The My Kind of Christmas Full Tour of 2011

This is the DVD Christmas gift I want Santa to put in my stocking this year! 🙂 What an awesome fan to put this together on YouTube! (Thanks for sharing the link, Ali!)

Video edited by Marcella


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  1. The fan that put this video together did just an amazing job. It states in the video that it was edited by Marcella . Watching this is just like being at the concert. David has some really talented fans. What a nice holiday gift for the fans.

  2. a little of david has rubbed of on his fans,,talent and goodness that is,great veido

  3. Last night I spent a wonderful two hours watching this video made up of several videos of the entire MKOC Tour. It brought back so many wonderful moments & memories of the tour. It was a brilliant idea that I, dreamer that I am, had hoped would be done in a more professional way by his team. Even so, this video captures all the magnificence of his larger than life stage presence & stresses his beautiful vocals. (His Ave Maria is spectacular! He most likely sang it at last night’s event in Chile).

    This video is proof again how fans are always the ones who keep the fires burning for David by doing things like this for David’s fans who are not as creatively inclined. The fan, Marcella “spliced” together the best of the best audios & videos made by many different fans making it a brilliant “collaboration”. Smart move for not including “The Announcement” which I still cannot bring myself to watch again.

    I didn’t mean to watch the entire video, but I just couldn’t stop! He is fabulous. The only part I fast forwarded was a small segment when sunny joined him on stage. :l0l:

    Just brilliant and a fantastic gift!

    • The fans do keep playing with matches and starting fires. I agree with you there. I don’t see how this has helped David in any way, but at least it’s fun for you.

      • anon,

        Being serious here for a moment. I don’t know what drives you to have such a negative & hostile attitude towards everything good, happy & positive David’s fans feel especially now when he is away, but my question is, are you a fan of David? If so, what would YOU do, if anything, to help David since you feel his fans are not helping him with videos like this one.

        I don’t know what a “troll” is. I just know you seem to thrive on being perceived as one. I really want to know why you have this intense dislike for David’s fans. I don’t always agree with comments by other fans, including yourself if you are a fan, but I respect their right to have differing opinions from mine. If you are NOT a fan of David, well then that would be even more interesting to me about why you are here.

        jus’ sayin’

  4. A wonderful labor of love from Marcella. I watched the whole thing when Ali posted it, and then again last night!

  5. Didn’t think I would be able to get through this video. I still have not completely but intend to having only watched up to MOC – just wanted to comment. Since the “A” last week was the first time in a year I listened to David’s christmas music. Christmas videos were just as difficult until this wonderful present to the fanbase. His team should have thought of this for any of his tours. What is amazing to me from recent comments is that many fans including myself, are still a bit banged up and bruised from the “A”, because it was done at such a crucial time of year. I have gotten a lot better but still was not able to look at any christmas vids until this collection. What i can say though, is that I had a smile on my face the entire 7 minutes I watched. David is such a great performer – No doubt a.t a.l.l.

    • joymous, I agree that his team should have thought of this for any of his tours. Especially knowing he would be away for 2 years. Once again the fans, in this case Marcella and the other fans that made videos, are more on the ball then the team is. lol. They should just hire Marcella. Where would David be as a music artist without these incredibly creative and supportive fans? That would include gladys. anon just on word for you: “Whatever”. lol

  6. anon, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by your comment, but I don’t see how “this” has hurt David in any way. Just my opinion.

    • LOL don’t worry about it mango. anon is just our friendly neighborhood troll. we try not to feed them too often.

  7. Thanks, Ali. I wasn’t aware of that.

  8. In Charice news, I read that in August she dropped her long time manager (Grace Mendoza) who had leaked info re. her role on Glee. Her assistant (Courtney Blooding) was then made manager. The assistant was recently dropped after she (the asst) dropped shade on Jessica Sanchez re. the support she has received from the Pinoys. To top it off, the same article says Charice’s relationship with her mother (former co-mgr?) is now strained. If this is all true, I hope things work our for Charice and I applaud her for taking control of her career.

  9. Any news of how David’s performance went (on Saturday, was it?).

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