20 comments on “David Does Christmas South American Style!

  1. Thanks for posting! Reading the reports from Gladys made me so happy. Sounds like David is doing very well and is happy.

  2. Thanks for posting this, hg. Gladys’ recap was great. It is nice to know that David looks and sounds so good. Thanks Gladys.

  3. Thx for the link to Gladys’ post. She writes from the heart; David is fortunate to have her as a fan. Also, that pic of David is lovely; kudos to the creative fan.

    From the previous thread, I’m also wondering why Gladys’ previous posts were emailed to the mission people in Chile. I wonder what else they’ve been asked to read.

    • There are fans that seem to think they have to protect David. I think he is able to take care of himself. If fans would have just kept quiet about how we must not read Mission blogs or try to find out any thing about David on his mission things would have taken care of themselves. Instead many fans were hurt and there was all this controversy. What we have now is a bit of information about David on his mission. Enough to know he is healthy, happy and singing. Most of his mission is private as he wanted. Seems like he took care of the information flow himself and didn’t need the over-reaching fans telling other fans what to do.

    • LOL not sure about the look-a-like but is that one of the Olsen twins in the upper corner??? /random

      • I believe so. About 3 yrs ago when one of the twins opened her twitter account, David was one of the first people she started following. Now we know she has a boyfriend that looks like him, lol.

      • That guy did look like David.

        I quit watching X-Factor because none of the contestants have the X-Factor. The only reason that I watched for awhile was to laugh at the over production and mostly poor singing. The 13 year old Carly can sing and will probably win or otherwise the country singer, Tate, but I really don’t care. I do like the Voice though because everyone on that show can sing and the judges are entertaining.

  4. lol to the David look alike. I am watching the train wreck show XFactor tonight. The throwing of Vino Alan under the bus by Simon and company last week was kind of painful to watch. It reminded me of when David was giving the song “Longer” to sing on AI. Bad song choice for him and it was a deliberate set up.

    • Yep, I think it will be Carly ,Tate, or maybe E3 that wins X Factor. I would love to see Nicholas win the voice but it will probably be Cassadee. I just am not a fan of hers. It is nice to watch these shows just for the entertainment or lack of in some cases (lol) and not be invested or care so much who wins it anymore.

  5. I caught part of the xfactor last night and heard Demi call E3 a downgraded version of the Jobro 5 years ago. She seemed to get under Simon’s skin. To me, Simon is more interested in promoting One Direction by bringing comparisons to E3 than he is in actually coaching E3. But like some of you, I don’t have a horse in this race and I don’t care who wins.

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