David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Thanks for sharing this link, Peter! 🙂

How cool of the MTC to promote this DVD this season:

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  1. Every single song he did was magical…he was, first of all in his element, second in the magic zone.
    Hoping that he can broaden his horizon and step away from his (Mormon influence) comfort zone. Just to clarify, I don’t mean giving up who he is…

  2. thanks peter! note at 24:24-24:28, it looks like the young blonde in the upper left is saying: “come back, come back”. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad the choir posted this and in such great video/audio quality. And since it was an officially posted video it’s Ok to tweet/post this one around so others can see and hear it. It was such an honor for David to be chosen as the guest artist. He conveys his joy so beautifully.

  4. The quality of the video is just great. David and the choir look and sound amazing.

  5. Last December the MoTab Christmas special featuring David was shown on my local PBS station only once around 10:00 pm — after a 2-hour documentary on Jesus Christ that is 20 years old and that they usually show at Easter. Yet at my local library there were 10 requests for GCT (I checked on the catalog online), and so they ordered some CDs. The CDs didn’t arrive until late December, and they were still being checked out in late February.

    I just looked at the online catalog now and all 5 GCT CDs are checked out.

    To my surprise, they also have 9 BEGIN CDs (they didn’t in August and September), and these are also all checked out.

    Are most of David’s fans poor? Is that why they can’t just buy the music? I would love to know what ages these folks are who are checking out the CDs at the library.

    • It’s great that your library bought the CDs and DVDs so people can check them out and enjoy the music. I’m sure David wo happy about that. You keep preaching to the choir here. We are the ODD fans that buy his music. Not sure what you can do to help David’s sales except buy more yourself. We all want David to sell lots of music, but it is what it is. At least the library bought them.

      • Do you read the comments here? I don’t think you would make the assertion you did if you read just this thread alone.

  6. A fan has made an amazing full tour video of the MKOC tour. It’s over 90 minutes long and contains the entire setlist of the show. Lots of different angles and footage from multiple shows to get a kind of best-of feel. Even some banter from between songs. I haven’t had a chance to watch the full thing yet but what I’ve seen is incredible!!

  7. Wow. Thanks for posting Ali. Great video. I did not get a chance to go to the Christmas shows so I am really enjoying watching it.

  8. I hope anyone who is interested in hearing Gladys from Argentina knows that she is currently in TheVoice chatroom.

  9. i just glanced at the chat. looks like David sang something Italian. since he was just learning the song, someone had written it out (for him) phonetically by syllables. he had on a white shirt and dark blue tie; his eyes were dark green. G gave David some chocolate and told him not to eat it all at once, lol.

    • “Children ran in the hallways and the parents did nothing, even one of them got on the piano that was on stage…”

      lol, i wonder if one of those bad kids had a camera.

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