Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

David’s Character

I’m so glad that not too many people – neither Obama voters nor Romney voters – highlighted “faith” as an important aspect of David when casting their  votes in my recent polls.  Because, when you get right down to it, is it all that important in determining someone’s character?  Obama voters may value David’s personality while Romney voters favor his sense of ethics and values, but what do either of these things have to do with faith?

Isn’t someone’s faith merely a compass, a guide on how you might develop your morals and values, but not really determining that you have any?

I say this because two visible Mormons in our culture – David Archuleta and Mitt Romney – seem so very different (at least to me) except for being members of the same church.

Here’s the thing.

After someone (Marie?) shared a link to a New York Times Op-Ed, in which Romney is quoted as saying that he lost this year’s presidential elections because too many people – African Americans like myself, Hispanics, young people, and young women in particular – all wanted “free stuff” and the “gifts” that Obama promised us, I’m totally offended and can breathe a sigh of relief that such a person is NOT leading our country and representing us to the rest of the free world.

I mean, are you kidding me?  So, like, the Romney revealed in the 47% video is the real Romney? Thanks for letting me know why I voted the way I did! What a sore loser!

And so, I couldn’t help it, dear readers. I went back to some of the older videos revealing how David responded to his big Idol loss back in 2008 (see above video).

So let’s talk character, because maybe that’s where we fans of different political persuasions might draw a consensus.  I remember how utterly sick to my stomach I was waiting for the big reveal, knowing deep down that the Idol title got away from my David. And when Ryan Seacrest announced “David… COOK!” I was ready to turn off my TV right there, and then felt even more horrible as my heart sank watching our David scurry away quickly off the stage.

I also remember how Cook eventually brought David back on stage to share the victory with him while singing the coronation song, which saved the moment for me … just a little.

So, you know, I was prepared to be devastated – for David! – that whole week.

Then something magical happened. David appeared on Idol Extra and the next morning I viewed the above video online, and he totally brightened up my day! His whole demeanor, his genuine happiness at feeling he did his best and that he thought Cook deserved the title, his spontaneous “Ohmygosh Ashley!,” let me and everyone else in the fanbase know: he (and the rest of us) were going to be just fine.

See, this is how you lose with dignity. This is how you walk away from a tight race with integrity. This is how you play the game honorably. And surely, no faith, no family, no community, no nation can teach that to you.

You either have character or you don’t!

David is one of the fine ones out there, and I look forward to what he has in store for us.

True proud fan and all that, I will always be grateful for how his personality, his values, and his talents bared witness to his strong character and how he rescued us from the abyss of darkness, despair, and bitterness to accept his Idol runner-up status all in good fun and good humor.

If only a certain presidential candidate sharing his faith could follow the same lead.