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I’m so glad that not too many people – neither Obama voters nor Romney voters – highlighted “faith” as an important aspect of David when casting their  votes in my recent polls.  Because, when you get right down to it, is it all that important in determining someone’s character?  Obama voters may value David’s personality while Romney voters favor his sense of ethics and values, but what do either of these things have to do with faith?

Isn’t someone’s faith merely a compass, a guide on how you might develop your morals and values, but not really determining that you have any?

I say this because two visible Mormons in our culture – David Archuleta and Mitt Romney – seem so very different (at least to me) except for being members of the same church.

Here’s the thing.

After someone (Marie?) shared a link to a New York Times Op-Ed, in which Romney is quoted as saying that he lost this year’s presidential elections because too many people – African Americans like myself, Hispanics, young people, and young women in particular – all wanted “free stuff” and the “gifts” that Obama promised us, I’m totally offended and can breathe a sigh of relief that such a person is NOT leading our country and representing us to the rest of the free world.

I mean, are you kidding me?  So, like, the Romney revealed in the 47% video is the real Romney? Thanks for letting me know why I voted the way I did! What a sore loser!

And so, I couldn’t help it, dear readers. I went back to some of the older videos revealing how David responded to his big Idol loss back in 2008 (see above video).

So let’s talk character, because maybe that’s where we fans of different political persuasions might draw a consensus.  I remember how utterly sick to my stomach I was waiting for the big reveal, knowing deep down that the Idol title got away from my David. And when Ryan Seacrest announced “David… COOK!” I was ready to turn off my TV right there, and then felt even more horrible as my heart sank watching our David scurry away quickly off the stage.

I also remember how Cook eventually brought David back on stage to share the victory with him while singing the coronation song, which saved the moment for me … just a little.

So, you know, I was prepared to be devastated – for David! – that whole week.

Then something magical happened. David appeared on Idol Extra and the next morning I viewed the above video online, and he totally brightened up my day! His whole demeanor, his genuine happiness at feeling he did his best and that he thought Cook deserved the title, his spontaneous “Ohmygosh Ashley!,” let me and everyone else in the fanbase know: he (and the rest of us) were going to be just fine.

See, this is how you lose with dignity. This is how you walk away from a tight race with integrity. This is how you play the game honorably. And surely, no faith, no family, no community, no nation can teach that to you.

You either have character or you don’t!

David is one of the fine ones out there, and I look forward to what he has in store for us.

True proud fan and all that, I will always be grateful for how his personality, his values, and his talents bared witness to his strong character and how he rescued us from the abyss of darkness, despair, and bitterness to accept his Idol runner-up status all in good fun and good humor.

If only a certain presidential candidate sharing his faith could follow the same lead.


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  1. right on hg right on ,we do think alike

  2. Great post, totally agree with you Hg. It’s easy to be a gracious winner, but very difficult to be a gracious loser. David handled his loss with grace and class.

  3. Thanks Hg for bringing this interview up. I still have my robe on, but if I had something with buttons, they would have burst with pride while watching this. David has a beautiful voice, that’s for sure,
    but his beautiful, shiny “soul” which shines forth so purely and honestly in this video, is probably the biggest reason that I love him so much. There is no way I can see him without smiling and feeling joyful and that can be hard to come by in this world that we live in. He is my oasis.
    Loved the blog piece and the poll and analysis. Just when it seems like it will be hard to keep the juices flowing during the wait until 2014, we have the gift of another interesting and thought provoking article.

  4. Mitt Romney is a sore loser? You need to check out the idiotic, ungracious, rub-it-in-your-face winners who continue to hurl vile attacks at Mr. Romney. More than a week after the election, the Twitter feed on Romney is still filled with this vicious crap and ticking off tweets at an incredible rate. The remaining divisiveness of the campaign makes it very difficult for either side to heal.

    In truth–NOT campaign “truth”–you would be surprised by how much fellow Mormons David Archuleta and Mitt Romney are alike. It might be more peaceful here if y’all could leave politics alone and just go back to managing David’s career, sexualizing his image, mocking his family, bemoaning his mission, or dissecting his religion with innuendo and personal biases.

    Sheesh! Over and out.

    • This is HG’s blog and she is happy that Obama won. I don’t know why anyone would even want to be President. What a hard job that ages anyone that has the office. The election is over and we basically have the same as we had before the election – same president and divided congress with huge problems facing our nation and the world. We shall see what will happen. I myself will pray that compromises will be worked out that will help our country. I need some of David’s optimism.

    • Is that a promise? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! 😛

    • What? Yes, there is a lot of idiotic things said about Romney by idiotic people, but that doesn’t mean that he has to stoop to their level. IMO, the only thing that David shares with Romney is that they are of the Mormon faith. What I get from your comment is your either Mormon or if not, you are a no good human being.

      • cq, ITA.

        If people don’t like free discussion of David’s career and management, and what he’s up to for the next two years, why even come here ? As far as sexual innuendo, I think you’ve confused this with another site which begin with the letter F…….

  5. Love this post and I didn’t get a chance to comment on the last one so I will comment on both here. I feel that David never expected to win, and was actually relieved to not be the Idol winner. He really was gracious and so grateful for the opportunities he later received by coming in second. He has never had anything but good things to say about AI. I really admire David for his constant optimistic attitude about everything in life despite the difficulties.

    His personality and character keep me drawn to David, so I really pick both. I’m with Ali from the comments from the last post – I like David’s quirky personality but don’t like when fans either his conservative fans or his liberal fans want him to be what he is not. For me part of the fun is seeing what he will do. Just when I think I have him all figured out he does something that surprises me. I really don’t know what he will do when he returns. I have some guesses, but we shall see. I have no doubt that he will pursue a music career when he returns, but how he will do that I don’t know.

  6. Slamming Romney to support your candidate and then compare him to David. I’m wondering if we read the same article. Romney’s words presented a thoughtful analysis of what went wrong. Are you denying that free contraception, free healthcare, free college loans, get out of jail free cards for illegals, so forth and so on, are not attractive to the demographics he mentioned? The reality is that they are. They were buzzwords and touch points that were absolutely used to sway voters in those groups. Please don’t take things out of context. Mentioning a demographic or special interest group that exists does not make someone racist or biased. I have read a zillion articles about how the Democrats were more successful in targeting the Latino vote than Republicans and the reality that many voted for Obama simply because of his ethnicity. Are you denying these things are true? Why aren’t the democrats being accused of racism? The biggest mistake Romney made was that he hinged his campaign on the notion that more people would care about the economy than they did, and he and his team needed to figure out why. Geesh is right.

    I keep coming to sites hoping to find something more than what currently exists all around and yours is the most hopeful to me because I think you are a deep thinker. I enjoy the intellectual analysis. I had hoped that this blog would be able to see all sides of an issue, albeit with your personal spin. But Enough Already is exactly right. I actually laughed out loud in delight that someone actually had the courage to say those things.

    Managing his career – and how it better be when he gets back: check
    Sexualizing his image- against everything we know about what he considers himself to be: check
    Mocking his family- that he loves more than anything: check
    Bemoaning his mission – that was by all stretch of the imagination a difficult and heartfelt decision for him and for which he asked us to support: check
    Dissecting his religion with innuendo and personal bias – when it’s something he loves deeply: check

    Maybe it isn’t always the owner of this blog who always does it, but it is allowed in comments. It seems to me that all of the things in that list are pretty important to David and as such should deserve a little more respect i guess? if not, as your poll showed, we are simply left with his magnificent voice to talk about, I guess that’s why. And denying that David’s faith has nothing at all to do with who he is, then demonizing others who share that faith, is an exercise in making up what you want to believe and then saying it’s right, in my opinion. Having a hard time embracing that he is a faithful Mormon reveals I don’t know what, but it isn’t “inclusive.”

    Unlike Enough Already, I will keep coming back once in awhile. I like to think that the force of David’s ‘personality’ can actually change some minds. We’ll see. Thanks for letting me comment. I will prepare for the coal-raking.

    🙂 🙂 : )

    • Reality Check…. It is all in the eye of the beholder………….

      Mitt Romney’s misperception of President Obama’s ‘gifts’——>

      “Romney couldn’t be expected to acknowledge that he offered up “gifts” of his own: extended tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, a shredding of the regulations that would keep big investors from running amok, unfettered access for big energy companies to America’s wild lands.”


      • Lurker, absolutely Romney offered gifts, that’s what elections and politics are about. And we, the voters, decide which version of the offered gifts are what we think will move the country forward based on what we think are the most important issues facing us. I was commenting on the fact that HG was offended that Romney thought Obama’s gifts were more appealing than his, as if these things were not facts.

        Also HG, Romney running for president and David being a minor celebrity – sort of like apples and oranges don’t you think? Emotions and rhetoric abound when politics are concerned and it’s hard to ascertain the real truth on both sides. Half of my family and friends voted for Obama and half voted for Romney. I refuse to believe that 50% of the people I love are fools. That’s why I try to cut to the truth and allow both parties the right to vote their conscience. But have no tolerance for having to continue to prove that one side is right because the other is a fool and a monster.

        David winning American Idol graciously? It’s a stretch to compare the two. Using his religion as the proving point between the two struck me as reaching.

        Not to belabor the point, but some of my friends that voted for Romney were huge supporters and in fact were with him on Wednesday after the election. He was gracious, he was disappointed, he was humbled. He was not a sore loser or vindictive in any way. Understandably sad and trying to figure out what went wrong. That was all. Why get offended by that? You won, after all.

      • Reality Check, I think your interpretation of the “gifts” each candidate offered is quite true. However, Romney, in his recap and his original 47% comment, made it all about “getting stuff” and not giving any credit to Obama voters as having as much reason and conscience as he credits his own voters. I’m afraid it played right into the image of him as a snobby elitist.

    • Reality Check, we obviously are not interpreting Romney’s words in the same way. I heard condescension and even bigotry in his attempt to explain why he lost the election. It came across very ungracious to me.

      Funny but David never offended me in anything he’s said these past four years, so I couldn’t help but draw a comparison.


  7. Oh, and grammyj, I love your outlook and optimism!!

  8. Reality Check——>Here is another point of view———–>

    Classless to the end, Mitt Romney whined today about “gifts” Obama offered that got him elected. This might be the single most disgusting statement ever made by a politician:

    Romney’s promised hand-outs to his well-funded donor network:

    Tax cuts for the wealthiest.

    Reactionary Judge Appointments for the religious right.

    Repealing regulations, for corporations.

    Killing alternative energy for fossil fuel companies.

    Building the Keystone pipeline also for fossil fuel companies.

    Repealing Obamacare for the Tea Party.

    Banning contraceptive coverage for the Catholic Church.

    Killing the Dream Act for nativists.

    Tax free Casino profits for Sheldon Adelson.

    War with Iran for Sheldon Adelson.


  9. lurker, please, no more campaign rhetoric. Inflammatory comments that are half-truths do not further the discussion. You’re still trying to prove your candidate was best. Can we move on?

  10. Look, all I’m saying is: I’m not at all impressed with Romney’s response to why he lost, and drew a comparison to David b/c when he was in a high-profile setting (and, yeah, when 90 million votes are cast for the next American Idol compared to 100 million + votes for the next American president, heck yes a comparison can be made – celebrities and leaders are both public figures), I just think David at 17 handled himself better when he lost than Romney did at 62.

    That they are both Mormons simply highlight how different they seem to be (again, at least to me) when one might expect a similar display of humility and graciousness.

    I’m proud I voted for David and Obama even if only one of these guys won.

  11. Ray and Imagine, what inflammatory comment did I make about Obama? I missed it. In fact, i could link to 100’s of sites with the kind of half-truths and rhetoric about Obama that lurker was referencing in regards to Mitt, but didn’t because it wasn’t my point and you missed it completely. In fact, everyone has missed my point. Oh well. 🙂

  12. I can see that it’s still not quite safe to come back in the water yet…especially if your “floaties” may be a different color and style than the crowd. I’ve quietly lurked here for many years and really appreciated the witty and insightful comments, even when opinions were different from my own because they were done with respect, but lately, it feels more like a playground brawl…if only with words.

    I was so relieved when the election was finally over, but it never really seems to end. What we have been left with is a new national standard, where civility and respect are considered weaknesses and ridicule, gloating, and belittling are the new strength. We saw it day in and day out on TV during the election and it has trickled down to our children and the way we treat each other. Our country has a lot more to worry about than “my guy vs. your guy”…I’m ready to move on with healing the rift and using the energy to make a difference.

    • Great post hg. David is a class act all the way. He has character and is a genuine person. That video you posted just proves it. You stated exactly what I felt about Romney’s comments. Those were his comments and his choice to voice his opinions that way. We were not the only ones that felt this way about his comments. Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (someone mentioned to run in 2016) and one of Romney’s strong supporters strongly disagreed and slammed Romney for ‘gifts’ comment about minorities, young voters today. Democrat Sen.Harry Reid is LDS and was one of Romney’s strongest critics. It is time to move on and Republicans and Democrats need to work together with all the issues with the economy and unemployment and the Middle East. Don’t know if that is possible.

  13. Wow. Hey, what’s up, happy Thursday all! lol

    In news totally unrelated to the conversation, there are new David “pictures” out! Well, actually they’re screen caps from the Rainbow video (which is STILL not on YT grrrrr) but David is looking
    MI T FINE.

    ( Uh oh, is that sexualizing?? Really I’m just window shopping ;p )

  14. Thanks for lightening things up, Ali! 🙂

    Even though I still reserve my right to raise all sorts of issues here – political or otherwise.

    • 😀

      I’ve got no problem whatsoever with people talking about alllll the issues, whatever side they’re on. Everything I was thinking had already been said though so I just revert to my default discussion mode, which is ALL DAVID ALL THE TIME. hah! *only partly kidding*

  15. I agree. Time to move on to lighter topics. lol

  16. I’ll make a non-intellectual comment…lol. I (or most fans) can’t help on ” sexualizing” D because he just oozes sex appeal though reality check is right on “that’s not what David makes himself to be”. But it is what it is.

  17. The war in Iraq cost trillions of dollars and that is what George Bush left as a debt for President Obama. Lives were lost and families left in anguish.

    How many years do you think it takes to overcome the huge financial debts and give people all they are asking for as if the financial debt never existed?

    Under these circumstances, everything else expected seems pitiful. It is funny how easily people forget what a mess President Obama walked into and all the whining becomes that much more irrelevant.


  18. Funny how a statement can be made and two people read that statement completely differently. Kind of like how a song can be interpreted differently, or a poem, or a piece of art. We are free to choose in this country who we want to vote for based on our own belief in our candidate of choice. Why I like a certain candidate may be why another person dislikes that candidate. That doesn’t make my choice better or worse than someone else’s, just different. The beauty of living in these United States of America.

    Both candidates are good, family men. They both love their families and frankly, probably behave more respectfully toward each other than many of their supporters. I like some things from each of them and dislike other things from each of them. My choice of who to vote for was mine to make based on what was most important to me…another great thing about this country. We are free to choose without risking imprisonment or even our lives.

    And just for the record, many comments here today have seemed very un-David like. Pretty sure he would not join in on any candidate bashing, but rather find the good in both of them. We should support and pray for (for those that are religious) our president, whoever he is, that he will lead our country with honesty and integrity to the best of his ability.

    Sorry, kind of rambling. That’s what happens after working 12 hour shift and having a jumble of thoughts in my head and trying to express them when I’m so sleepy.

    • Thank you, Dreamerjulie. I feel very much the same.

    • I’m a big fan of David the singer, but I’m not going to worry about what I say may not be David like, he’s not my father and he’s not God, he’s just a very good man. I agree that bashing anyone is pointless, but expressing opinions is what I got from comments, not bashing.

      • My un-David like reference was not to imply that one should be concerned about what David would think of comments. Instead it was meant in reference to being more like him. Many here think very highly of David’s character. I for one wish I could be more like him at times. How nice this world would be if there were more people out there like David: kind, respectful of others thoughts and feelings, humble, nonjudgmental toward others.

        No, David is not God, but I do find that he follows Christ’s example better than most, even better than some higher ranking religious. David is a good man and I wish to follow his example and try to be more Christ-like.

    • I agree. I can’t think of anything more stressful to someone and their family than running for president. If you take that on, you better be competitive and plan to win. You also take that on because you really believe you are the best person to lead the country. I think forks most Americans it was not an easy choice. Most are moderate. I largely liked Mitt’s economic views and felt that was a good direction for us, but I disagreed with most of his social views. On the other hand, I agreed with Obama’s social views but not his economic direction. Obama took over a mess- and has not been especially popular. But Mitt always had an image issue and the Republican extremist did not help. At the end of the day, it may sound simplistic, but someone I work with summed it up by saying “My dad said never to change horses in the middle of a stream”.- So she voted for Obama. On the other hand, I voted for Mitt- due to the looming fiscal crisis in the hopes he could get something going with Congress- but I see her point!
      I think both are good men and we need to get over it, I heard on NPR about a woman who ran down her spouse because he did not vote and she felt her lost the election. Scary stuff.
      So, besides religion, politics gets this group going? Anyone for sports? haha

    • I agree completely with you dreamerjulie. Both men want what is best for this country and are good men. I really do fear for our economy and think the mess we are in is the fault of both parties. I too thought Romney being a business man had a better chance of possibly fixing it.

  19. Wow! My views have increased tremendously today! 🙂

    Funny how some folks find it queasy when I bring up politics on a David fan blog, but I swear folks come out of the wood work when I do! 😛

  20. Post Election Romney and Bain Face a Federal Corruption and Perjury Hearing


  21. Republicans to Mitt Romney: Exit stage left


    “Republicans don’t want Mitt Romney to go away mad but they do, it seems, want him to go away.”

  22. To respond to the question posed a few posts back — I’m still here because the purity and clarity and enormity of David Archuleta’s vocal gift slays me, transcends all the other issues and questions and concerns I keep in the back of my mind about things pertaining to him, things that have or may shape him as a person. When I listen to his voice, when I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform live 3 times I’m able to set aside those ‘things’, and be consumed in his talent, the music, the ability to appreciate him on a level separate and apart from those pesky little ‘things’ that tend to go on in real life. I am quite sure on a personal level he and I probably share NONE of the same religious or political beliefs – and have not a whole lot in common in life experiences and a plethora of other things – except maybe a love and passion for music. I’m learning every day how to reconcile these disparate items, but as long as he remains true to himself, and remains ‘who he is’, I can and will respect him for that, and I will do the same – even when expressing thoughts, ideas or comments may not jibe with or run counter to those of others. I’m a fan of David the singer. Period. I express that freely… I’m not always a fan of or in lockstep with other things relative to him, and feel just as free expressing those thoughts, in the right forum. Life isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns – and neither is being a fan of David Archuleta.

    Peace out – keep on keeping on HG and everyone.

  23. Thanks for all the links to the articles, gg. My hope is for Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 and a Latino like Julian Castro on the ticket as VP. She deserves to be the first women president. But we just got over one election so it is too soon to think about the next. lol. I would think it would be kind of nice if Obama was able to appoint a Republican to a post in his cabinet but it looks like that will not happen. I want to go see the movie “Lincoln” as there is much to be learned from him.

  24. so many thoughts are running thru my head but in need to head to work, lol. i’ll just say, i think it would be good for gov. romney to engage in dialogue with folk who didn’t vote for him. i don’t believe he has to agree with everything they say but it may broaden his perspective to hear them out. my gut feeling is that he may be fearful of some of those people he tends to speak of with disdain. for ex, he looks so comfortable speaking to the peeps in that 47% video clip. he had been running for president for the past 6 yrs, why didn’t he ever have intimate, informal, open dialogue like that with black men? black women? gays? hispanics? asians? he certainly had the time to do so.

    personally, i’m less likely to vote for someone if i think they’re scared to communicate with me. as a tax payer, i see my self as part of the government and i want to be a part of helping to fix problems. if you don’t speak with me to hear what i have to say, then i can’t be a part of the solution.

    • I was going to respond again to the politics on this thread, but decided what is the point. We all have our opinions and no one is going to change it. I remember in the past being happy when my candidate won but things didn’t change that much. I also remember feeling bad when my candidate lost and again things didn’t change that much either. The country will go on, but hopefully we won’t fall off the fiscal cliff!

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