Daily Archives: November 28, 2012

Letters for David on Twitter

Here’s a photo of letters for David, posted on his Twitter account. Funny, but as much as I have missed him, I hadn’t thought to send a letter (maybe b/c I’m busy blogging about him). Have any of you sent David letters since he’s been away?

Speaking of David’s Twitter, I’ve been missing his tweets. He had a wonderful knack of not telling us anything really important but insightful all the same! He was sooooo good about keeping things innocuous and protecting his privacy even as he sought to keep himself in touch with fans. He had a way of randomly responding to his followers (and then slaying a horde of them in the process!) without dissolving into anything crass or offensive.

Okay, so there was that one exception when certain fans were offended at some tweets that implied he was uncomfortable about attending an event at a gay club. (‘Member that scandal?)

But more or less, David kept things pretty low-key and pretty tame.

I miss him all the more in light of other high-profile celebrities posting various meltdowns and the like on Twitter. First, Chris Brown’s vulgar tirade, in which he didn’t have sense to ignore or block someone calling him a “worthless piece of s____,” and then Nicki Minaj, who has been showing the world that her skin is seriously too thin!

I used to like my celebrities when they were no where near a TweetDeck. But then, I guess I’m measuring them against a Twitter pro like David! 🙂