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I find it fascinating that former Idols Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have appeared as guest coaches on The Voice before they took on the same role on American Idol. What gives?

To tell the truth, Idol should be embarrassed that they haven’t relied more on their successful and/or popular Idol veterans as a way to draw in more TV viewers. Especially considering that the show was much more popular in its earlier years, you’d think they’d get a clue.

Instead of relying on pop stars to show up on their judges’ panel, wouldn’t it be cool if they focused different episodes on having a former Idol as a guest coach and even guest judge on certain theme nights?

I would totally be interested in a new season if they featured a line-up like this!

– Kelly Clarkson songs – with guest coach Kelly Clarkson

– Rock songs – with guest coach Chris Daughtry

– American standards – with guest coach Melinda Doolittle

– Country songs – with guest coach Carrie Underwood

– R&B songs – with guest coach Fantasia

– Show tunes – with guest coach Jennifer Hudson

Of course, if David were around, “inspirational songs” with guest coach David Archuleta! 🙂

I just wonder, now that The Voice is calling on recognized Idols, what exactly is American Idol thinking and why haven’t they done this already?

But what do I know? Maybe Idol did approach Kelly and Jennifer, and they both said No!


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  1. Love your suggestions!

  2. Those are good suggestions. Once again AI does not get it. I am watching the Voice. I have a few favorites but it keeps changing week to week.

  3. I have another song category for David to be a guest coach on -pop songs as Crush was the perfect pop song. Or maybe in the future adult contemporary songs.

  4. I have always thought Idol should have more former Idols on instead of Pop Stars who usually don’t sing well.

  5. I like the idea of bringing the Idols back. If we changed “Kelly Clarksons songs” to pop/top 40, she and Jordin could share that coaching night. Also, I’d pair Adam Lambert with Jennifer Hudson on “Show Tunes” night.

    Another Idol parts ways. Too bad. I really like Haley; she has a unique, bluesy type voice.

    “Haley Reinhart Parts Ways With Interscope Records and 19R (REPORT)”

  6. I read that about Haley and it is too bad. She really is better off with an indie label. The interesting and kind of sad thing to me is that the Idols that are being dropped from their major labels or “parting ways” lol such as Cook, Kris Allen, ect. ect. do not seem to be signing to another label, be it major or indie. I know they have management but without a label it’s tough to get your music out there. Maybe they have stuff in the works but it just does not look like it now.

  7. I remain a fan of Casey Abrams from AI S10. Casey did sign with a well known indie jazz label (Concord Records) and seems to be doing alright.

  8. Actually I’m hoping that when David comes back that he will have a successful singing career on his own merit, not by hanging on to AI machine. To me anyone that came out of that show that really had success, was because they ventured away from the show and found their niche, of course, all had talent; had the right team behind them. We all know that David has the talent and the IT factor, all he needs is a good team to get him to where he should be, to the top.

  9. 4 yrs ago (around this time) we were all awaiting D’s “Crush” appearance in the Macy’s parade. I believe it was later that same day the fanbase discovered links to his AOL sessions. 2008 …. what a year.

  10. 17 yr old david in the white shirt, black tie, black pants and glitzy belt. he comes in at ~1.30. i miss this guy. at the time, i had no idea that was how missionaries dressed.

    • oops … somehow the wrong video is showing. let me try again.

      • okay …. i’m getting “rick rolled” with jason castro! lol. this was supposed to link to a pdstm video in cleveland where the camera focused on david. you can hear all the screams when he comes from behind the stage.

      • lol desertrat rick rolled! 😉

        youtube has changed some of their video embed functions. by default, if you are trying to embed (or link to) a video that’s in a playlist it will put the entire playlist as the embed. it’s super annoying. instead of copying the url from the browser address bar, click on the Share button under the video. then, take the checkmark out of “Share with playlist starting from..”. that should fix the problem.

        websites need to stop ~fixing things that are not broken lol.

      • oops, i forgot to add that once you take the checkmark out that you should then copy the url listed there in the share box. hopefully that makes sense!

  11. Those videos bring back some memories of the AI tour. 2008 was quite the year.

  12. When David does his first vlog when he returns, I just hope he’s not wearing the missionary uniform, something casual and rock star like please, lol. I actually liked a man with dark pants, white shirt and tie until…..
    David did look very sexy when he did the duet with Jordan, no air. I do look at that outfit very differently than the missionary black and white, lol. sigh, miss those epic vlogs!!!

    • i really miss those vlogs. for me, the funniest was when he told us to beware of the “faker archies”.

  13. ali, thanks for the tip. i’ll give it one more try. again, david walks out from behind stage beginning at 1:30.

    • Ok, how can he not of enjoyed those screams….He has such the IT factor, I think he’s going to be even more popular than he was back then when he return to do what he was born to do…sing to all of his adoring fans, sigh..

    • yay, it worked!! 😀

      i love watching videos from the AI tour since I never got to see it live myself. i see something new in each one.

  14. I believe David always loved performing. Singing is in his blood. Some of the other stuff that came with his fame I’m sure he didn’t like such as a loss of privacy. I’m sure none of us would like that if we were famous. I remember David saying that he never expected people to be interested in him personally. He just thought maybe people would like his singing.

    • Grammyj, I bet that is what some singers/actors, etc would like their career to be like, but that would be in a perfect world. When you’re a star, your professional life and private life are the same to most people. Anyway, David has been singing for a long time, so he knows what it’s like. I believe that he wouldn’t pirsue a singing career if that was a huge problem for him.

      • That’s the catch 22 of fame – the lack of privacy. I’m sure most big stars do not like that aspect of fame. Who would?

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