Blast from the Past

To lighten the mood, I thought I would recover a video from the past. ‘Member this one! It literally came out of nowhere! 😛


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  1. AW, still love Crush…his baby!! Hoping that future songs will all have that magic formula, whatever direction he decides to go.

  2. HA! I had forgotten about this! LOLOLOLOLOL the entire performance is so awkward panda. The weird fuzzy face mic, the random wandering around a florist shop, singing to the flowers. Hilariously epic.

  3. Yes that video is kind of epic. lol Hope that David can have another single that has the success of Crush.

  4. Lucky flowers!!! I’ll bet the flowers all flourished after having David sing to them 🙂 🙂 🙂 haha!

    I always wonder at the comments on the success of Crush. Here in Michigan, in my area, I only heard it played when it was originally released. Not a single radio station here plays it at all anymore. I could request until I’m blue in the face, but no one will play David 😦 On occasion, with Christmas music playing on a couple of stations, I’ll get to here HYAMLC with Charice, but not any other Christmas songs by David. I am jealous when I here of people hearing David’s music played somewhere.

  5. “hear”, not here.

  6. The only way that stations are going to play David’s music is if when he returns to his career, he has hit songs and great management. Everyone what to hear top singers. Just look at all the music awards shows…only the top players are involved.

    • I don’t hear David or Crush on the radio anymore either and I miss it. My local stations even were still playing it a few years ago. You are right cq about what it would take for radio stations to play David’s songs again. The do play Phillip Phillips song “Home” on my local top 40 station frequently. Kind of surprised me as I like the song but never thought it would be played on a top 40 pop station. Just proves to me that money and being the current AI winner still can make a hit single. lol. Although in 2008 David, the AI runner-up, was the one that got the hit single not the winner Cook. “Crush” remains the perfect pop song to me sung by the perfect soulful pop music artist , David.

      • I still occasionally hear Cook’s coronation song on the radio here in Southern California. I heard Crush exactly twice when it was new, and never heard it again.

      • David will need to come back with extreme determination to make it in the music business. With the right management and the right attituide ( flexablility) by David, imo, there is no limit to his success.

  7. that quirky “crush” video always makes me smile. and i do believe that david wears green and turquoise quite well. 🙂

    a couple of years ago, melweg tweeted this pic of david; it’s still one of my favs. even from the back, you can tell music is his passion.

  8. I really like that pic of David.

  9. It is still a mystery to me how an artist can get a hit song. Today you need a really big push from a major label and even then it is really hard . I still contend that luck has a lot to do with it and excessive fan support. Phillip Phillips got Home as a big hit because Al Michael’s of ABC Sports picked it for the Gymnastics theme song. It took off from there. It is a great song IMHO and has beem picked up for commercials and a video for Hurricane Sandy. I hope David gets another hit song someday, but I will be happy if he just records great songs that might not be big hits, but songs I enjoy. A big hit is hard to come by.

    • He needs that magic combination: timing, catchy, and luck to get another hit. I refuse to believe that a great talent like David will only have a mediocre singing career. I really don’t just want that for David. As a fan, I want top people in the industry working with him to create magic beyond anything we could imagine.

  10. How Top 40 Radio Works

    “What the public doesn’t realize is that, according to some, much of the music we hear on prominent rock and Top 40 radio stations is played because independent promoters pay the stations to add it to their playlists.”

    • But isn’t that “payola” and isn’t that illegal?

      • “Because it is illegal for record companies to directly pay radio stations to play their music — or for radio stations to play music someone paying them to play, at least without disclosing on the air that the time is paid for — they bring in a middleman, the independent promoter, or ‘indie.'”

    • Great information. I believe it. It explains why you hear the same music artists over and over on radio. There is no way pop top 40 radio would be playing a song like “Home” without it getting a big push or some financial incentive behind it. David needs the right label and management behind him when he returns to his career to get played on radio and even then I don’t know if it will happen.

  11. The article states that this is how they get away with it : “Because it is illegal for record companies to directly pay radio stations to play their music — or for radio stations to play music someone paying them to play, at least without disclosing on the air that the time is paid for — they bring in a middleman, the independent promoter, or “indie” to make the deal. Makes sense to me.

    • That’s a depressing article but explains why it is so hard to get radio play. Unfortunately with the consolidation of radio stations it is only getting worse. I’m so glad we have other avenues for music listening than the radio. It will be interesting to see what David does with music when he gets back, but I’m not holding my breath on top 40 radio play fo him. It is just really hard to get.

  12. Archuleta Ave Malaysia has up a humorous “David for President” post. You can check it out here:

  13. i just saw this on “the voice”, the most amazing “no, no, no” i’ve ever heard! 🙂

  14. Both of those were funny, desertrat.

  15. Imo, aside from having a kick ass song that the masses love, when he returns, he needs to find a way to re-invent himself (good management would take care of that) so that there would be buzz galore about him. Optimist hat on, lol!!!!

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