Friday Carols: “This Christmas”

One of my favorite displays of “Soul David Christmas”:


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  1. What a grand song! I love David singing when he puts so much of how he loves to sing, into the song. You just never stop smiling when you watch, well he never stops smiling either
    For a moment take yourself to 2014, when the stage is ready to see new faces. So enter stage left, David. When the time arrives, we will see how the new era is one that is beyond ready for the phenom.

    I believe that we will have all the answers that we have been struggling to find. Oh it will never take away what is being missed right now but it will be worth it that the industry has had the time to get better focused (just putting that thought out there into the universe with hope).

    “Christmas At Home,Westbury Revisited”, 2014.


    • Yes, I think David will continue to do Christmas shows when he returns. I believe he will also go back to Asia as he has good contacts and a major label backing him there. The rest of what he does remains to be seen. I’m hoping for lots of great music from him in 2014 and beyond. Actually I’m hoping he left us more music to be released in 2013, but we shall just have to see about that. I am enjoying listening to all the Christmas music he has recorded.

  2. One of my favorite performances by David. Just saw a video of Phil Phillips singing This Christmas on mjsbigblog. Had to comment and leave a youtube link of David singing it. Why would anyone in their right mind try to sing a song once David has sung it and there’s video of it out there. Makes no sense to me.

  3. David does do a great job with his version of This Christmas. It is one of my favorite Christmas songs that David has sung. I am not a huge fan of Christmas music but I like that one. Hope that you are right about what happens when David returns to his career SB. That is all you really can do as a fan is hope for the best for David in regards to his music career.

  4. If you’ve been following the news re. the typhoon that hit the Philippines, there are a couple of first-hand accounts and some pics posted on TDC. Lets keep them in our thoughts.

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