Missing David

I can’t explain it, but when I drove home from work this evening, I found myself missing David fiercely!  I didn’t realize how much he had spoiled us as fans with his regular tweets, vlogs, and occasional appearances and live performances that someone would record and post online.

Talk about taking David’s output for granted! What wouldn’t I give for a new vlog right about now.  😦

So, I was wondering: is it just me, or are there enough of us missing David? Or have some of you moved on?

Please take my latest poll! 🙂

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  1. Ughhhh where is my “A,B & C!” option??

  2. Yup, need a need A,B&C option.
    Being that I made it a fun hobby following his music career, I really miss him not working on his career.
    A direct word from David would mean the world to his devoted fans right now. Hope we get something from him this Holiday season.

  3. Be sure and check out the full Rainbow video. (Posted late last thread).

  4. I would have to say his live performances but I miss the other things too. It is not so much moving on for me, as I will always be a big David fan, but I do have other interests and follow other music artists. I miss following David’s music career and that is kind of difficult now as he is gone. I think David needed the time away from his career for some reason (not just the mission IMO) but I still wish he would return to his career within the next year.

    • Marie, I too wish that he would return to his career within the next year. Dang, hope that happens. I’m a bit selfish and want him to become the superstar I know he can be, but seriously, imo, I think that being a singing star would help more people (through charities, example) than the small number that he may be helping right now.

      • I actually don’t want David to return to his music career sooner so much for myself or his other fans but for himself. It is his music career that he needs to think about not the fans career. But the problem is David has to want to do that.

      • Marie, actually that’s what I want also. I really hate the fact that if he wants a music career he will probably have to start from scratch…the unknown is always hard to take. We’ll see what happens.
        Meanwhile, I’ll be here for the ride, even if I don’t agree with what he is doing right now.

  5. Well, this is an interesting question. I probably have an attachment disorder, ‘cuz I don’t have an in-between. lol. I either miss people TERRIBLY, or I don’t miss them at all. And if I do miss them terribly, I try to emotionally detach myself so that I’ll feel nothing. That’s the “phase” I’m at with David right now, & it seems to be working a bit. Plus, I’m super busy, so that helps. But, it’s only a temporary “moving on.” I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as he gets back on U.S. soil & starts communicating again, the wall will fall & there’ll be no way I can stay detached. lol.

  6. HG, you needed all of the above as I miss David’s live performances, vlogs and tweets. I voted for the live performances because David is all about the music, but I miss it all. I was so glad the Rainbow remix was finally posted as we got to see David again. I loved it! He looked so happy and loved his movement and of course the voice.

  7. Voted three times to get all of the above. 8 months of Service this Week. Things are going better than anticipated and all the new music has helped. Christmas Season without a Tour is the Hardest of all but nice to know David is singing and we’ll most likely get a report which helps. No intention of moving on 🙂

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