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Hey Soul Daviders!

Thanks for participating in my most recent polls. In the midst of some good news (New Edition of Forevermore – Yay!), we learned a few things about who we are as David’s fans (at least as David’s fans who hang out here at SD).

1. Nearly 60% of you voted for President Obama (compared to nearly 40% who voted for Romney).

2. There were no clear divisions between Obama and Romney voters in terms of what performances we valued most from David during his time on Idol. The consensus was that “Imagine” was his all-time best performance, with “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” coming in second.

3. There was a definite division between Obama and Romney voters in terms of what we valued most about David after considering his vocal talent.  It appears that 60% of Obama voters valued David’s personality while 30% valued his ethics/values/morals.  However, the reverse was true for Romney voters who valued David’s ethics/values/morals at nearly 70% while only 25% valued his personality.

Hmmmmm, just what is the correlation there? Thoughts? 😛

Overall, David has enough fans across the racial/ethnic spectrum, even though white fans constitute the majority at 70%, while male fans only constitute 10% of the fanbase (again, at least here on Soul David). I can testify that this certainly appears to be the case when I have shown up to his live performances.

Surely, David’s fan community has room to grow.

Fascinating to see who’s still here and who’s still supporting David! 🙂

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  1. i would like to see the other males comment

  2. Nice post Hg. Hoping that the Rainbow video will done well and that it will give David much needed buzz.

  3. I’m an Obama voter who selected personality rather than morals/values. I think the reason I chose that was because his personality is so cute and unique, while having nice values is more of a given–it’s not like he’s the only “good” person out there. In fact, I find him a touch too goody-two shoes in a few respects.

  4. I will have to agree with you too, cc halo. I don’t like the goody-too shoes image either. David’s huge vocal talent and personality are what make me a fan. I really want David to succeed when he returns to his music career because of his talent. I am an Obama voter and I was just watching the news. Disappointed to hear Romney blamed his overwhelming electoral loss on what he said were big “gifts” that the president had bestowed on loyal Democratic constituencies, including young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics. I won’t even mention other things he was reported as saying. Get a clue Mitt. So glad that Obama won. lol. I will leave it at that. lol

  5. Very interesting to read the results of your poll, HG!

    As cc said, I also chose personality over ethics/morals/values and I do think they feed into each other.

    I don’t personally have a problem with (as it was termed here lol) a goody-two shoes. If that’s who David is as a person, then that’s a-ok with me. But its certainly not a requirement for me to like someone. I like people who are genuine. So, if you’re genuinely a goody then more power to ya. Or if you’re genuinely a kind person who also likes to go out to a club and have a good time and maybe hook up every now and then, well I’m good with that too. Ha. I just think people should be themselves and not bow to pressure from either direction.

  6. Hi there !! I rarely post, but I would like to put in my 2 cents. I voted for Romney and consider myself to be conservative, but as much as I admire David’s character and morals, I don’t think I would be so obsessed if it wasn’t for his adorable , charming, and quirky personality. Just saying. 🙂

    • agree. I was attracted to his talent, and while I admire him for having convictions but he has kept me engaged by his unusual , charming, engaging personality that he has freely shared. He has gotten more guarded through the years, to be expected- but he shares an amazing amount of himself with his fans. I think that has been part of his huge twitter following. It is not a PR machine for him- ( heck at times we felt he should have done more!) It has been David sharing his random, unusual observations and thoughts and taking us along for his journey. I really miss him.

      • I miss those candid and unguarded and random observations that David made on twitter too ,rae. That is part of David’s charm.

      • rae~ OK, now you guys are gonna make me comment, lol…Having lived for many years near a lake that freezes over each winter, one of my favorite D moments was his awe at first seeing a frozen lake. I think the interview was in MN, maybe, and his eyes were huge. He was like “Ohmygosh, it’s a lake! And it’s frozen!” lolol. I was like, “Yeaaaaah, David. It is. It’s a lake. And it’s frozen. Have you seriously never seen that before?” *Sigh* Still makes me laugh. lol.

  7. I wonder if David is being overly concerned with as he says, “setting a good example” rather than being totally genuine. Is it possible that he never utters the word “poo” in real life, which he couldn’t do in his Atlanta airport vlog? (I know his friends say he’s always been very proper, so it’s possible).

    Or maybe it’s his religious fans that push the goody-goody image so much. I’ve read huge fan controversies on whether he once said “Oh my god”, ( which is what I thought I heard), or whether it could only have possibly been “Oh my gosh”. Or fans who insisted he would never say he was “pissed off” until it was proven otherwise. I’ll admit it’s kind of entertaining, but then I’m an old, very proper lady myself. I would think it would be quite a turn-off for many younger fans.

    • Maybe I have the wrong mindset but I don’t understand why it would be a turn off. I find it part of what makes David different and quirky and unique. You don’t see many people like him, young or old, religious or not.

      You can bet his friends don’t talk like he does. David does that because he wants to. Whether its because he wants to set a good example or whatever, its up to him. And then when he does get “pissed off” it makes it even funnier. I don’t see why we would want David to be like other mainstream artists (or young people in general) out there. I enjoy him because of his differences.

      • Maybe it’s the fans that bother me, rather than David, because they sometimes sound like it would be the end of the world if he said “Oh my god”. Talk about putting him on a pedestal.

        I don’t think loosening up a skosh would take away his uniqueness. Though I suppose he’ll probably go the other way when he comes back.

      • Ahhhh. Well I can see what you’re saying with the fans. I have seen it go both ways and I guess my bias is towards anyone wanting him to change based on their personal expectations, whether its toward being more conservative or more rebellious.

        I thought it was hilarious that he wrote pissed off on that script! But if he said that all the time it wouldn’t have been funny at all. Same thing when he really gets INTO a song on stage and blows us all away. If he was always some crazy outgoing swagger-meister off stage it wouldn’t nearly as amazing when he does it. But that’s just my thoughts on it. I kind of enjoy the contrasts. I do feel like he’s loosened up since we first met him 4 years ago but there’s definitely still that contrast.

        I will be very intrigued to see how he has changed when he comes back. I honestly have no idea which way it might go. That dude likes to keep us all guessing 😉

      • Ha ha. Agree with the contrast thing.

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