever he raised his Voice in song, so I guess I’m not at all surprised that he’s been showing up doing concerts on this mission.  I’m also not surprised that he’s getting such a public venue to do this.

The big thing to wonder is, once he’s completed his work for his church, what direction will he go? I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but after this, after BEGIN., after his Christmas concerts, I’m having a harder time placing him in the pop music scene.

I think he could have a really good career doing the Josh Groban/Andrea Boticelli/Julio Iglesias crooner-type career. Or is that too much of a box to confine him to?

Unless a record label could turn him into a male version of “Adele” vs. another Bruno Mars, I’m just hoping he plays to his strengths, which has always been – to me – “Ballad Boy” (now “Crooner Man”!).