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This picture of gifts for “Elder Archuleta” was posted on David’s twitter account. If you had to guess the type of fans by the gifts they send, what adjective would you use?


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  1. ODD fans, caring, sweet, Mormon, dedicated, thoughtful….. I could go on. It shows that David is missed.

  2. Humorous and creative!

  3. A list of Taylor Swift’s marketing strategies, aka boyfriends, and the related songs:

    • I don’t like TS for many reasons (the major one is her voice) but not because of her dating habits, even knowing that she uses all her relationships (real or not) for PR too. I can’t help but wonder if this kind of article would have been written if she was a guy and I admit that I saw several articles about her these past two days that tended to be pretty sexist.

      That been said, I don’t understand why all of these so obvious PR stunts still work and why the teens are still buying them. She’s selling the cute and innocent girl image, delicate and fragile but it all seems so fake for me. We talked here in the past about people’s perception of David’s clean image and if it prevented him of becoming more pop(ular). The difference for me if I compare him to TS’ princess image is that at least he comes as genuine and authentic to me whereas everything about her comes as calculated and marketed. Well, she surely knows how to sell albums. Good for her.

      • Also, I can’t believe that her song “Weeeee eeee are never ever gonna get together” is nominated for a Grammy lol. I sang it all day today (insisting on the weeeeee part) and to my surprise almost all of my friends and co workers thought that it was less annoying than the original one lol

  4. I just read that Justin Bieber’s manager and fans are all really mad that he didn’t get nominated for a Grammy. Well, at least the Grammy’s got it right IMHO. I hope some day that David gets nominated for a Grammy. I hate to admit that it makes me happy that Justin was NOT nominated.

  5. Great article on Taylor, Peter. I just read that Beiber’s manager Scooter is upset that the Biebs did not get nominated for a Grammy. That is just great. lol. Here is the link to the article:,0,3554438.story The biebs and some of Scooter’s other acts ruined the AMA’s this year. Although that show is never good. Scooter is just frustrated he can’t manipulate a nomination. Good for the Grammy’s for keeping it the way it should be. I agree grammyj that they got it right. I am very glad that Kelly Clarkson was nominated. Maybe some day for David. It just might be a nomination for Latin music for David. You never know.

    • Call me maybe is nominated so he should be happy. He’s Carly Rae Jepsen’s manager too right ?

      I’m happy for all the Kelly Clarkson’s nominations. It’s always great when a good singer is recognized.
      (also, if songs like Call me maybe and the TS one can get nominations, there’s no hope for David lol. He’s not overexposed or overrated “unfortunately”. I’m just kidding and I really hope that his talent will be recognized even if I think that the Grammy’s are becoming more and more irrelevant. It still must be nice to win).

  6. The word I would use to describe David’s fans that send gifts to him: “Supportive”

    • Yep, I agree with Marie. “Supportive”. I think a lot of fans really care about David as an individual, and want to be there for him as they would a friend or family member. And “genuine”. I think his fans, for the most part, are just as genuine as he is.

  7. Taylor’s and the Biebs’ teams are marketing geniuses. It is over-saturation for both but they are really raking in the money. Taylor’s face and album name was even on Domino pizza boxes. She was on every daytime talk show and some evening shows. It’s sad that they get so much PR and many deserving artists get none. I guess that’s life but I sure wish it were different.

    • It is sad that so many deserving artists do not get the recognition or the money that Taylor and the Biebs are getting. It is marketing and smart use of the social media by their teams. I don’t think that it is just chance that they are both dating other high-profile teen music artists. Good for the Grammy’s for having such categories as Best Latin Pop Album or Best Americana Album ect.. They just need to let some of these lesser known artists perform. I agree with you desertrat.

  8. I love seeing all the letters and love being sent to David.

    I haven’t sent him anything since he left. Not because I don’t care (clearly lol) but more because I don’t know what to say. Happy mission? ha. Idk. I’m just awkward when it comes to talking to David, whether it’s in person or in a letter.

    I keep thinking I will though. I know he’ll be getting tons for Christmas and his birthday. So maybe I’ll figure out what to say next year. If not, I’m sure he’ll survive the heartbreak of not hearing from me personally lol.

    • Some are just sending a Postcard with a brief note. Can you imagine a collection from all states, countries etc.

      Some words : Thoughtful, creative, generous,meaningful …………and considerate of his Companion too 🙂

  9. “Thoughtful” was the first word that came to my mind. I’m sure D will appreciate the gifts.

    Re. award shows, I’m pretty sick of hearing about Bieber, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, etc. I’m for award shows rethinking their purpose and introducing us to some lesser known talents.

    Re. Scooter Braun, he sure knows how to keep his name out there, lol.

  10. I don.t watch award shows, to me most of what is out there is not worth looking or listening to. Waiting for David.

  11. People complaining so much about successful singers to me is almost as bad as what they are constantly complaining about.

    Would anyone even care about all that if David wanted to be as successful as an artist right now? Everyone would be so tied up with talking about his performances that they wouldn’t even notice.

    It is about entertaining not about something such as law or medicine that can be more exact. They are very young artists and are in the here and now singing and giving their fans a good time. How can you find fault with that?

    • Yep, we all wish David was more successful or at least that he was here. It’s easy to complain. My problem with them is simply the over-exposure. Do we really have to hear about Taylor Swift every day? I guess she has enough fans that want to hear about her so she gets the publicity. I know you really like Justin, SB. I will admit that he is very hard working. I think it’s hard to be so famous at a young age. I hope he is able to handle it as many young pop stars end up having a sad life.

      • Justin has had some set backs recently – he lost his girlfriend and didn’t get nominated for a Grammy.

  12. I think that the Biebs and Selena are back together at least for now. I am sure that both of their management teams don’t want them to split right now. The timing is not right. lol These pop stars are so over manufactured. They are over exposed and don’t deserve the success . JMHO. The problem is that David was never going to be a successful pop star if he did not buy into some of this. Not saying he should of but it is what it is. David never had the right team behind him or could be flexible enough to go along with what you have to. I think when only a very few pop stars get the success when there is so much talent out there it’s not fair. But that is the way it is. I am not just talking about David as I follow other music artists careers not just David.

  13. The Grammy’s have gained a lot of credibility in my eyes by not nominating the Biebs. He and some of these other pop stars should be on shows that are just for their fan base and not adults that have no interest in them at all. That is why we are all so tired of them.

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