Friday Carols: The Christmas Song

Now that the holiday season is under way, I thought I would end the week (or start the weekend, whichever way you look at it) by highlighting a Christmas carol – as sung by none other than David Archuleta! 🙂

This particular performance has a special place in my heart because it was my first time hearing The Voice live, and I will always cherish this encore performance of “The Chestnut Song”! 😛


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  1. Thank you Hg for the awesome video.
    The momentum was going so good at that time for his career. I guess a number of things slowed it down, including the fact that he must of always had the mission in the back of his mind.

  2. HG….Thanks for this great video. I didn’t attend any of the Jingle Jam shows, but I remember watching all the acapella Christmas song performances that he did for these. This one was one of my favorites. His voice was so crystal clear and rang out so beautifully through the venues…even over all the screaming! I thought that I read somewhere at the time that he was the only performer who actually sang a Christmas song during their part of the performance. Not sure if that was correct though.

    • Yes, the Jingle Jams were just shows for pop artists to sing their hits. Theses were sponsored by radio stations and had nothing to do with actual Christmas music. I loved hoe David did a Christmas song at everyone. It was always fun to see what he sang. He just showed how unique he was by doing this.

  3. Hmm. The full Rainbow video is on youTube. It’s very nice.

  4. That was a fast removal. lol. I think that David could use any promotion that he can get for any video he releases at this point. He can use any promo period. lol.

    • It will be released eventually. I think they are waiting until it has a premier on that MYX video channel. Patience is the name of the game for us in the US. Since we don’t have anything else from David now I guess I can wait. I was too late to see it when it was posted last night.

    • I wonder if they’re allowing Everybody Hurts to run it’s course a bit. It’s still doing very well on a couple of charts. Since I brought it up, I’ll provide the links. lol I’m diligent about voting because they do play his music.

      I think EH probably could have stayed at number one on Chart Central longer, but we’ve been spreading out votes between 3 songs (Broken and I’ll Never Go) Again, maybe a reason to push back Rainbow? I would think this last video will be all we’ll get from David from a good long while. At least until we start getting hints about that live Christmas DVD in late July. haha

  5. Part of our problem is David did so much until now. For example, Jordin Sparks hasn’t put out an album other than the soundtrack to Sparkle in three years. David has done an album or more every year since AI.

    • Jordin holds a special place in my heart because when she won, I was living in her home state. While I believe she’s doing well and has a bright future, it bothers me that there are obstacles to her releasing new music. Without new music, she can’t tour and make money. It forces her into a position where she must look for acting roles and for opportunities to sing patriotic songs at national events.

      I know that it’s her life and that she could have gone David’s route, however, I also just wish that the music industry was a bit more flexible for artists like her.

      • Kind of off topic but I bought Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits Chapter One CD that was just released. I think it is very good but I am a Kelly fan. It is a little early for a greatest hits album as she is only 30. That is young to me. lol. Interesting that I really like the 2 country duets on the album with Jason Aldean and Vince Gill and I am not a big country fan. Kelly and David are my two favorite Idols. That video of a very young David singing to Kelly and some other Idols from AI S1 is just a classic. Hope that David can do a greatest hits album at some point in his career. Agree with you about Jordin, desertrat.

      • Here is a link to that video. The picture quality is not great but David’s vocals are.

  6. I did get to see the whole video….all I can say is when David (and that’s an if) he lets loose and really own up to his sexiness…………..we’ll all goners, lol. Some very fine sexy move in that video.

    • David will never be sexy on purpose, but he definitely has the dance moves if he just will dance. I am looking forward to seeing the Rainbow vid since I missed it. I wonder what his team will release in 2013?

      • I agree with you, yes, David probably will never be sexy just to be sexy, but man, it really just oozes out of him anyway. So, if he just let go, it would just be an automatic thing to happen, lol.

  7. I can’t believe I missed seeing the video. I sure hope it goes for sale on iTunes.

  8. Off topic: I watched a story on 20/20 last night that was very disturbing to me. It was about FLDS church and, I guess community. I know that it’s a break away from LDS church, but there were a few things that seemed kinda of the same as LDS. i just hope that LDS is completely different than FLDS becuase the FLDS is nothing but a horrible cult that abuse children and truly believe that anyone that isn’t FLDS belong to satan.

    • I watched it. The FLDS think that the LDS church broke away from THEM, since they (FLDS) are practicing the original form of the religion.

      • Off Topic: I watch Sister Wives on TLC. The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), an offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). I believe that the LDS church wants nothing to do with them and rejects their religion but it is a very interesting show. I like the feisty daughter who rejects the polygamy lifestyle, Madison. At least they let her speak her mind. lol.

      • LDS haven’t practiced polygamy since sometime in the 1800’s so they are not like the FLDS. I have recently read some Mormon murder mysteries that I thought were really good that centered on some of the characters were FLDS and some were LDS. It’s fiction but it showed the difference. If anyone wants to read them the author is Michael Wallace.

    • The first book is titled “The Righteous”. If you like a good mystery I recommend it. My husband and daughter read these too and enjoyed them.

  9. Sorry the Rainbow video got removed, but JR’s snippet gives a pretty good sense of it:

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