Eye Candy Weekend Treat!

Always love those hands…



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  1. I love David in all the Bench photos. I’m glad they are still using them and that David is at least popular in the Philippines. I hope he made a lot of money modeling for Bench.

    There is a very interesting article at snowangelz about a David fan that went to Justin Bieber concert because her daughter is a fan. The article and comments there are very interesting. I especially agree with the comment that you can take any good looking guy and if you throw enough money at them and get the right publicity they can be made into a big star. I’ve always felt that way especially with the teen idol. It’s pretty much like winning the lottery -a lot of luck involved and talent is only a small part of it.

  2. “…because her daughter is a fan.” LOL.

    • Well you can be a fan of many musical artists not just David. I never have got the mentality that a person had to be exclusively a fan of just one artist. I would find it boring to just have one artist’s music on my iPod. My iPod is filled with music of just about every genre and many, many artists. David has pointed me to some artists I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s okay to like Justin Bieber and David. I happen to be not be a fan of Justin but I can see his appeal to the young girls. He is very cute and has a charisma.

  3. I watched David Letterman last night and saw One Direction perform. I thought they were very cute and actually sing quite well. At least there was no auto tune involved. lol. They all seemed nice when Letterman interviewed them. I “get” why they are popular teen idols with tweens/ teens but I just don’t get the Biebs popularity. I think he might be getting replaced . lol.

  4. I had time this afternoon to watch the video of MKOC tour that Marcella made. It was very well done and was so fun to watch. My husband is a professional videographer and with music there are a lot of copy right issues and legalities that David’s team would have to iron out before they could put a DVD of it for sale. It’s not as easy as just putting it out there. So, I’m glad that a talented fan was able to make it. The only way it would hurt David was if his team was going to make a DVD for sale of the MKOC tour which is doubtful.

  5. New singers come along all the time. Nobody expects these days to stay at the very top for long but the good ones stay on an even keel for years, just not thought of as the newest sensation.

    I am not a Bieber fan but it took him as well as his people, many talk show hosts, television shows and many many thousands of fans to have him on the stage entertaining as he has been. Put the blame for him there on all of those people, the men, women, children who had Bieber Fever. They were having some fun even though some of us are not.

    How can you really hold anyone’s success against them especially if they are hard working and ambitious?

    My husband just returned from the grocery store. He passed me a magazine and said, “Here is a magazine for you, it’s not David but This was there, “Life Story, Justin Tour Tribute”. It’s all in just being right there and seizing the moment.


  6. Nice pic. Yep yep. 🙂 I think it’s funny how so many people notice his hands. I mean, I do, too…eventually. But the eyes are always first. He has amazing eyes.

  7. This is totally off topic but I just read this on CNN. It is an very interesting article on an athlete (Notre Dame senior linebacker Manti Te’o) that is a committed Mormon that made the choice not to go on a mission. I don’t follow sports so I was not familiar with him but I found his choices to be interesting. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/11/27/mormon-linebacker-helps-lead-catholic-notre-dame-to-national-championship-game/?hpt=hp_t2

    • Thanks for giving the link to the article. I can see that especially for an athlete it is hard to serve a mission as their time to be physically able to compete is so short. I also realize that if you are a devote Mormon it is hard not to go because of the emphasis from childhood on that it is important to go.

  8. David apparently performed today at a big outdoor Christmas show in Santiago, Chile. The show was live streamed on lds.org. It was not announced in advance so I and I am sure many others missed it. Did anyone see it on the live stream?

    • There is a picture of David singing at the concert in the comments at FOD. He is being video-taped as the picture shows him on a video screen. hmmm, doesn’t seem very private, does it?

    • I saw it. Or part of it. The stream has technical difficulties at one point and cut out so I might have missed some David. He sang The Prayer (duet in Italian), Los Pastores a Belen, Silent Night and O Holy Night that I saw. I put the last 2 song titles in English but they were sung in Spanish. I just don’t know their titles in Spanish lol.

      Here’s a pic from someone who was there: http://instagram.com/p/S_yo3PxTAv/

  9. Ah, a video from tonight! Los pastores a Belen!

  10. Woohoo! Late nite goodies … Thanks Ali!

  11. Aaaand now we have 2 more!!!

    Silent Night:

  12. O Holy Night (so so so gorgeous!!)

    You guys!!!!!!! I’m so excited to hear his voice again!

  13. Thanks for the vids Ali. I missed that voice. His Spanish is so good. He sounds great.

  14. I’m so happy for these videos. I saw lots of cameras in the audience so maybe there will be more. I’m hoping to hear David sing The Prayer. The sister missionary he sang Silent Night with was very good. They really went all out with dancers and orchestra . I’m glad they are using David’s musical talents on his mission and hope it continues and increases. IMHO the best way for David to attract people to God is through music.

  15. Here’s the link to a cute tumblr from a girl that was at the David’s Devotional last night:


  16. “The Prayer”

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