Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

Christmas = David Archuleta

According to my recent polls, it appears that only half of us have started listening to David’s carols while I guess the rest of us are simply waiting for the holiday season to officially begin!

All in good time, right? Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of voters (85%) vastly prefer David’s Christmas from the Heart to Glad Christmas Tidings, no doubt because the former album is the solo effort.

It’s also interesting – from some of the comments – that quite a number of us have started a Christmas tradition of playing CFTH in the background while putting up the tree and other decorations or perhaps even when we have guests over for the holidays. I thought I was the only one! 😛

So I guess it’s not just me and a few Archies who believe that Christmas is now synonymous with David Archuleta!

I can only hope that David’s team is paying attention and realizing this about his fan community. At the very least, can they promise us a fabulous Christmas gift, like a new Christmas EP?

What wouldn’t I give to get a proper recording of his “The Little Drummer Boy” and “This Christmas” as sung on the My Kind of Christmas tour!

And yes, yes, yes! I want a surprise release of a live DVD of that tour!

If David’s team could give me either of those gifts this Christmas, I will happily forgive David for disappearing on us in this two-year mission.

What are the chances? 😛