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  1. They are beautiful…..Miss him more but this is all I wanted for Christmas and what a great Christmas present. WOW!!!!!

    • The young lady has a beautiful voice-like a songbird. The key is soooo low for David- he does a really great job with the lower register at the start. They blend very well.

      • In my perfect world her mic volume would have been lowered slightly and David’s would have been raised slightly. I agree Rae, she is indeed a lovely songbird; very clear tone. What an unexpected Christmas treat to see and hear D!!!!

  2. Now, I feel like the Christmas season has started. I knew something was missing. Not to be greedy but hoping dear old Santa will also bring a snippet of the prayer.

  3. Cute little story that was posted about meeting David at the Christmas devotional yesterday that was on a tumblr link that I posted on the last thread:

    “I was at the Christmas Devotional today, my best friends are in the chorus so i went early at the temple square, We were in the church singing and playing piano, then Seba said “oh Nina you’re a fan of Archuleta, you know all his songs” and I was like “hey … I only know one of his songs on piano”, so I started play the song on piano and guess what … yes, elder Archuleta came, laughed and said “hey … that’s my song.” We were amazed and I obviously got very shy, He talked to us for a while and then we could be in his essay before of the devotional. He’s very friendly and funny. I had seen him in another musical devotional, but this was amazing, I could not be more embarrassed, he hummed a little bit of the song and then told me to keep playing, and He also said that I played the piano well, the truth is that I can not touch in front of people, and with him there I was more nervous even.”

  4. Yes that was reported by several fans on twitter after the live stream was over. There was no advance notice so I think that most fans did not catch it unless you frequent that site.

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