Letters for David on Twitter

Here’s a photo of letters for David, posted on his Twitter account. Funny, but as much as I have missed him, I hadn’t thought to send a letter (maybe b/c I’m busy blogging about him). Have any of you sent David letters since he’s been away?

Speaking of David’s Twitter, I’ve been missing his tweets. He had a wonderful knack of not telling us anything really important but insightful all the same! He was sooooo good about keeping things innocuous and protecting his privacy even as he sought to keep himself in touch with fans. He had a way of randomly responding to his followers (and then slaying a horde of them in the process!) without dissolving into anything crass or offensive.

Okay, so there was that one exception when certain fans were offended at some tweets that implied he was uncomfortable about attending an event at a gay club. (‘Member that scandal?)

But more or less, David kept things pretty low-key and pretty tame.

I miss him all the more in light of other high-profile celebrities posting various meltdowns and the like on Twitter. First, Chris Brown’s vulgar tirade, in which he didn’t have sense to ignore or block someone calling him a “worthless piece of s____,” and then Nicki Minaj, who has been showing the world that her skin is seriously too thin!

I used to like my celebrities when they were no where near a TweetDeck. But then, I guess I’m measuring them against a Twitter pro like David! 🙂

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  1. i send a post card once a month,

    • Oh how sweet! I sent one card awhile back when there was a campaign to do that but haven’t sent anything since then.
      I will be writing a Christmas card and birthday card today and posting them.

  2. I miss David’s tweets especially the early ones when he didn’t filter what he said. Remember the “hush cats”? I especially miss his vlogs. He was so good to us posting them at least twice a month or more. They were always very David and gave us a real glimpse into his musical journey. I hope he continues them when he returns.

    I read the latest Chris Brown tweet scandal which ended up with his twitter finally taken down. What was said was disgusting. It makes me sad that Chris still has a big career with radio hits after what he did when radio wouldn’t play David after “Crush”, but I guess life is not fair. I hope Chris will get the help he needs or I can see something bad happening as he still seems to have anger issues.

  3. I miss David’s tweets and vlog too. I especially miss his vlogs. He always included us in his music journey in a intimate way without giving us to much information, left, for the most part, us always guessing what he really was saying, lol. Loved that about his vlogs. sigh!

    Grammyj, Chris’s scandal has done more for his career than if he didn’t have one at all. Let’s face it, if you are putting out music that the masses like, it doesn’t matter what your personal life is like, you will be successful. I believe that in David’s case if he putts out music that the masses like, his private (conservative life) won’t matter. Right now David’s squeaky clean imagine, imo, is not helping his career. Most people that aren’t diehard fans might think that he would only be able to produce very bland (what I refer to as milktoast) songs, religious songs, etc. I of course, think that David is capable of greatness and am confidient that everyone will know that in the near future.

  4. Just got my FEE (two copies) delivered. Oh my gosh, I just had to wipe up the drool!!!!
    He is absolutely, vibrantly beautiful and sexy in the Rainbow remix. I love it visually and sound wise.
    He’s just the total package and I miss him.

  5. Part two of my complaint. This time it’s for real. Scotty is at the tree lighting, too. Marie, where are you? lol

    • I worked late. lol. I was waiting for someone to mention that Scotty was going to be at the tree lighting. Thanks Astrid. lol. Not a Scotty fan as he is too twangy country for me but of course he put out a Christmas album this year. I actually don’t mind Tate Stevens on that train wreck X Factor show this year and I am not usually a country fan. Off topic but the only one left on The Voice that to me now deserves to win is Nicholas. I do not see commercial success for most of the contestants on these shows. Most are not even half as good as David was on AI.

      • Your’e welcome. lol I would have mentioned it before, but I only found out today! It just seems so wrong that David has never been part of the Rock Ctr. tree lighting. It would have been great if he would have launched his CFTH tour with an appearance like that instead of appearing on the Today Show 3 days before Christmas.

        I haven’t watched The Voice much but I did tune in to see Dez because I saw some D fans liking him on twitter. It was interesting how the first night he performed random people tweeted that he looks like David but without the voice. I guess David still has a chance. lol

  6. I haven’t written David yet. I’ve had a Dr. Seuss postcard here forever. It reminded me of when he read to the kids for Read Across America. I think Kari said the deadline to send cards is the end of this week.

  7. I miss David’s tweets more than anything. I wrote him three years ago so I guess it’s time for another letter. 🙂

    Re. Chris Brown, I don’t think he’s nearly as mature as David yet they’re only one year apart in age. For all Chris’ talent as a dancer, songwriter and actor, he probably should be twice as big as Bieber and TSwift but his anger management issues hold him back.

    • I agree with you about Chris and his anger holding him back. Looks like Chris and Rihanna are on again and that is a whole other story.

    • You may be right about Chris. I really think he is a mega talent. He started off his career with such a clean cut imagine. One thing we’ll never worry about is David going that direction, if anything, he might come back even more conservative and withdrawn, which I think is bad also.

  8. David should have been on The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting when he released CFTH, but it didn’t happen. He did have a great CFTH tour though with very nice venues and good attendance which I’m sure he wanted more than the TV appearance. Maybe in the future he can get some good TV appearances. I decided to watch the train wreck X-Factor instead of The Rockefeller Tree Lighting tonight. Don’t care for Scotty’s twang on a Christmas song.

  9. Every now and then I check around to see what’s up in the fandom and I always wish I didn’t.

    If I were advising David, I would’ve advised him to let his twitter go silent. I would’ve released BEGIN in late November with a targeted New Year’s flavor / marketing plan.

    Forevermore was fine to release in Asia, but I would’ve made one video with a better budget. I wouldn’t have tried to milk it with FEE.

    I certainly hope they are putting together a better game plan when David gets back other than a cruise and an NA sequel. If that’s all they have planned, shame on their fat rears.

    • Anon, all ODD fans have their opinions on what David and his team should do when he returns. Mine is that he continues to record lots of music especially the music that is inspiring and encouraging. That is what is helping me through my health issues at this time. He may never be the big superstar some fans had hoped but if he can put out music that helps others I think that is what he wants and I do too. At the end of the day we all want our lives to make a positive difference in the live of others.

  10. It’s funny in his absence what each of us uncovers about David that really gets to us whether it is his musical ability, his phenominal presence, his looks, the color of his lips on a simple video, the way he moves. We have the time to formulate whatever pleases us and to hope for this and that when he returns. We want him to be more independent, more star like, and on and on. What we might be missing is that once you see him and how he has control over his life, all that was worried about and the thoughts of the directions he should be taking, will be lost in a single moment. Sometimes we forget how powerful David is at continuing to make his life remarkable all by himself. He will astound you. You will forget most every word that was written in concern for where he is going or how he is getting there.

    Just get prepared…you have a few months left.


  11. I’m one of those fans who listens to David’s CFTH almost on a daily basis. Now I kind of wish I would have put his Christmas music on hold. As it stands, I don’t have Christmas music by David to look forward to since I listen to it every day!

    SB, if only we only had a few months. We actually have more like 16 months, then more time as he decompresses & spends time with family so I suspect it will be closer to two years yet before we see “The Man David Becomes” while on his mission.

    I came across this blog recently. Has anyone else read it and if so, what are your thoughts about it and about some fans speaking for David…again? Not that I disagree about some of what was written. What I do find perplexing is that only comments who praise & totally agree with the writers are posted. All other comments, even those expressed with respect but not in agreement with every point, are not posted.


    The following is what I tried to post there but has been “awaiting moderation” since yesterday so most likely will not be accepted even though I don’t believe I was harsh or disrespectful. 🙂

    With all due respect to the authors of this blog, I feel I need some clarification about a couple of things.

    First, since David is a “celebrity”, did he not realize having put himself in the position to use his celebrity & his talent to bring people in to these special events which were open to the public, that he gave up at least some privacy?

    Why list his name as one of the performers? Even though they didn’t use his full name, because at this point who doesn’t know who Elder Archuleta is? Again, he lost some of the privacy he wanted by being singled out as one of the performers.

    If having recaps or any public discussions about his performances at these events are a no-no in David’s eyes, why doesn’t he just ask Kari to say as much?

    Could it be that TPTB are orchestrating the so called leaks about these events?

    If David does not want anything written on a public forum or fansite about his performances at these events all he has to do is say so. Unless the authors other Julee are related to David and know intimately how he feels, I don’t think he needs other fans to speak for him even if you are LDS.

    His non-LDS fans also love & miss him just as much as his LDS fans here do even if our understanding and beliefs will never coincide.


    jus’ sayin’

    • Great comment, jus’ sayin’ and you are right, they will never post it. To me this blog I’m guessing is from a LDS member, gives the church a bad name…narrow minded, this is the only way to think, I’m better than anyother person that doesn’t follow my religion…anyway that’s what I get from it.

    • Saw that blog floating about on twitter a couple weeks ago. I respect a person’s right to their own opinion. What I don’t respect are people who are not open to others having their own differing opinions.

      I would respect it if they wanted to post their opinions and weren’t looking for comments. Sometimes a person just wants to make their voice heard. But to post it, open comments and approve only like-minded individuals? Hmm. Yeah, no. That does not sit well with me. But I’m sure nobody is losing any sleep over what I think lol. Just as I certainly haven’t lost any sleep over that blog in the time since I read it 😉

      SB: Beautifully said.

    • “closer to two years yet…” OK. Well, that was not exactly encouraging to me, lol.

    • Great comment jus’sayin’. A shame they will not post it.

    • I read this awhile ago, but agree with you and I’m LDS….Love your comment.
      Jus’ sayin’

  12. Personally, I think that David does realize that we are not in the dark ages and of course there will be talk about his performances at the devotionals ‘in some way’. Who are we kidding here? Once posters are set out and even minimal advertising about a star performing somewhere in this world of ours, there will be coverage. The harm in that is???

    The world would rather rejoice about his beautiful voice than hide it in the dark and the people there are seeing perhaps for the first time his amazing stage presence. Once you step out on to the stage, a certain amount of privacy is gone and the performers know that even if others do not.

    His fans have not flown to Chile, they do not have daily resports on his stay there…all is well…if not then let TPTB be heard.


    • ” Once you step out on to the stage, a certain amount of privacy is gone and the performers know that even if others do not.” So true SB. Great comment.

    • Agree – well said.

      And, no I have not written to David. I never have. Have provided cards/gifts at meet & greets however & signed the electronic cards.

  13. I feel like this blog, was addressed to me, I’ve seen the comments and there were people who attended the chat of The Voice, on Saturday July 15 and Saturday October 13, the day of the events.
    Very sad.

    • Gladys, you asked permission and were INVITED to the concert. The example the blogger uses is a private community with a no trespassing sign. People who live in the private community are allowed to have INVITED guests, which is what you were. Their example doesn’t apply to you, so don’t worry about it. 🙂

    • gladys1961, I think that blog was directed toward many people and i hope you aren’t discouraged by it. I hardly ever post anywhere and only visit a couple sites sporadically now. I want you to know though that the little tidbits I read about David’s concerts from you are much appreciated! After going to the first concert, upon seeing your request, you were invited back to the next one. Did David have something to do with that? I think it’s possible. They (whoever they are) wanted you to be there..

      It’s been awhile since I’ve watched David’s final vlog but I do distinctly remember him saying that he would do what he could to stay in touch with us somehow. This was in addition to his comment about Kari keeping up his twitter account. It could be because of what he’s doing and the rules he’s required to follow, he’s not able to do that directly. I can’t see how he would mind indirect info. getting out that allows his fans a glimpse of how he’s doing though. Just my opinion.

      Honestly speaking, I appreciate the decision he’s made not to make his letters public. I personally think it’s a wise and considerate decision based on the fact that he’s well aware many of his fans, like myself, do not believe as he does.

  14. Jus’ Sayin’…

    I said a few months to make it more tolerable! I look at it this way, it takes about 3 more months to climb the mountain that we are on…but the next 12 months we are on the way home…David won’t take long to get back into the swing of things…he has never been slow at anything…anyway, being more positive is the best of our choices…


  15. Like the way you think SB.

  16. The irony of the request for privacy from fans, is that David reportedly had to change his room at the Missionary Training Center multiple times because of intrusions from the missionaries, not the fans. Even in Chile, everywhere he went, missionaries were asking for pictures, and some of the especially outgoing ones seem to have gotten him to pose several times. People who complain about almost non-existent fans, seem to be blind to the real privacy problem he’s having.

    • Gladys,

      Please do not let people rain on your joy of seeing, hearing and meeting David via an unexpected opportunity in your lifetime. I am only happy for you as you kept faith for so many years when us in the U.S. have enjoyed multiple times to see David in person.

  17. GLADYS-coming of of lurkdom to say if you take that blog personally, they will have accomplished what they set out to do-intimidate you and everyone into feeling bad. Please dont let that happen. You, along with the rest of us havent done anything wrong. And Im not going to be bullied into group think by anyone!

  18. I’m not sure why that blog was written as we had already heard it all. It’s like they wanted to stir up the pot again. There is very little coming out of Chile about David except what is on the PUBLIC mission blog. This is meant for public view!! There we see a few pictures of David in group missionary picture – no harm in that. He is a missionary which is not a secret. We also see the public announcements of his concerts which make us happy to know he has the opportunity to sing for some large groups. One ODD fan, Gladys, has attended the concerts. She followed the rules and was invited to attend. She did not crash the event, video tape his performances or stalk David. The thing she did was report back her impressions of the concert and what David sang. Again it made us all happy to know that David still puts on a great concert and enjoys singing as much as ever.

    I think David has taken care of how much is being released about him while he is on his mission and fans can decide for themselves what they want to view or not view.

  19. Rant time here especially for Ali who ranted about Scotty’s opportunities on the last thread. Scotty just got added to Christmas in Washington. He is getting all the Christmas appearances that I wanted for David. Kris Allen is overseas doing charity work for World Vision and is tweeting and there are videos of what he is doing everyday. Another thing that would be something David would want to do. I guess I should quit reading at MJs, and be happy for these Idols. David is doing what he wants to do. That’s life. Okay I feel better……

    • I read that about Scotty being added to yet another Christmas show. Another twangy Christmas song. lol. I know that money is not everything but David is taking a big financial hit by missing all of these appearances while he is away. That is where music artists make their money now–special appearances and touring. Oh well. Agree too that David would enjoy the charity work Kris is doing.

    • Totally agree Grammyj.

  20. I think all the comments here are just reflection of the fact that there is no David at this time of the year and we are feeling the hurt more than ever. In the past couple weeks I have watched the skating specials – wishing and hoping we could see him once more on tv.

    I only play his christmas music during the holidays so I was quite moved last week after thanksgiving when I played CFTH in the car. I almost had to pull over as his SN just about did me in emotionally and I teared up for the duration of the song. It was such a profound effect after not hearing it for a year.

    So as I try to fill the void by watching others on their journey up – XF, The Voice, etc. I can only hope his opportunities will expand in creative ways upon his return.

    • I too want his opportunities to expand and have his career take off like a firecracker. I just hope that this hiatus has not completely wiped out all the hard work he has done up to now. Omo, I think that if he would, or who is in charge; advice him to, keep some connect with his fans, that would help in his successful comeback.

    • Hello Joymus, hope all is well with you! I put GCT and CFTH in the car cd player over the weekend. Started sobbing in the parking lot at Target during Oh Come All Ye Faithful, how charming! I was so emotional during that first listening of the holiday season. Really hurt and really made me miss him. After I pulled myself together I listened again. Then I could REALLY hear it; the warm clear tone that wraps itself around you like a fleece blanket. The beautiful phrasing; the extended notes with perfect vibrato that ring out like a bell, or a violin, or a crystal glass when you tap on it, or, or , OR! The breath control and perfect placement of notes in the beginning of Angels From the Realms of Glory; HOW DOES HE DO THAT SO WELL UNDER PRESSURE???? I wish that technique came in pill form; I would OD on it. The gentle tenderness in WCIT that simultaneously rocks you to sleep, puts you into a trance and very nearly takes you off the road into a ditch? Yikes. Tis the season, many happy listenings!

    • Joymus…

      Last week I was driving on a long stretch of highway with a mountain on either side of me. I had CFTH playing when I became overwhelmed for the first time since he has been away. It is such a strange situation overall. I was listening to Ave Maria remembering all the places I had heard him sing the carol over the past four years.

      The same scenario is repeated by his fans over and over.


    • I do the same thing joymus and I am watching X Factor right now. lol.

  21. All the diehard fans are doing all they can to keep things going for his career, I just feel that it’s a two way street. I of course, am in the minority that thinks him keep connect would not, in no way interfer with what he his doing.

  22. Gladys, you re-invigorated and encouraged the fanbase the night of your recap in a way I’m not sure anything else (except from news from the man himself) could have done. I hope you know, despite yes the few naysayers out there, that your comments and your sharing was and is greatly appreciated. ❤

  23. Hi CQ,

    I am opting for creative rather than big because a lot of the things ODD fans scoffed at early in his career – doing a Christmas Album, singing in skating shows and tree lightnings is now the mainstay for talent coming off all these singing shows. I believe I even saw a tv ad where Chris Mann – Voice, runner-up is slated to perform in a holiday special. I know you have always expressed higher hopes but I personally feel the white-hot heat of David’s career is long past. It may rekindle at some point down the road depending on the project, as serendipity has a funny way of occurring when least expected.

    Smaller is not necessarily bad for me so long as he can continue sustaining the making new music, small-scale touring and an occasional tv appearance. I used to hope way higher too but it got wobbly with the SBL radio play fall-out then totally dashed with his announcement months later, and maybe rightly so because so much expectation was placed on his young shoulders all these years. One way of dealing with his absence for me has been realizing that I as a fan have no control over how David makes his choices. I just have to cope with its consequences – good or bad. He is not the first singer in this world who touched me, nor will he be the last. We had a magical journey with his overnight discovery and upward momentum to his hiatus and now we all are waiting for a new uncharted post-mission career course to start.

    I like coming here to express my thoughts cause we are all going through the same thing – missing David fiercely.

    • People breaking down all over the place in their cars!!!

      I love the stories…yes, missing him fiercely.


    • Well stated joymus. I know that we fans have no control of what David wants, the only control we have is buying what he produces. In a way, if he wants any type of singing career, he needs people that want to hear him sing (small or big career). I will always want a big career for David. I know that he will have a singing career no matter how big, I just feel he is so much greater than a lounge singer.

  24. Hey Rae and Jen A – miss you both!

  25. Shoot. Now you guys just brought back all these emotions that I thought I’d buried awhile ago. Thanks. lol…Seriously, I’d still give anything for him to be a superstar. He’s got everything it takes, and then some. I no longer expect that to happen, but I still get sad that it won’t. I DO, however, still expect him to at least be as successful as his “peers”. To be able to make a living at this, to have decent TV appearances and promotion, to even win a music award & do a little acting. Anything less than that would be heartbreaking and just plain wrong. While I miss David to pieces, too, my main concern is (other than him being homesick, possibly) is that he’ll be starting completely from scratch. But he made his choice knowing that might happen, so…whatever, I guess.

  26. Well said. I like your scenario VJ, including the music award. David certainly deserves one. I also get sad that the superstar status may never be even if I no longer expect it.

    • If Andre Bocelli can be a lawyer until his early thirties and become a superstar, then why is it that anyone thinks David cannot reach that superstardom?


      • SandyBeaches, you are so right. It’s a funny business, so anything can happen. I just think that David had a window of opportunity that maybe he passed up or maybe he hasn’t passed it up at all and has a plan in place; WHO KNOWS!!!
        I don’t know anything about the music industry and of course, don’t know David at all, other than what every other fan knows, but I really enjoy specualting about him and his future in the music industry. Right now, I don’t have a lot to spazz over regarding his career because it’s really kinda in hiatus, so I like to keep commenting to continue conversation about him. The way I see it, that is my part to keep things going while he’s away.

      • Um, partially because he’s made many choices in the last few years that tell me he doesn’t want to be one. And partially because I think the window of opportunity closed awhile ago.

  27. Oops. That was supposed to be a reply to Sandy Beaches.

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