The Holiday Movie Season Begins!

What I saw over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

The Life of Pi

This movie is truly astounding and highly recommended! It’s the kind of movie I’m sure David would have loved – especially in 3-D! 🙂

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  1. The trailer caught my attention, seemed like a real cool movie. I’m not much of a movie goer, but this one might be one I have to see on the big screen.
    Yes, would bet that if he was at home, he and family/friends would of gone to see it (if he wasn’t working (tv/tour/working on a movie, lol). The next day we would of gotten a vlog with excited David recommending the movie. SIGH, I miss those vlog.

  2. Yes, a David vlog would be nice. Some really good movies out. I saw both Flight and Lincoln in the past few weeks. I liked both of them.

  3. Our extended family all went to see Lincoln after our meal on Thanksgiving. I had the same kinds of thoughts about that–“Wouldn’t David appreciate it!”. Also had those thoughts during the preview for Les Miserables. Funny me.

    It must be weird to come back after two years and catch up on all the movies and songs. Though it was a bit that way for me when I came home from college, but not as extreme.

    Pi has the same “storytelling” theme as The Book of Mormon musical, which was amazing. (Saw it in LA). The previews of Pi make me excited to see it.

  4. Off topic: Man I made the mistake of looking further into the whole FLDS scandol about Warren Jeffs and I am even more sicken by the whole thing. When children are involved it’s just horrible and the fact that the LDS church is just fine with the FLDS practice is just wrong.
    My wish (and it’s only my opinion) is that David someday opens his mind a bit more and see that some things are just not right.
    I’ll always support David the singer.

  5. Cq, as a member of the LDS faith, and one who lives only a few hours from an FLDS town, I can assure you that there is no turning a blind eye to their situation. We fully support the efforts in uncovering and prosecuting any abuses.

  6. I didn’t get a chance to see any movies over the holiday break but I’m looking forward to seeing “Lincoln” in the near future. “Life of Pi” seems interesting too.

  7. Watching the voice and yes even XFactor this week. I know XFactor is a train wreck ( Britney and Khloe are just awful) but it is kind of entertaining to watch. lol Hope that the country singer Tate Stevens wins it as Simon never liked country music. I do like Tate and I do not like all country music like for example Scotty.

    • My husband and I watch XFactor just to laugh at how horrible the production is for the show, and how bad most of the contestants are along with the judges. Britney says the same thing to every contestant – either it was awesome or beautiful. Chloe is just plain bad and does not dress for her figure which makes her look fat. I like country but do not like Tate or really any of the contestants. Several of them can’t even stay on tune (CeCe). The videos behind the singers are so over done that it is laughable. One singer had gigantic fake falling leaves behind them last week and another had a digital scenic background that was so big you could see the pixels. The ratings are bad too and it is no wonder. I do get a good laugh out of it though and enjoy reading the comments on MJ’s because everyone seems to be of the same opinion that it is bad, and they make funny comments.

      • Yes grammyj I think X Factor is so bad that it is entertaining. My nephew and his girlfriend stayed with my family over the holidays and watched it and could not believe the show and not in a good way. lol. LA Reid is the only judge that knows what he is doing.

  8. Saw Life of Pi with my two daughters, who had read the book. We all loved it and decided that we’d arrange our Christmas day so we could see Les Mis then.

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