Never Too Early to Start Christmas!

Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, have you given yourself permission to celebrate Christmas? Especially since we now have two David Christmas albums? 🙂

I have two quick polls for you today.


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  1. The CD player in my car holds 6 CD’s and it is filled with everything Archuleta. I have had Begin on repeat ever since I got my hands on the album. This post makes me miss my non-Begin album friends. I have listened to CFTH on many warm summer days in the past.

    Thanks HG for keeping us going with your great posts.

  2. I listen to David’s Ave Maria all year long.

  3. Ohhhhh, I love polls!

    I said no on the “regular” part because, while I have listened to a few Christmas songs, I have not put them in heavy rotation yet. That will begin this week when I put up my Christmas tree 😀

    But, like CAS and collegemom said, there are certain songs from the Christmas albums that I listen to all year. Pat A Pan is one. I flat out love that song.

    As far as favorite album, the production and sound of David’s voice is (imho) better on GCT — probably because it’s live and D slays it live — but there’s not nearly enough of him on there lol. And a few of the songs he is on I’m not as familiar with / don’t enjoy as much. So that leads to CFTH being my overall favorite. But I will definitely be watching the GCT DVD multiple times before the season is over.

  4. I listen to Pat-a-pan and Rui Rui Chiu all year. Besides that, I haven’t started playing any holiday music in my regular music rotation.

  5. I do listen to CFTH when I put up my tree. My favorite Christmas song by David is his soulful jazzy version of “This Christmas” and that is not on either album. I would love it if David would release an EP of Christmas songs like This Christmas:

    • Yes!! This Christmas was totally my favorite of the MKOC tour. Two other faves were that killer Little Drummer Boy and Sleigh Ride. He just really gets into all those so much. Of course I once again gravitate toward the live performances.

      I will be so excited when we get a live EP or album.

    • He was looking mighty fine in those pants from that performance 🙂

  6. I love Christmas music after Thanksgiving so I will be listening to David’s Christmas music then. CFTH is one of my very favorite Christmas albums. I believe we will get more Christmas music from David in the future since he loves to sing it. I do find it interesting that other young artists followed his example and recorded a Christmas album after their first album – Justin Bieber and Scotty McCreary. I remember some thought it wasn’t a good idea at the time for David to do a Christmas album. I was happy that David recorded it because I love Christmas music.

  7. I love his CFTH cd above all. I still think it was/is Grammy worthy. While I was setting up our Christmas aisle at work, I brought it in and hid the cd player behind some Christmas lights. It’s staying there till after Christmas. What I really want to do, and may, is burn my own copy of that and add LDB (the Dapo version) and the best possible live version of This Christmas. The perfect cd of all. 🙂

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