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  1. I have been thinking a lot about that weekend lately. I believe it around the anniversary of that weekend. What fun was had! I’ve had a brutal workload this fall and if the concert was this fall, there is no way I could have taken two days off. Glad that I took the plunge and made the trip with other fans!

  2. Love the recap the first time I read it last year and am loving reading it again. I’ve said it before, but it needs to be repeated, you are without a doubt a great writer. I’m so grateful I found Soul David, thank you HG.

  3. Someone on the other thread mentioned if anyone knew any news of how David’s performance went on Saturday? I was wondering the same thing myself. Just kind of interested in how it went. Great Post Hg. I read it last year too.

    • Someone on The Voice is going to write about Saturday’s performance as it was related to her by Gladys. I think that Gladys was invited to serveral shows (I guess that’s not the right word, but to me it’s a show), so I think we will be treated with a recap when she goes back home.

      • Yes CQ, Word is that David looks Radiant and Very Happy. Djfan listed Songs sung.
        Maria Sabias Que-Mary Did You Know
        El Nino Tambor- Little Drummer Boy
        Santo La Noche- Oh Holy Night
        Los Pastore a Belen
        Duet-The Prayer

        Bebe is writing a recap of Gladys intial report and will post it on The Voice/DavidArchuleta

        Like cq said Gladys will eventually write a Recap and has been invited to more Christmas shows :)

        Enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane HQ . Great Memories of the Christmas Concerts last year and Motab the year before.

        ..Now I’m happy for Gladys’ opportunity this year.

      • Heidijoy, checked out The Prayer on youtube, holycow, would love to hear what David does with this song, in Italian no less. Challenging himself all the time, that’s our man.

  4. I was at the chat Saturday night where Gladys talked about the show. She said David sang a total of 5 songs — 4 in Spanish and 1 in Italian. There were also 2 choirs there and the choirs sang more than David did. The song in Italian was a duet with a female missionary.

    I think they’re planning on posting a short recap of the chat over at The Voice and then Gladys is maybe going to do a full recap after all the Christmas shows are over. There are 2 more next weekend, I believe.

    She said David seemed very happy and healthy though. If I remember correctly, the word she used was radiant. But maybe that’s just my brain plugging that word in there lol.

    I appreciated hearing from her :)

  5. He said he learned The Prayer, in Italian, the day before. :)
    Ali, she did say he was radiant.

    Exactly a year ago we were listening to that amazing show in Verona. And being snowed upon indoors lol. I wish we could have do-overs.
    Then dinner and a long chat at dinner after. That was fun. It was worth everything.

  6. Betsy, What a fun memory! Remember me (I am not a big person, lol) eating that gigantic ice cream cone?? David was incredible that night!

  7. The Voice has a recap up now of David’s concert at : http://thevoicedavidarchuleta.com/. I thought it was interesting that David’s mission president said he read Gladys’ blog at The Voice and liked it. It just proves to me that the public part of David’s mission is just fine to view as I have always felt. Not sure why we have these fans that keep beating a dead horse about how you shouldn’t know anything about his mission. It’s like it is suppose to be a secret that he is even on a Mormon Mission. That has always seemed strange to me as David is proud and happy to be doing this Mission.

    • Agreed. And someone emailed Gladys’ recap to them? Who would do that except a person who is against her sharing it in the first place?? Strange. Anyway, the fact that Gladys is invited to the remaining devotionals will hopefully put an end to all the nonsense.

  8. Love the recap, HG. Enjoyed reading it as much today as I did a year ago. Still hoping we’ll get the Verona show on DVD next year :)

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