14 comments on “Friday Carols: The Little Drummer Boy

  1. Makes ma miss him more….Looks like a BLUE Christmas this year. Loved this……Great close-ups.

  2. Such a cool arrangement! Miss the excitement of tour, miss David working on his career, tweets, vlogs, miss David period! Hope that when he returns to his music career that he continue doing what we have come to expect from our man, sigh!

  3. Hey hey hey, happy Friday everyone!!

    LDB was one of the absolute highlights of the MKOC tour for me. Such a surprise! Who knew D was such a wild man on the drums???? lololol

    Testifyin’ is right. And I’m believin’. ;)

  4. David is made for Christmas music. I loved his “Little Drummer Boy” performance and it is even a Christmas song I don’t usually like. He made me love it. I believe he will be able to continue to make money off Christmas tours and Christmas music when he returns.

  5. Watching these LDB performances …. just WOW! David’s facial expressions indicate to me that he had received his calling.

  6. Thanks, due to this posting I spent most of my day off in the LDB vortex. :) Every performance was just slightly different, all were beautiful. I’ll treasure the memory of Verona. Almost exactly a year ago.

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