Christmas = David Archuleta

According to my recent polls, it appears that only half of us have started listening to David’s carols while I guess the rest of us are simply waiting for the holiday season to officially begin!

All in good time, right? Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of voters (85%) vastly prefer David’s Christmas from the Heart to Glad Christmas Tidings, no doubt because the former album is the solo effort.

It’s also interesting – from some of the comments – that quite a number of us have started a Christmas tradition of playing CFTH in the background while putting up the tree and other decorations or perhaps even when we have guests over for the holidays. I thought I was the only one! 😛

So I guess it’s not just me and a few Archies who believe that Christmas is now synonymous with David Archuleta!

I can only hope that David’s team is paying attention and realizing this about his fan community. At the very least, can they promise us a fabulous Christmas gift, like a new Christmas EP?

What wouldn’t I give to get a proper recording of his “The Little Drummer Boy” and “This Christmas” as sung on the My Kind of Christmas tour!

And yes, yes, yes! I want a surprise release of a live DVD of that tour!

If David’s team could give me either of those gifts this Christmas, I will happily forgive David for disappearing on us in this two-year mission.

What are the chances? 😛


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  1. o man i miss him

  2. Would love a new Christmas EP or a surprise release of a live DVD of the Christmas tour. Could not agree more.

  3. I like your idea too, HG. I remember he did that live Christmas concert online for CFTH tour. It was suppose to be released s a DVD but never was.

  4. I miss David too. 😦 But this Felix Navidad makes me smile. LOL at the dancing Christmas tree; wonder if it was a former manager up under there. 😉

  5. My last spam and I promise to go away …. for a while anyway, lol. I missed the AMAs last night; this performance of MC Hammer and PSY must have stolen the show.

  6. Yes that was very entertaining to watch. I really did not watch much of the AMA’s as it was kind of awful. That performance and Pink and Kelly were to me the only good performances of the night. Scooter Braun actually managed many of the “acts” that performed and won including PSY. Please no. lol. I guess I am a “hater” according to the Biebs as it was just too much Bieber on the show for me. lol. I will own that. lol. No surprise he won as the fans voted not his peers. lol I would have rather had One Direction win. At least they can sing. Watching The Voice. I wonder if Nicholas David has a chance to win this.

  7. Here’s a video I made almost two years ago:

  8. Very nice video. Thanks for posting.

    • You’re welcome. Here’s a short video where David receives some “feedback”:

      And one in which random David compares the Christmas tree to a blue whale:

      • Thanks for sharing the videos. Guess that was when he was sick and almost lost his voice- but still powered through the performance.

        Do you have the warm up with Charice? ( or am I confusing my events)

      • Hi rae, I do have it, with over 18,000 views, but it cuts off, and there’s better ones out there.

        My daughter and I were among very few who waited right up front for a couple of hours before he came out for sound check. (My husband and son were roaming around the shopping center, occasionally checking in on us). Employees would try to shoo us away now and then, but as soon as David and Melinda appeared, a crowd formed, and were there during both David’s and Charise’s practices. But just before Charice finished, they got very serious about chasing us away, so we left, very satisfied with our up-close experience. However, we walked off to the left of the stage, not realizing that he came down the steps just to the right of the stage and was signing for people. 😦

        When we came back after touring The Farmer’s Market and eating, the crowd was sooo huge (20,000) we couldn’t get anywhere near the stage and had to watch it on a screen, and even there it was a madhouse.

      • Last paragraph is referring to the actual performance at night.

  9. Hoping for a little Christmas treat from David to his loyal fans…at this point I would take anything that came directly from him.

  10. Cassadee Pope is #1 on iTunes. Bah.

    Their strategy is to overpower her voice with background vocals, so that you cannot hear that she cannot actually sing.

  11. The Blue Whale moment made my day. Thanks 🙂

  12. Hey HG,

    I read your wishlist for Christmas this year, and I want to add another song to that EP. The Fa La La La La song. Every other year I have put together a Xmas video for my work and this year I needed a very good recording of that song; Doggone it! 🙂

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