Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Who We Are as a Fan Base

Hey Soul Daviders!

Thanks for participating in my most recent polls. In the midst of some good news (New Edition of Forevermore – Yay!), we learned a few things about who we are as David’s fans (at least as David’s fans who hang out here at SD).

1. Nearly 60% of you voted for President Obama (compared to nearly 40% who voted for Romney).

2. There were no clear divisions between Obama and Romney voters in terms of what performances we valued most from David during his time on Idol. The consensus was that “Imagine” was his all-time best performance, with “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” coming in second.

3. There was a definite division between Obama and Romney voters in terms of what we valued most about David after considering his vocal talent.  It appears that 60% of Obama voters valued David’s personality while 30% valued his ethics/values/morals.  However, the reverse was true for Romney voters who valued David’s ethics/values/morals at nearly 70% while only 25% valued his personality.

Hmmmmm, just what is the correlation there? Thoughts? 😛

Overall, David has enough fans across the racial/ethnic spectrum, even though white fans constitute the majority at 70%, while male fans only constitute 10% of the fanbase (again, at least here on Soul David). I can testify that this certainly appears to be the case when I have shown up to his live performances.

Surely, David’s fan community has room to grow.

Fascinating to see who’s still here and who’s still supporting David! 🙂